Steam crave did what?!

Continuing the discussion from Bought new tank, FINALLY getting max flavour:

Continuing the discussion we did have in the topic above, or well we derailed that topic with our praise in steam crave (not the first time!) lol

Too that time I pointed out that there’s a limited edition, which included a series deck, and I was considering going back to dual coil for a minute, but held up on it, because $60 was too much.

Guess what they did now? (Sry, if it’s old news to some people, first time I saw it today)

Steam Crave released a new package, as well as single item purchase of well…right a damn single coil deck for the supreme and the plus.

Here’s the link to the package deal that includes all 3 decks in the limited edition colors, for reference.

I don’t know if @SessionDrummer is too busy with single flavor testing or just getting old, but Sir, you’re not on track of new releases! C’mon now keep up.

Point is, I thought I could talk you into purchasing it, and review it because that’s huuuge news :wink:

Joke aside, I thought it might be from interest to some here, since a lot of us love the aromamizer. If someone got experience with the deck already, feel free to comment.

Link to the overall store.

Did I mention how much it sucks, that they not offering it for the v1? In fact it’s too old to even be mentioned on the page at all :frowning:


ROAR @estorm, Old, working my ass off, AND no longer on the Team Steam mailing list. That DOES look like a sexy 3 deck combo. Don’t know if I’m going to be able to resist or not !!!


TBH, with ALL of the SC’s I have (and I have a LOTA them), all with dual coils, and most vertical at that, I have never thought about single coiling. Series deck is interestingly interesting. 3 decks in ONE kit, 3 size tanks ?? Hmmmmm, red and blue only ehhhh ???


You don’t need to buy the set, unless you want the limited color. If you own the supreme and the plus, they do sell the single coil deck alone as well for that specific model. $10 I think.

But as you are saying, it’s in general a “bigger” tank, that’s meant for dual coil. My question really would be, how good that single deck would perform.

At least they did a whole new deck, not like other companies just a silicone plug lol.


Yeah that in and of itself might be enough to “trigger” me right there.


Series deck is rocking I have had a few since mid December well worth it if you have a lipo or a series mod and use SS coils.



Kinda wish this hadn’t been posted. Took SC off my wishlist long ago. Now, we’ll see.


I have 3 of the Aromamizer Plus RDTAs so ordered a series deck to use one with my Whiterose Lipo, Thanks for the heads up.


This picture is worth a thousand words. But I will try to limit it to a few.

Let’s start with coil mass. I mean…look at those coils! 3 cores wrapped. All stainless steel. 3.5mm? 4mm ID? Imagine all the juice inside those coils all wicked up with your favorite cotton.

But looks can be deceiving. Those coils ohm out at 0.13. That’s a super warm build. And it will take some watts to get them vaporizing your juice. Maybe 90 watts on the low side. 135 watts to get them where I’d want to be.

But wait! Is that a series deck? My 0.26 ohm single coil just became a 0.52 dual coil? What fucking trickery is this?

You think you know flavor?



You are so right. When I got my first series deck :ok_hand: it just made life with a series mech mod so much better. Now I can use my big ass coils and easily keep my resistance high enough to be safe with it.


I bought a single coil and postless deck from Fasttech last spring for the Supreme V2. Im partial to single coils but I feel the dual coils get the most out of the atty tho.


The single coil deck for the Aromamizer Supreme v2.1 also fits the OG Aromamizer Supreme. But I prefer it on the v2.1. IMHO the flavors great. I also have the single coil deck for the Plus. Also works really well.


I’ve been thinking about digging out my old Aromamizer RDTAs (remember the rubber AF rings?) Does anyone here still use them in spite of the fill system? Can’t decide if I want to or not. I guess I’m looking for a nudge or a nay.

I’ve been eyeing the series and single decks, though, for my Plus.


@muth !!!

I ONLY use my SC v.1 for all of my SF tests, WIPS, etc. Only after something passes muster do I move it into one of my newer SCs.


Thank you @SessionDrummer for the pic with the White Rose! Makes me wish I could find someone to fix mine.


@NChris did you try to hit up @Whiterose0818 ??


Several times. Never heard back from him.


Well, whaddya’ know! When SF testing do you use it in single coil mode? I’ve been using single coil RDAs to test because it’s easy. I never thought I’d use a tank but now you have my V1 attention again, thx.


@muth, I’m still running most of older SC’s dual vertical coils. I’ve even picked up a few dual post decks FOR my newer (and much bigger) SC’s just so I CAN run verticals.

Back to the v. 1’s though, I think I’ve only actually ran horizontal coils in them maybe once or twice, and went right back to dual verticals. I’ve just had to damned good luck with them. Never tried the v.1’s with single coils, so cannot speak to the flavor comparison, but dual verts have never let me down.