SOS Certain flavors burn my mouth, any ideas?

Hello Everyone.
Hmm where to start.

Does anyone else have certain flavors that seem to burn your mouth?

I can’t remember this happening years ago when I quit smoking with vaping.
Any ways around this? Could it be that Strawberry ripe (tpa) being a fruit flavor could irritate anyone’s mouth If used all day, is this just me?
Crazy as it seems smoking a cigarette calms down the burning tongue that is driving me crazy.

I’ve got a few areas inside my mouth that are like a scourched area, it feels like I’ve got chemical burn on my tongue & a few places on my gums.
I need help, I’ve reduced smoking from 3 packs a day to a lil under one pack a day with vaping.
Please if you guys could help me I need the help before I’m forced back to smoking fulltime.
helpabrudda please

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It definitely sounds like you’re having a reaction to something in the liquid you’re using. Is it only one liquid that does it? If so, I would do a process of elimination. Take the recipe and make it with only one flavor, add another, and another, and see which one gets you. That, or just make single flavor mixes using the percents you use in that recipe and see if one of those is the culprit.

I hate to hear that you’re having trouble. Try not to get discouraged. It’s not worth it to go back to smoking if you can figure out what the problem is.


Thanks Jojo…
I’ve only mixed 2 recipes and they are:
a vanilla custard that seemed to have va black pepper taste & a strawberry cream.

Last night I made a butterscotch & a Carmel mix in hopes itl change this issue, I’m getting discouraged at this point, I’m sorta afraid to Vape :frowning: .
I was smoking almost 60 cigs a day and had cut back to 15 & this fire mouth is getting to me.

Easiest way to explain the feeling is that long ago I’d get a burning younger from jollyranchers also sniffles if I ate very many in a day.
This feels like that x’s a 1000.
any and all ideas I’ll try I Gotta give up these cigarettes.
At first I thought I burnt my mouth from hot vapor
I’ve not vaped at all today and smoked all day instead.I was starting to enjoy the vaping so much I’d light a cigarette & put it out…it’s sad to ME.
keep any ideas coming

Hey 601, could it be allergic reaction to PG in the mix? or other ingredient.
Pepper taste is linked to bad/poor quality Nicotine
Odd symptoms but sure would research it before to much further.
Be Careful.


Have you tried vaping straight PG or VG just to see if one of those is the problem? What are your ratios? The most common thing people seem to have a reaction to is PG. I had a reaction to koolada. It’s possible the strawberry is the thing that is doing it. Are you allergic to anything that you know of? Are you drinking plenty of water? You might try a warm salt water mouth rinse to get some temporary relief of the sores until we can help you pin something down.

I know exactly what you’re talking about with the jolly ranchers. I actually used that very thing to quit smoking at one point. I sucked on jolly ranchers all day and my mouth was so torn up I didn’t wanna smoke. LoL.

Three packs a day is quite a lot of cigarettes and any cutting back you’re able to do is better than nothing at all.

These flavorings are meant for oral ingestion. Perhaps it is the nicotine? I have been involved in the community for nearly three years and not heard of anything like this with the exception of nicotine getting in the mouth…

Well all the mixing I’ve done are max bc,but considering that flavors have PG in them ,I just looked over them they are all 80% vg with flavors and all.
The past 2 days where so bad each time I’d Vape the burning would worsen.
I’m drinking tons of liquid, I can hardly drink anything carbonated its like the fizz is burning my mouth up aswell.
Thanks for any suggestions, I don’t want to give up my vaping like I have today.
I’m soaking my sub tank now & I’ll try butterscotch mix I did,in “theory” seeing there are no shafp flavors in it, hopefully I’ll be able to Vape.
Does that make sense to you?

So, it seems like you should be trying to narrow down what the issue could be or what’s causing it exactly.

I second the opinion to try vaping straight VG and then straight PG to see if either of those cause a reaction. Allergic reactions to PG seem to be the most common. It doesn’t help that most flavor concentrates are PG-based. However, if PG does turn out to be the culprit, you can find a list of flavors that are VG based/PG-free.

Also, another way to test without actually vaping is by taking some of whatever you’re testing (strawberry flavor, PG, VG, etc., but only one at a time) and drop a couple small droplets into a bit of water, swish it around in your mouth and spit it out. This not only is a good way to test the concentration/flavor density of your specific flavors, I imagine that this would also tell you if one of the flavors you swish around is what’s causing your issue. [Note: Do not try this with nicotine. No. Don’t.]
I would also second the recommendation for a warm salt water rinse for some immediate but temporary relief.

Also, have you shaken and steeped your flavors? Depending on your nicotine level/concentration, you may wanna give it a little more time to mix together and create a correct solution. You could be getting spikes of nicotine in your vape if it’s not properly/fully mixed together.

Good luck mate, please keep us updated.

What equipment do you use. When I was using aspire products I felt as though my tongue was being burnt all the time. Their coils just burn entirely too hot for me. I switched to a kanger tank and the burnt tongue was a thing of the past. Are all Juices doing this? If so it’s probably equipment.

Thanks for the suggestion Ken.
Do you think the ‘quality’ of the nic. could be the issue, I’m afraid I don’t understand.

Where did you get your nicotine from? What brand and what concentration is it?

Nicotine causes a “burning” sensation when it comes into contact with so parts of the mouth. If the device is spitting any liquid, even if you dont notice it, this could be the cause. Ever had a piece of nicorette gum? I did, once. 30 or so years ago i found my mothers nicotine gum, i had no idea it contained nicotine and thought she was just hoarding gum, i was going to show her… So i took out every piece and started chewing, in a matter of seconds my entire mouth was on fire.

Im very careful not to get nicotine in my mouth anymore…

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A couple posts up he said he’s soaking his Subtank, so Kanger I assume.

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I’m using a Kanger sub tank on a ipv3.
I use the rba base with some kathol I twisted it’s a .38 ohm coil.
Thanks again for the help and thoughts everyone

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Ken, yes I quit smoking in a hospital as a teenager with nicorete gum.
I do get a ton of vapor from my setup but no spitback at all.
I’m mixing to 12mg.

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RTS supply it’s 100mg per ml.
I’m thankful for the help and ideas,I’m disabled and bedbound, so I don’t get to meet others that Vape much less DIY.

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12mg in a Subtank? OUCH.

You could try dropping down to 3-6mg. 12mg is kinda high for subohm or high powered vaping.

If you look at your drip tip you will see that juice collects there, some of this will get into your mouth. I can see 12mg burning your mouth.

BTW, you met a bunch of vapors today! I love the interwebz.


Whoa, drop it to 6mg, Vape, and call me in the morning…


And just so we explain why. You are vaporizing a LOT more liquid, probably 3-4X’s more, than in a small tank, where 12mg is commonly and easily used.

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Ok Ken I’ll drop back the nicotine,like you mentioned.
I was using 12mg.
The butterscotch &Carmel I mixed last night is 6, I hope that’s the ticket :).

Ok I’ll be making these changes:

Reduce nicotine to 6mg.
Avoiding any fruit flavors.
and hoping for the best.

Thank you guys so much,I’ll report back (⊙_⊙)

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