Some feedback on the site from a newbie

I have just spent 30 minutes seaching the web but mostly this site trying to find a simple, one flavor, 0 nicotine recipie. Thats it! I CANT FIND ANY!

This site is a mess. You search and get… I’m not even sure what I get. Looks like its a recipe from the title, but you enter and its not a recipe, its 100 comments and replies and essentially just all of you talking. Everywhere I go on this site, it’s all just you guys conversing!

Why isnt there a section that is simply a recipies - you know, like you would find in a freakin cook book. Enough with all the commentary, the but’s and if’s and coulda should wanta, try this try that. Just a simple recipe box, remember like mom used to have. You just flip through them and see what they are. No commentary, no conversation, just a simple darn recipe. Where is that?

Call me stupid call me whatever but for a site called e-liquid recipes it sure is hard to find a recipe. They seem to be hidden among the thousands and thousands of posts. Now, for those of you that love blogs and reading and hanging out and commenting etc. you of course know where you can find what you’re looking for because you’ve explored the site and come here often and spend time here. But for someone that doesn’t like to spend his time on blogs or whatever this site is, and just wants to click in and find a recipe, this site aint cutting it.


This is the DISCUSSION FORUM for the recipe site which is located here:

The link is at the top of the page…


Look to the left side at the top and you will see a link that says E_Liquid Recipes That is the recipe site this is the forum part.
There you will find 2000 pages plus of user recipes and if you click the ratings tab it will list best rated first and not newest which is the default setting
And Welcome to the forum

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Well, let me call you ignorant, and ignorance can be fixed. I wouldn’t call you stupid, even if you asked me to, without knowing you better.

The first clue is the url …it depicts [forum] first and foremost.

Unless you are a troll, the second clue, you are gonna surely ‘feel’ stupid when you discover the recipe side, after your ‘gracious’ opening.

You are welcome here, as I am sure others agree,but you made an abrasive entrance.

30 minutes is a long time, and I am sorry you were ‘put out’ with wasting SO MUCH TIME without desirable results.

This site IS a mess, worse, it is a circus. It is full of clowns, and maybe that is why you entered so abrasively…are you afraid of [clowns]…many, many people are,…no judgement against that.

Even Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel in less than 30 minutes, so I feel your pain.


Lol. Your first post reflects how I feel at the moment. Just want to lash out at everything. I tell myself goosfrabra or something like that to calm myself down.

The points have been made. Check the recpie side.

As for saying it’s a hot mess. Well sir…can you tell me a site that is more comprehensive, better organized, and has dedicated members that demonstrate a passion for helping others. If it’s out there let me know.

Over all my opinion is that the recpie side of elr is the best resource available to me. I haven’t found anything better yet. Sure, sometimes a Reddit post or Vu post has some great info. But as a whole, welp, elr can’t be beat…it can be improved…

But improvements are always happening and am greatfull it does.

My always am super thankful for this resource. Happy mixing. Hope your day and my day gets better.


its not the site its the user , you didnt notice social then forum when you clicked to get here cmon be a little smarter id say your the mess not the site , your feedback is a slap in the face to a lot of people , most people dont post single flave recipes we use those for tasting profiles and notes for others on this site …


Confession time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I discovered the forums through a DIY google search, I forget what for now. In a separate round about way I discovered the recipe side. I had them both bookmarked but it was probably two weeks before I knew they were two sides of the same site. Hahaha. When I saw the “Social” on the recipe side I didn’t even click it because I thought it would just be the Facebook, Twitter, etc links.


Here you go, sorry for the delay dude:

This recipe will self destruct in 1 week


Lol i will take the blame for the social tab. My idea. Because previously it only said forum and the chatroom was a nearly nonexistant link in fine print below the copyrght info at the bottom of page lol i thought having the social tab woupd make it easier to navigate. Guess not haha.

As for the upset OP:
I think for only spending 30 minutes on this endeavor, you are being a bit harsh. Ask questions politely or take your time and explore all elr has to offer before passing rash judgement. I can tell you, that 30minutes is not even the tip of the iceberg for information, knowledge, experience, helpfulness (in many ways), and of course on the recipe portion of elr RECIPES :slight_smile: i have over 10days of read time on here (not 10 days total member, 10days of time spent reading and researching 240hours reading and searching knowledge. Yes the forum tracks an estimated read time of all posts read lol)


Hahahhahaa! Trolling at its finest…

The recipes you could not find:

Happy vaping!


Wow…erm…welcome?..I think?

or not?

If my mum was on here she would shout “YOU YOUNG MAN…CAN GO OUT AND COME BACK IN AGAIN!”

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It is full of clowns, and maybe that is why you entered so abrasively…are you afraid of [clowns]…many, many people are,…no judgement against that.



… this is the best site on the planet and believe me, I looked.


Ozo wins the internet today!


thats funny i actually had to check it out bc i wasnt sure what SF was gonna be love it and had me lol


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I’ve spent a little more than a half hour on this site, I have seen a few recipes here, however all the recipes are here

What flavor are you looking for I’d more than happy to assist you in finding or creating it. Let me know the flavor and brand of flavoring you want to use, the VG/PG ratio you want and how much you want to make.

Oh yeah, currently there are 1973 pages of recipes so I think we can find something to suit your needs. If you want you may even PM me. @Alex125


Hey GP how you doin buddy, where you bin hidin??..:nerd:


We got conned into participating in a holiday boutique sale at the mobile home park we live in. I’ve been making Apple Butter, Blackberry jam, and doing 8 yes 8 gallons of home cured green olives. plus trying to stay current with juice for us to vape. The sale is on the 5th so on the 3rd I am also making 12 dozen of my famous “Dad’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” (my sons named them for me) It was my first published recipe. The only posting I’ve done is that HG contest in hopes of winning one of the Freemax tanks. My favorite tank is starting to give me some problems so I’m gonna have to replace it. It’s a Maganus and they and Freemax are similar.