Soda(Pop) Flavors

Have tried several attempted DIY pop or soda flavors. HC orange soda, ooo lemon lime up FW grape soda (contains fructose :frowning: ) Question is how is the carbonation effect achieved? My hunch is Triacetin, any opinions appreciated

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try eating a handful of poprocks then vape


The only experience that I have with Triacetin is in TPA Blueberry Candy. There are two versions of this flavor, one is with Triacetin and one is with PG. I have had both and I can definitely tell the difference in the two. The one with Triacetin I no longer used. It was the first one I got and I didn’t know what Triacetin was…I kinda still don’t, but I know that any mixes I used that flavoring in would turn cloudy when I mixed it and would stay that way…I vaped it anyway and noticed that there was some type of oil, my guess is it was the Triacetin, in the mix…it looked like when you try to mix oil and water…it just sat at the top of the bottle and when I would shake it it would look like a bunch of little bubbles in the mix, but it was little oil spots…and the taste of the triacetin is horrible…when I put the mix in my tank after shaking the bottle, I guess it would separate in my tank while I was vaping so it would rise to the top and be the last part of the tank full that I vaped and it would have a really very bad taste to it…very chemical taste…it was nasty…once I figured out that the stuff was coming from the blueberry candy flavor I ordered the PG version of the flavor and have not had that problem since…I never use the one with Triacetin nor will I buy any flavors that contain it…if I know about it anyways!!!

Mixxy, you probably already know this so I’m probably barking up the wrong tree. But you never know, I was watching a DIYorDIE vid. He said he uses tfa champagne for that soda pop effect. Do you know what the ingredient is in that one that gives the carbonation.


I have used TFA Citrus Punch to make sodas.


LB Root Beer has the fizzy feeling. It and their Vanilla Ice Cream make a rootbeer float that’s to die for. (Thanks to @Ken_O_Where for his recipe!) I typically use Inawera’s Sparkling Wine for the fizzy. I have some of FA’s Wine Champagne but haven’t tried it yet.


I’ve used TFA Champagne quite often for a strawberry champagne and found the “fizzy effect” really bland in it.
INA Sparkling Wine does a fair bit more for sparkle, but it does add a bit more sweetness too.


I’ve found about 2% flavourart champagne and about 0.5% koolada gives as good as I’ve tried when attempting that fizz effect. Potentially a little citric acid would help as well.


I was literally just telling someone else about Triacetin in another thread.

As far as I can tell, it seems to scramble the flavors hitting your pallet making them harder to define. Almost as if putting them in a blender but its happening as it hits your taste buds. Sounds appealing but it really just comes off harsh (to me at least).

Have tried TPA champagne, doesn’t add any fizz. I think that’s a placebo being passed around…

Citric acid doesn’t do anything for taste/ texture but does preserve e liquid and help make some fruit flavors brighter.

I personally think the carbonation comes from an ever so slight amount of koolada.

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Huh jury is still out them i guess. I was hoping to identify the actual compound being used to create the effect and use google fu to find and order it. Maybe Walt at real flavors knows the awnser. People speak of using marshmallow as sweetener but i would prefer not to muddle a mix as long steep times will reveal all. I am aware however of some mystery flavors which can transform other flavors and act as AP does so ill stay open minded. I know INW cola and MOL fizzy cola create the effect im looking for but need something neutral so i can create my own soda mixes. I will add FA champagne and INW sparkling wine to my list. Thank you everyone for your suggestions

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I know I replied to your PM but figured I would post it here as well.

Order a cream soda flavor, and then add citrus or malic acid to counter the sweetener. It will make the flavors “pop” a bit with combined with the ingredients from the soda flavor. It creates the perfect soda base for DIY! Should be very neutral as well.


How did you solve that? Did you find the flavor to obtain a fizzy effect?

I have the RF Soda base flavor Walt made special for my request lol. It works but keep %s low as it can mute other flavors. I use it as an additive at 0.25-0.5%

why not try equal amounts of baking soda and citric acid. or baking soda and vinegar for your fizzed juice? lol just kidding. night!

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Same here, BB.

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So…what fuck flavor do i need to buy to get a soda fizzy effect? Please a simple answer and clear! If you don’t know do not answer. Thank you men

Since I’m not a man, I am not going to answer your question. And with that attitude, it’s highly unlikely anyone else will either.


Hey man I do indeed know the answer to your question. However I’m not sure if I can state it simply and clearly enough that you would understand. So I am not going to answer your question.
Actually you might consider asking the WOMEN in this forum. I’m completely certain that the vast majority of them could answer your question, and answer it simply and clearly enough that you would understand.


Here’s the perfect recipe for you! :grinning:Nails it!


may crack plastic tanks