So, what's in your tank today?

So, what are you vaping today? One of your creations? One that’s public on ELR? Tell us! :slight_smile:


Mothers milk clone :smiley:
Cosmic Fog “Church”

What does “Church” taste like?! :smiley:

I have to tanks going right now, one of Coval Strawberry Creamcake and the other of Coval PBB Clouds. I am a happy vaper.

I should try some Coval stuff soon! Right now I have tons of juice I have to try, and I also really want to mix some of my recipes, but I guess they’ll have to wait until I’m done with the stuff i bought :smiley:

I am really happy with Coval. They are mixing wizards!

I am vaping:

  • My own G Vanilla Custardy II (Nautilus tank)
  • Tropical Disaster by vapeboy (Rogue RDA)
  • Space Cowboy by vapeboy (Tobh RDA)
  • Strawpeardew by LiquidVoyage (Lemo RTA)
  • Cepheus by myself (Tobh RDA)
  • Seven Seas by bombies (Nautilus tank)
  • Kiss the Ring by bombies (Nautilus tank)

I’m still considering what to put in ny Mutation X, Subtank and Nautilus :smiley: I also have an available Nautilus :smiley:

Damn. I vape too much! :laughing:

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I’m vaping my own unicorn milk clone in a aerotank 1.8 ohms on an Ipv2 50 watt box @ 7 watts 3.6 volts.


Bobas Bounty on a dripper and some of my mild black bavarian cream in a tank.

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Today I’m dripping Cepheus - It is a very good blueberry vape (almost blueberry milk/milkshake like)! It needs to steep at least a week though!


Oh man I just looked at the recipe it looks so good ! I love bilberry I also feels it’s the best blueberry there is with time it is just right but it Needa steeping ! I am going to make this Tom when I’m off.

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Why my ADV of course - Zoochberry Cream.


Ah, @et3rn1ty’s masterpiece :slight_smile: I have a 30ml bottle of it sitting behind me - still untouched - waiting patiently for it to get better :smile: It already smells out of this world!

Peanut Butter & Jesus by Cosmic Charlies Chalk Dust ! Taste just like a pb&j.

Fudge brownie with a hint of cream vanilla bean ice cream I love it. I made a church eske esque clone on my page it’s the closet I’ve come and it suits my palate.


Yesterday was big re-wicking day! Today I am vaping:

  • Vendor juice: “Oh My Lemon Pie” by LiquidVoyage - It’s great! It tastes like Lemoncillo Torrone Parfait

  • Vendor juice “Juicy Terror” by vapeboy - Great vape! Hard to descibe. I have to try and clone this! I get a lot of licoricy taste from this. But vapeboy insists that it’s mainly lime and pie crust :smiley: Weird!

  • Vendor juice: “Apricots Passion” by LiquidVoyage - Nice fruit vape.

  • Vendor juice: “Space Cowboy” by vapeboy - Grapey, blackcurrant thing. Very interesting vape. Not an ADV for me, but it’s good.

  • Vendor juice: “Teddy Berries” by LiquidVoyage - Also a nice fruit vape. Reminds me of some candy thing.

  • Zoochberry Cream by @et3rn1ty - Amazing complex vape. Almost like a creamy liquor!

  • My “usual” G Vanilla Custardy II :smiley:

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Dam daath, Flavor game on :lock:! Cheers yall

Rocket Puppy RY4…awesome vape for sure

Heisenberg from Black Sheep Vapors. Can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s predominantly a dry-ish blueberry with other fruits. This will be my first clone attempt.

No blue meth in there?

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