Some input Ideas to make this awesome site more...well AWESOME

A few features that would really make this site even more amazing IMO…not that it needs it, just ideas, If you have one share!!

  1. Search gestures in the flavor list when you are searching, similar to how flavors pop up when typing them into a recipe. So if I start to type a flavor in the flavor list it will pop up with suggestions of the ones closest to what you type.
  2. The ability to add flavors to your shopping cart from a persons recipe or wherever its linked to. So if theres a flavor link then you can just click and add to shopping cart.
  3. Make it to where you can select ahead or always select to search by best match, ratings, date, or recipes. Every time I try to search flavors I have to use the recipe tab to find the most popular version of a flavor because so many have been created and have to be weeded through to find the official one.
  4. I am not sure if there is a way but I would love to be able to have the calculator do the work for me on this one. I have had recipes that I thought flavor ratios were “dead on” but the percentages were just too high or too low. This idea is to add the ability to increase or decrease an entire recipe by percentage all at once. This would be nice as well copying some other folks recipes that are good but 20% flavoring total and want to cut it down by 25 or even 75% and lazy like me with the math!!
  5. I would love if in my flavor stash it showed if there was a warning on a flavor like it does on the flavor list and in recipes with the triangle next to it. I went for a while thinking they were all diacetyl free till I started reading through them.
    Hope nobody takes this the wrong way as I love the site and plan to donate/stick around either way!! If anyone else has Ideas I am sure it doesnt hurt to throw them around right?

Also have a question, when I used to go look at a flavor the notes and recipes used in etc were all expanded…now they are all collapsed automatically and I have to open every one manually. Did I change this setting or did it change on the site? I liked the other way lol…I swear I am not being picky…I may be able to change this stuff but I am not too familiar with all the features here yet so just giving feedback and hoping maybe to learn some things too!!

This is already available.

Click any flavor in any recipe…

The click on “Add To Shopping List”…


I think they mean a direct add button next to the flavor on the recipe page itself, instead of having to go to another page. like a little “+” or mini shopping cart to the left or something perhaps?

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I may be out of line… if so, I apologize in advance, but it’s fairly simple already. It’s just one click>>>Add to shopping list, one click back to recipe…


It would help if there was a way of only seeing recipes posted by people who have actually made and tried them. There are a lot of people just posting recipes that they have never tried, although I have no idea why anyone would want to do that.

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I recently started a thread about something similar. None of my WIPs are public.

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Sorry I am on wifi and loading is a pain for me sometimes for some reason and clicking into the next page and back for every item when you are trying to make a big list was just getting tedious…I am sorry if I made it sound too difficult, I just thought a button or something that is connected to every flavor link would help create a list in a fraction of the time. I am just trying to talk out loud in a cool place…dont wanna make anyone feel like its incorrect how it is cause I love this site!


Hey no worry, I totally agree, as a majority of the time I am on my extremely crappy Nokia phone, and internet explorer sucks on it. It’s save a lot of time waiting for pages to load and reload, if there was just a little button next to flavors you don’t already have on the recipes directly… Especially since my browser randomly crashes on my phone after its used for a bit, like some kind of memory/cache dump error, idk.

I’m sorry also… I didn’t think about that.

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I have made my Rusty Ax public, tho I personally haven’t made it, but, Alisa did. She made some very minor changes mostly due to not having exact brand or version I had listed, but she said it was good, and even sent me a bottle, and it is. So, I decided to share it. I have about 10 or so that I tinker around with set private, still, I kind of had the same thought, that, I don’t want to share them until I’ve made them and they are good, My Rusty Ax is the exception, because it has been made and tested, just not made by me personally, as I shared the recipe in pm first. I did share a few other “WIP’s” in that thread you linked before, also, though.

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That was the reason I started this WIPs or Recipe Ideas thread. It’s all about interpretation and others my see things differently than you and add insight on how to best complete the puzzle.


It helps me a lot reading threads like that, where flavor notes and how they interact and play with each other is discussed, as I’m just starting out, its nice to read up on them and get a basic idea of what I can expect… So I’m not totally going in blind, so to speak. I feel like even though I haven’t had the opportunity quite yet to mix my own, I have a decent basic understanding of quite a good variety of flavors, already, especially when comparing to what I have vaped over the years (been vaping on and off since 2008ish), so I’m not a stranger to the flavor, just to the actual mixing itself :slight_smile: I think I will pick it up quickly and am confident that, thanks to this site, I will be able to create some pretty awesome recipes to share with the world

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Off topic if it exists, on topic if not, is there a link from forum profile to the persons recipe page? I have yet to find one, or any sort of user search on the main recipe page…? A user search field would be nice if it isn’t hiding in plain sight already lol

No, but daath is working on it. Usually you can just search a forum name on the recipe site but that doesnt always work as one can have a different name on the forums than the recipe site.

EDIT: Im stoopid!

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I have just followed the people to find their recipes not sure if that helps

sorry ima noob what is WIP?

Work In Progress.

How I found yours.

Click on any forum user… The second name in yellow is the ELR users name. Copy and paste it to the ELR search box and it will pull up that user.

Click on the user highlighted in yellow to pull up that users page.

You will end up here, where you can follow any user and a few more options.



Thank you, bud. How the heck i never noticed that before…