Steam Crave Glaz RDSA review by Mjag

Hello once again and thank you for viewing my review of the Steam Crave Glaz RDSA which was sent directly from for this review.

  • Glaz RDSA 30mm(Rebuildable Dripping/Squonking Atomizer)
  • Modular style deck for postless and series
  • Quartz Glass Top Cap (Heat Resisting 2710℃)
  • Bottom angled airflow, airflow travel to coil for maximum flavor production
  • With a regular 510 pin for dripping and a 510 squonk pin in box

In the box you will find: ( 2 color options in one box )

  • 2 x Glass top cap
  • 2 x Silicone Mouth Tip Cap (Not included in my pre-production unit)
  • 1 x Black AFC ring
  • 1 x SS AFC ring
  • 1 x Build deck
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x spare o ring and grub screws
  • 1 x Post for seriesmodular
  • 1 x Squonk Pin
  • 2 x Peek insulator
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Steam Crave sticker

Getting to know the Glaz RDSA

Most vapers will know the name Steam Crave, at least the ones who frequent vape forums, there not as well know in local vape shops in my area. Steam Crave products always get oohhhs and ahhhs whenever I visit one of these shops though, the quality is easily apparent.

Steam Crave is one of those companies who does not rush products to market, you won’t see a new products once a month like other companies. In my experience this usually pays off with well thought out and excellent performing products with few exceptions.

There new line is the Glaz series which includes the RDSA which is up for review here and the RTA which uses a similar build deck and glass chimney. I have both on hand, the RTA review will be coming real soon, same day if annoying work doesn’t get in the way.

The Glaz RDSA up for review here comes with a bunch of build options, you can easily do a dual, single or series build with the included series post. There are so many options and space on the Glaz modular deck you could easily do a triple or quad coil. The series post doubles the ohms rather than halves it like a traditional dual coil build. With a traditional dual coil build if one coil is 0.30 ohms adding a second coil will yield a 0.15 ohm build. With the series post installed it acts to double your ohms, the same 0.30 ohm coil when adding the second gives you a final build of 0.60 ohms, great for some LiPo mods and Dual Series Mech mods which work best at 0.40 ohms and above, check the chart below.

The deck itself is postless design and a thing of beauty that is the usual high quality you expect from Steam Crave. Here shown with the optional squonk pin installed.

The outer posts are situated perfectly so your wide builds can be installed without twisting the leads, always a fan of that. The center posts are mainly to hold the optional series posts in place but can be used to install a coil as well. The bottom airflow is angled in towards the coils for flavor and lifted from the deck to help avoid over dripping.

Comes with 2 glass tops, a conventional metal top would have been a nice option, maybe something they could add in the future. For those Modfather RDA owners out there good news, you can use the top cap for that on the Glaz RDSA for a different look.

Works great but there is some slight flavor loss with the Modfather top cap in place. A great option for high heat builds which can heat up the glass to uncomfortable levels. My review sample did not include the Silicone Mouth Tip Caps which is seems Steam Crave added to the final production units, that is needed for sure and was my biggest complaint.

Builds and performance

I went through 8 to 10 builds in the 5+ weeks during my review evaluation but will just focus on the 3 that are relevant.

First up was a traditional dual coil build, this one here is about my 2nd or 3rd while trying to find the best position for the coils.

I found that with the coils closer to the airflow holes and situated a little higher it gave me the best flavor with the added benefit of keeping the glass cooler. I tried the coils lower, more towards the middle and varying degrees of angles to the airflow holes but this build worked the best. 3mm inner diameter 26g dual with 36g outer wrap worked the best for me but tried larger inner diameter coils and well as quad core fused claptons and Aliens with varying degrees of success. I have to say that all the builds worked well, it is hard to get a build to be bad in the Glaz RDSA. The worst builds heated up the glass so much it made it near impossible to chain vape without getting bacon lips.

I tried about 3 single coil builds, none of them matched the dual coil build above but this one below was not bad at all. Decided to use a 5mm post with quad core fused clapton and the results were pretty tasty.

I initially situated the coil higher but found it to be too hot for my liking, mouth so close to the coil I could french kiss the dragon so to speak. Smaller single coil builds got a little lost in the huge build deck, I would suggest 3.5mm inner diameter coils at a minimum, 4mm inner diameter worked just as well for me.

Now here is what makes the Glaz RDSA cool, the Series option which took a build which would normally ohm out at 0.125 when in normal dual coil configuration into a nominal 0.50 ohm build, great for my NLPWM WhiteRose LiPo mod which loves 0.30 ohms and above.

The way the series post works is it acts as a null, essentially turning your dual coils into one long coil. The center post is neither a positive nor negative terminal, those are located on the deck itself. With both coils attached to the series post it just works to complete the circuit, you cannot run a single coil with the series deck. Hopefully this makes it easy to understand, if you build (2) 7 wrap coil the series post just connects them and turns them into a continuous 14 wrap coil. The series post uses delrin or another non conductive material to attach to the deck so that it is isolated from both the positive and negative terminals. The coils are connected at the deck itself, one coil gets the positive and the other side gets the negative.

While the series deck won’t be used for a majority of the vapers out there it really comes in handy for series mech and NLPWM or PWM mod users such as myself. I loved using the series build above on my WhiteRose NLPWM mod above, if that mod had a squonk bottle on it the pair would be inseparable. I don’t have any affiliation with WhiteRose other than ordering that ridiculously cool mod from him and getting the chance to speak with him on the phone when placing my order. He is a great guy and you can find out more about his products here: Here is another PWM mod I got from him, love his work.

All the builds I tried were either good or great, never had a bad build which is a testament to the Glaz RDSA. Flavor just pops with the first dual coil build I posted above and with the added benefit of keeping the glass cooler. That is my main gripe, the glass gets hot, way hot with larger builds but Steam Crave is now including a silicone tip, something I plan to order separately which should come in real handy.

I only have (3) 30mm RDA’s in my collection, the Modfather and Cthulhu Zathog RDA’s (review on the later coming soon) of those 3 the Steam Crave Glaz RDSA is the most flavorful, easily my favorite. I am just hoping Steam Crave comes out with a metal top cap as an accessory, I would like it a lot more with that option.


Aside from the glass heating up my other gripe is the squonk positioning. With my preferred coil placement that leaves the squonk hole right dab in the middle and when you run out of juice it will spit juice right up the drip tip. You can stop that if you use a single coil right in the middle to block the squonk hole, same with a triple coil build. You could also place your dual coils close to the middle to block the squonk hole but then flavor suffers. I would have loved it if the BF pin was set up to fill the well below rather that at the top of the deck which then has to run down. This would also help with over squonking which if I wasn’t careful would happen but mostly when I forgot I squonked already. I do find myself being careful when squonking with it so that is a definite con.


  • A lot of build options including a series post
  • Excellent build quality
  • Grub screws are solid through 8+ builds
  • Great flavor with the right build
  • Posts are situated perfectly for wide builds, no twisting of the leads in dual coil config
  • Easy to build on and a breeze to wick
  • Includes both a stainless steel and black AFC ring, 2 colors in one box
  • Squonk pin included
  • Spare glass top cap
  • You can run the juice right down the sides of the glass and right into the well, a tip my bud Deuces Jack gave me


  • Glass can get really hot with big builds, they may have solved that with the now included silicone tips
  • No option as of yet for a metal top cap, the Modfather 30mm RDA top cap fits though
  • No option to use other drip tips
  • AFC ring is really loose
  • When squonking you will get spit back when the squonk bottle runs empty
  • Care has to be taken to not over squonk
  • The glass will just show condensation, nothing you can do about that
  • The glass is thinner than I would like, seems easy to break

Final thoughts

I will freely admit to being a fan of Steam Crave, the Aromamizer Plus is one of my favorite tanks of all time. I have never tried a Steam Crave RDA prior to the Glaz but I am impressed, if they fixed the cons I would be even more so. Personally I am not a fan of the glass top cap though, it gets too hot with some builds and would love to see a metal top cap added as an accessory. The squonk pin could be better designed as well, feed to below the deck would have been a lot better.

Steam Crave is a company that listens so I am hoping that revisions are made. That being said I still love using mine, just need to purchase the Silicone Mouth Tip Cap which are listed on there site for a whopping 0.90 cents for a pair

With the dual coil build I showed above I have been vaping it at 95 watts on my Lost Vape Drone squonker for a while now. Really helped with keeping the glass cooler so I can chain vape without frying my lips and the flavor has been great. If the Silicone Mouth Tip Caps which are now included work as intended then this gets an easy recommendation from me, if not then I am hesitant to recommend it.

If all that appeals to you then you can order it directly from Steam Crave and have it shipped from New York here: Look around for discount codes as well, I am not aware of any at this time but if I find one I will update the review.

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Booyah @mjag. Although I was fascinated by the looks of this new RDSA and the glass cap, I figured I’d never have bought it, because of the glass cap. Was waiting to see a review on this one, and glad you took all the time you did, to fully test it, and write it up as detailed as you did. The series mode is and interesting thing for sure. I’m not surprised to hear that slapping in some dualies gave the best experience.


You and me both brother, if I didn’t get it sent for review I would have passed buying it because of the glass cap. Hopefully we are not alone and they respond with a classy metal top cap, that would be a big improvement IMO. Aside from that and the squonk pin placement it is the usual SC quality, I love there stuff as much as you


Great review and breakdown of how a series deck works. Being a predominantly PWM person myself, I really wish there were more series decks out there.

What do you have that is squonkable and rocks a 30mm atty? The Drone?


Well done Man!! Thanks for the good read!!!


Not much of a fan of glass caps but damn, that deck! I must have it!.
Great review bro!


Thanks brother and I agree, would be nice to see more series decks.

Yeah, pretty sure the Drone is one of the only squonker other than say a Boxer that will hold a 30mm atty. The drone doesn’t look bad with the 41mm Titan either, just some overhang on the back. I thought about selling the drone to a friend who wants it but will keep it around a little longer to see if SC releases a metal top cap for the Glaz RDA.

Thank you so much @Eddiepraysforpeace

Haha @Lostmarbles, maybe if we keep at em they will release a metal top cap version, would make a world of difference. Thank you bro!


I learned a new eieio!.. RSDA! Amazing…

That is one interesting atty. When I’m done typing, I’m gonna read it again. Great coverage and explanation of the electrical connections! I’m with you on the glass top. That thing begs to have a monster coil build in it and sit on top of a beast mod. I can envision scrubbing baked on lips of the thing.


:rofl: yeah, crispy fried lips are a definite possibility with this thing. Thank you my friend :+1:


French kissing a dragon…intriguing. Great write up mjag, thanks for taking the time.


The series option is really neat! I was actually intrigued by this when I first saw the ads for it. Fantastic job @mjag :+1:


I did not know this was an RSDA!!..and you know how I feel about 30mm attys :wink: …really cool review man, I actually like glass caps, I used it on the Modfather for a week before the inevitable happened :roll_eyes: …think I might have to give this one a go though, thanks for sharing brother, great job as always :wink:


Freudian slip…:kissing_heart: thank you doll

Thank you @Silhouette and yeah, the series option is definitely kool


Hahaha, yeah RDSA’s are all the rage now :grin: thanks brother and when can I order the 30mm SP and Beryl DRUG RDA? I want to preorder now :muscle:


you know…he said I could use the drop build deck too, but 6 posts instead of four for trip builds…bottom airflow…30mm…can you even imagine such a thing :heart_eyes:


Ummmmm, want NOW :sunglasses:


I think you should get on Beryls case too :rofl:


We should tag team stalk him so he gets it done just to get rid of us :rofl:



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I just received the last piece of a rig I started putting together a long time ago. I bought a second Hadron 220 and the Glaze RDSA with metal top cap long before the Squonk Backpack design was finalized. I’m not sure if you can still get the Glaz Metal top cap. The glaze RDSA is already out of production but if you look around you can get it for a good price. Now to clean, assemble, build, and Squonk away :smile_cat: