So there's a Unicorn Milk recipe that's supposed to be accurate

A few days ago, a user Cutwoodspy posted what he claims is the recipe for Cutwood’s Unicorn Milk.

A few respectable people are confirming that is indeed a good recipe, possibly even the real deal.

I was just looking at google analytics, and was surprised to see an unusual amount of concurrent visitors. Visits to ELR seems to have doubled today (not pageviews, just visits) - I investigated, and the reason is, that it was posted to reddit’s ECR-subreddit. Fortunately ELR seems to be coping fine!

So if you’ve been looking for a Unicorn Milk clone, this seems to be it!


People are gonna get cavities vaping that recipe…needs some Perique! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love Perique! When I smoked pipes one of my all time favorite Virginia/Perique blends is Reiner Long Golden Flake. I probably smoked 20 tins of the stuff before I ever read a review. So it’s like this…the Perique (like all good tobacco with perique) is not strong at all. It plays in the background, but it plays well. If only there were a vape with this kind of flavor! I’d be in vapin heaven.


I’m sure @jimk will figure one out for ya in due time.

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I will try it when I find a stockist for Butter Cream (CAP) in the UK, If it’s authentic I wonder who leaked the recipe and why.

Now, if I can only find a “mole” inside of Alien Visions to sneak out the recipe for Bobas Bounty.:smiling_imp:

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Kinda rude. Mentions ELR in the beginning but when it comes calculating a recipe never says a thing about ELR. Guess we’re on the shit list because of a user…

Nah, he likes ELR, I believe - But I don’t have this “nicotine combination tool” (yet)… He does have some nice recipes on here himself :smile:

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Oh, glad to hear that!!! I understand now. My bad…

Sorry no mole but maybe you should look at this. Looks like it’s right up your alley…

Boba’s Bounty Clones

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Quit with the pipe talk already. Making me druel for a good VaPerBur in an Ardor blast with a silver spigot. grrr LOL
And yes, the Reiner offering is a supreme one. My daily smoke used to be Stokkebye Cube Cut. Prefer the VaBurs.

I have mixed a couple of his recipes he has been kind enough to share here on ELR. He’s OK. He’s actually the primary reason I measure in weight instead of volume. His videos helped me, and I suspect many others that are starting out in DIY.
As to the Unicorn Milk leak. If it is the real deal, the cat is out of the bag now. I feel for Cuttwood. Corporate espionage is a real jagged pill to swallow if you are the victim of it. I have used UM in the past, I still have a partial bottle laying around here. I actually prefer some of the clone attempts to the original flavor.

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Eventually people will figure out most top brands. I figure the bigger the juice manufacturer gets the harder it is to keep those closely guarded secrets - recipes. I don’t feel sorry for them nearly as much as I could when I can breeze through $15 to $20 worth of their liquid in a day on a dripper. This ain’t crack :slight_smile:

It’s BETTER! dammit :sunny:

I agree. I love the flavor but have only ever bought 2 bottles. There won’t be a third. That said, I will get the flavors missing from my Capella’s lineup and try it. If what I’m hearing is true I may finally have a use for the 500ml bottles I have sitting empty.

Yes, it in a way it sounds bad for Cutwood, however, keep in mind not every one blends their own juices. Those who do rarely buy from a Premium Juice maker anyway. So, it’s pretty much business as usual. What they actually have to worry about is another juice manufacturer taking advantage of the recipe leak…

True, but the flavor is very distinctive, it would be easy to spot on the market. I made a 20ml test bottle last night, I’ll let it steep and see what time tells. If it is the real deal, I wouldn’t sell it, I may gift it to friends, but that is it. Besides, some of the clone attempts I enjoy more. UM comes off a bit under flavored and dry at times.


I don’t believe you can copyright a recipe and if that is true then Cuttwood could do absolutely nothing but get pissed off and the accusations would fly. You can trademark a name but that does nothing about the recipe. If recipe copyrights are possible then of course they would have to pay the bucks to copyright their recipes. Don’t believe I have ever seen a copyright stated on any Ejuice ever…

@DarthVapor Chime in on this, what’s the stance on recipe copyright?

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No recipes ARE NOT protected under copyright laws, although there are some exceptions but for the most part…nope. In my line of work there isn’t any “recipe” written in copyright laws but certain things like names are trademarked, for which we already knew this. I can’t open a fast food place and serve a burger called Big Mac…but there are no laws protecting the creation of a burger…if there was it would be mad chaos and it would never work.
Take something as simple as mozzarella sticks…for the most part the recipe is the same everywhere minus an addition of a seasoning here or there but the same…chunk of cheese, flour, egg and breadcrumbs. If that was copyrighted we wouldn’t see a cheese stick anywhere but 1 place, wouldn’t work. Granted that’s taking the example to the extreme but you know what I mean.
Now if there was something in a recipe that only YOU made then you could copyright that particular item but that’s near impossible in the food world because there really isn’t any undiscovered items like this. There are certain “recipes” that are more formulas that can be copyrighted though. Like the temper pedic mattress for example, that “space foam” in a sense is a recipe/formula that was protected for something like 10-20 years? That is an exception…

I’m rambling now sorry…for what we are talking about here, no, no copyright on recipes :wink: