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Somebody Stop Me!


Same should happen with the note section. Its one thing that 100 people just copy and pasted the actual person that tested them, but what bugs me is why on earth do we need a full FAQ of a manufacturer in these notes that don’t talk about the specific flavor, SDS sheets and other actual informative information’s. Nope people post stuff like “today it was sunny in new York, the baker told me 1/2 drops of banana added to my commercial bought juice would improve it, he doesn’t vape tho. I liked that he mentioned it, I’m using FA but he says FW is better, yet I posted this under FLV section” its not only frustrating but totally confuses people, especially beginners.


agree, it makes way too much reading to go through.


All the problems people talk about with the recipe side could be negated by recipes just being kept private, I cannot figure out why people make every recipe they make public. I have some flavors I vape stand alone, and want it as a recipe so I can use the calculator for my measurements, but I don’t make any recipe public unless it’s something I am proud of and want others to be able to try, AND it’s a finished recipe for me. Maybe force-private recipes that don’t have notes? I don’t think there is a good answer or a good way to tackle this because most people on the recipe side are not on the forum, so they don’t even know what we are bitching about lol


Haha, I didn’t know that. I don’t know much, for that matter. This is a big ass forum and just trying to make my way around. I, myself, have no intention of going public but have a feeling there are probably a lot of great recipes in private (not mine, though). Thx for the feedback.


There are tons of great recipes that are private, shifty companies will find good recipes and copy them and sell them in a juice line, happens all the time so some people keep there best private, I for one don’t ever plan to make any money off vaping so I just make my best stuff public, not that my recipes are good enough to sell cause they probably aren’t lol


That’s also why I suggested to put up a few hurdles to climb before making a recipe public. Now, people just tick a box and there it is.
If people have to go through a certain procedure to walk through, involving a few steps, being pointed to the fact that it doesn’t need to be public to share, etc, I think a lot of those tester juices and SFs won’t make it to the public side of the site. There will always be some that do come through, but I like the idea of recipe moderators that could deal with that.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with a recipe that only contains a single flavor, a one-shot or whatever, but the public will only benefit from that if there is some documentation to go along with it.
Another thing that could be fixed on the site, is that flavor notes are permanent. That you can make notes on flavors that are not in your stash. E.g. I order VBIC (TPA) and get a real peppery taste from it… I’ll remove it from my stash when I bin it, but I’d like to have that note still available for future use.


That would be sooo awesome! My stash is super small compared to the flavors in it. But, flavorah doesnt have the advantage of a huge note section so i keep them in there to help others.


@muth If you were looking for a place to hang out where no one would make you spend more money … You’re in the WRONG PLACE !!! LOL.

As far as the single flavor “recipe”, it’s all up to you, that’s the BEST thing about DIY. There are some good single flavors, but like you said, a well crafted recipe can be a work of art.


More than a fair point…


I know, I can’t win.


Honestly, the recipes I’m making now are just inspirations from others. If I came up with something that was completely my own idea I would consider that original and maybe post it. By the looks of it, how original can one get? How many flavors are there in the universe? Just so many and it looks like everyone has made some kind of recipe from them already. It’s hard for me to imagine something completely new. I’d be happy to just make something custom for me.


@muth You need to try out “Drunk Mixing” for a spin. :slight_smile:


What does that mean, bin it?


I think I did that tonight. Couldn’t do the math for the likes of me.


I bid you all a good night. I have to go pay a bill…


Try this it is kinda fun - gives your recipes some awesome names too. The internet version of drunk mixing


@woftam, I love it.


Try buying flavors drunk or sleep derived. That’s the day you order TPA DX red velvet. I still don’t know what to do with it, tastes at any percentage food colored baby vomit with hints of corn syrup.


Just meant “to throw it in the (recycle) bin”, get rid of it.


Wrong topic and quote lol. My bad