Sobucky Super Aromas concentrates

So BCF is getting in this line. Evidently a coming from Molinberry. wllmc is testing them and getting promising results. Also mentioned the prices are better than MB. Anyone going to order a few?


I doubt I will…Unless there is something that is unlike everything else


Same here. I have 2 flavor orders coming and not much interested in new flavors atm. Am curious though.


Super Aromas is the brand name? I’d be interested in testing their Strawberry if they offer one.


It might be worth a try. Molinberry has always produced a decent line of flavours but have never gotten much attention for some reason.
I think they started out, or worked with Inawera IIRC.

I remember their Donald Bubblegum being spot on :grin:


it was (is) Chemnovatic’s line, Aaron (Cazzola) works a lot with them. I think they have quite a few gems like bounty, Pineapple Lassi, Butter my biscuit/cookie bite, Legendary Custard, The most Sweet Cream,Smores…


I wish I would…I still have the itch to buy new flavors. But I think at this point I’m good. I’m actually looking at my flavors and thinking about getting rid of half of my flavors. I have so many that I used three and then they sit.


I know how that goes. I usually give away flavors when I get over 200. I like to keep it anywhere from 150-200 which probably isn’t much eh? Some folk has well over 500.

@Chrispdx I am curious; how do you do your recipes? I only ask because I went to go look at your recipe page and you don’t have many and zero flavors in your stash. There are quite a few people that are like that. So, do you only vape one or two recipes or do you make other folks recipes or do you just not put them in the database? I am only curious so if you don’t answer, no big deal.


It’s a fair question. I started using ejuicemeup years ago. Every is saved to the computer and backup locally (which reminds me I need to do a back up).

For mixing I saved the mix file and basically a print screen of the recipie. When I mix I start with 15-20 pdf files open and as I mix I close them down. All are saved with name and date. I mix every two weeks and update recipes as I vape. Today I’ll save a mix as cant mango 09062020 since I’ll be mixing tomorrow.

The benefit of local saving is that I don’t have to deal with pulling up the correct flavor. It takes me a few seconds to write a full recipe with a reasonable short hand.

For knowing which flavors I have…it’s a bit of a challenge but I have managed to stay around 200-250. Can I remember each flavor? Nope, but I can remember about 95% of them. The trick is that I manage the recipes as I go by dating them and moving to either a dead folder (when it’s not worth doing a v5) or approved folder when I’m done playing and know I want to mix again.

Do I wish I started using the flavor database when I stated mixing. Yeah, but now it’s and overwhelming task that I don’t see a good enough benefit. Do I tell myself to post more mixes on the other side, yup, but it takes more time that what it is worth to me.

This is why I have probably posted 50 or more mixes on the forum. I’ve always believed if you are willing to read and research my information is out there for those who seek it.

What would prompt me to post more recipes on the other side? A proper import tool for ejuicemeup or for the flavor database to be locked down and cleaned up all the way. The other day I really wanted to post a recipe but because of browser caching I couldn’t pull up Vic lb…so I said fuck it. Then ten minutes later received a shit comment. So in that moment it provided less motivation to post on the recipe side. (Fredback for @daath) I have lots to give but less time to do it.


So I lied…Dammit and damn you letitia for this thread…I think I bought 8 or so smfh


Sincere apologies. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Lol…there seemed to be a few that peaked my interest , but of course there would be lmao


I’ve resisted even looking so


It it makes you feel any better I fell into the same thing lol. “Just a restock” I say… Can’t remember everything, got like 5-6 coming, but I did get both cherries to try. Pricing $1.65-1.97 or something on sale worth a shot.


(Size: 10ml) 1Q088 1 $2.69 USD $2.69 USD

Juicy Orange-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q042 1 $1.69 USD $1.69 USD

Milky Caramel Fudge -SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q007 1 $1.69 USD $1.69 USD

Natural Raspberry-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q000 1 $2.69 USD $2.69 USD

Nectarines -SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q013 1 $1.69 USD $1.69 USD

Raspberry Syrup-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q077 1 $1.79 USD $1.79 USD

Sour Lime-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q034 1 $1.69 USD $1.69 USD

Sweet Cream-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q053 1 $1.79 USD $1.79 USD

Sweet Mandarin-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q012 1 $1.99 USD $1.99 USD

Sweet Yogurt-SSA
(Size: 10ml) 1Q028 1 $1.69 USD $1.69 USD


Ok, sooooo, I may have a flavor addiction problem :thinking:

Just got a bunch of the SSA flavors and just based on smell here are my thoughts.

The Vanilla flavors…weak smelling with the exception of Borneo Vanilla, that smells pretty good.

The Caramel…WTF, this is caramel?..not to my nose. Milk and Caramel and Milky Caramel Fudge smell a hell of a lot better but not knock your socks off good.

Apricot, Sweet Mandarin, Ripe Coconut, Juicy Orange, Ice Cream, Ripe Peach, Shortbread Biscuit all smell promising.

Cornish Cream…have no idea what that is but it sure does smell good.

Creme Brulee and Toffee smell so much better than the caramel is it not even funny.

Biggest disappointment based on smell is Milky Strawberry, not knowing that I was smelling was shocked it was that flavor. Well that and Caramel, my caramel quest will probably continue unless it does some magic voodoo once mixed.

Overall I do not have high hopes for the vanilla flavors other than Borneo Vanilla. Even the Ice Cream Vanilla smells inferior to just the Ice Cream.

I think there might be some gems in here though. It will take me a while to get to them, but when I do will get some notes up here.


Should get mine just in time to be getting a break from work. Some of my favorite flavors smell weak or just plain crappy so I tend to not worry about that.


Fortunately, when you do get to them you will be able to test them quickly.


Really ??? Mine smells great…well good at least


This is another one that smells yummy

I pretty much am set with my Vanilla fave so the hunt for Vanilla has been over for awhile. I do think you may have a slight addiction