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Somebody Stop Me!


If you are gonna do a rice pudding, may I suggest hiliq rice. It’s a very fine rice flavor that will take the pudding in the direction you need to go. Would use .5 to 1% along with other ingredients


Going to take THAT one off the list !!


Even I might have trouble finding a home for that one and I like em weird and off the wall.


Red velvet cake is just a chocolate cake so I can’t understand how they messed up the flavor. Did you ask Bill at TFA what’s up with the DX Red Velvet?


Mine is called Spice Blubber:


I would start with the power of elimination…DX Cinnamon Danish. I have no idea what Pralines and Cream tastes like but that might be 2nd to go. Oiy, what an idea. It can be addictive…


You would assume that this is safe and nobody could screw it up, sadly somebody did tho. Just like many flavors it always surprises me that some do not come close to the name.

Let me make it funny, because that’s how I sometimes feel, flavor says (myLabel) thousand island dressing. You get all excited, drip in your RDA take a hit, tastes like potato salad. You brush it off saying it needs a steep, 3 weeks later now it tastes like pickles. All you can now ask yourself how did they got that wrong? Does somebody actually try the flavor before putting a name/label on it?

That’s exactly what happened with DX red velvet, at least it wasn’t bandaid flavor? :smirk:


I would still contact bill at tfa and ask him about it.


Not all DX flavors are bad. The DX banana cream is super fine, DX Jamaican rum is good, DX sweet cream Is good at low %.