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Somebody Stop Me!


You guys and gals are driving me off a cliff with your incredible looking recipes. Just want to thank all for your inspiration and help.

I’m curious, though…how can a one flavor be called a recipe? Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t a recipe described as a list of ingredients? Okay, so there’s only one on the list? If I bought one flavor called Rice Pudding I could say, “Here it is, my recipe for rice pudding?” That seems wonky to me, or that it defeats the purpose of this forum. I’m sorry, I’m not intending to insult or discredit anyone. I’m fairly new to this forum and just wondering…


Some flavors are somewhat complex on their own and can be vaped as a single flavor. Yet adding just a hint of a few other flavors makes it even better.

Such examples are strawberry milkshake rf sc, and a bunch of FAs off the wall flavors like ozone and hypnotic mist.

Is best to have 50 different single flavors of strawberry milkshake. Not really. But it is a thing.

And again this is all separate from one shots. But the premise is the same where on their own hopefully they are really good but maybe a touch of something else may make it even better for that particular mixer.


ha, another thread like this… the never ending discussion continues :slight_smile:


While what @Chrispdx says is true, I also dislike how there are so many single flavor “recipes” that get listed on the recipe side of the site… imho they should just be placed under the notes section of those ingredients and not cluttering up the search for an actual recipe (yeah I know it’s a recipe… 3% of an ingredient and the rest pg/vg/nic) but to me it isn’t. It would be like every tester of a single flavor everyone has done is a new recipe and we should flood the site with these things (again). But some people feel proud that they have made 100 recipes of course 90 of them single flavor thingys (and wip at that)… just personal opinion.


Ah, sorry. Didn’t realize I was being redundant.


The most common answer you get to that is that notes disappear if you remove a flavor from your stash… but I fully agree with your point.


I think that’s what I was getting at. Thx for clarifying and I suppose I have to agree with you about listing them under notes section. That would actually be of great help.


I guess I don’t understand how the system works. But thx for your explanation and I can deal. There are more good things on this forum I can focus on.


Not that you’re being redundant… i’m sure the topic will keep popping up because it annoys a lot of people.
Recently it has also been discussed in the Food for thought thread:


chrispdx is 100 pct correct about the single flaves , i have a couple i mix RfSC straw milkshake being ine but they stay private and when i build on that with other flaves it goes public when im happy with it


I have been leaving comments to those who post single flavors that they should be marked Private with the reasoning that a recipe means 2 or more flavors. Some users understand and comply…others just ignore me or tell me to fuck off. :roll_eyes:
@daath mentions making them private in the Beginner’s guide also. He coded a filter to hide single flavor posts and it works, but honestly it wouldn’t be needed if the calculator was modified to reject single flavors. :sunglasses:


I’ve seen some of those comments. Not yours in paticular and wouldnt say yours was rude…but I have seen some that were alittle off putting.

In that exact moment in time I was researching a one shoot and someone left some blah blah mark this private/don’t advertise. It’s was the rudest thing I found because in that moment as a reader it said to me that I wasn’t smart enough to figure out something. (All food for thought lol)

Personally I thought it was way off base because in fact I needed the information that was posted. Even after a few years of mixing I still do the basic research and seeing what people are doing and thinking is something i benefit from.

Although there is redundancy and some redicoulessnes (word? Lol) the information is there for learning and research. I say that if someone thinks a flavor at a sf leve is worth vaping as a stand-alone then I would like to know what percent. Or when at 15%, as crazy it is, what was the off note they are talking about.

And yes I understand the other side of see 20 sf tests with no notes or comments. But it only takes less than a second to blow by it.


I guess I’m looking at it from a ‘load of needless flub filling the database’ kind of perspective but I see what you’re saying. Just yesterday I ran across this gem…http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2317814/smooth
That is a big WTF to me!


Chuckle, certainly has a few “/SMH”, to each his own tho


I think I could live with a public SF recipe where the ‘creator’ leaves notes, tells people what % he tested and why he settled for the one published. If he leaves some flavor notes etc… FINE, let those mixes be published if they’re good to vape (and yes, I know taste is subjective).

The problem is that the vast majority are just a single flavor without notes, ratings, or anything useful. To me, that’s just empty filler that’s wasting everybody’s time and energy. I believe most people here will agree with that.

Just like you have to leave a comment to give a rating to a recipe, it shouldn’t be that difficult to force notes on a recipe before they can be published.


I kind of shy away from the recipe side because of the clutter. I love looking at peoples awesome flavor combos but it is exhausting to have to go through the endless single flavors. It is weird because sometimes checking the remove single flavor box doesnt work. I dont know, ramble complete.


And it won’t change. Clutter and SF posts will continue unless more of us say something to those users. There’s no accountability. Maybe a few recipe moderators would help.


Two sides to the coin. The clutter can become cumbersome but it’s nice if someone tries a single flavor, likes it, and posts it. I like the fact that there are recipes for mixers of all “levels” from total beginner to Chef Boy-R-Juice.


Likes it and posts it with notes would be great. Even newbies are capable of mixing 1-3 flavors, don’t you think? (With a little help from viewing experienced mixers).


I’ve had that happen to me. Maybe why I bring this up. If it worked every time I wouldn’t have to sift through. I wouldn’t mind if the notes were there, though.