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SteamCrave RDTA Plus Special Edition review by SessionDrummer


I’ll carry that freight @BikesAndBacon. It’s not meant to suggest, merely to inform.


Great review. If you have a mod that holds a 30mm, this tank hits all types.


A single coil build might work fine in there on a single 40T. But in my experience these big tanks like high watts


Then I’ll have to give it a pass, overhang is an annoyance and not wanting any dual battery devices bigger than what I have. Thank you for the feedback.



Thanks a lot @TheTinMan, it means a lot. I was surprised but it looked pretty good on my Sigelei K3, but I didn’t have very many blue mods to choose from. Hits all types is right !!


@Letitia put it on a cheap blue …



I use mine fine on an IPV @ 40 watts, Also build the regular flat deck with a 4mm single coil and it is great. Excellent flavor and cloud production



Oh Mama! Me likey. I’ve been wanting to order a series deck for my Plus but I can’t find it nowhere, sob. I might have to order the Limited Edition now. How does anyone lose a SC Plus in their house? More sobs…

Thank you for this wonderful review…Yours truly, Sniffles.


Go direct and grab the bits that interest you.

Edit: Oh wait it is not the deck you cant find it is the wholes tank lol


Excellent review SD! I don’t know if it was my connection or those pics are super high-res but they took a minute to load.
That’s a beautiful piece of hardware, but 30mm is too large for me.


That is correct, sir. And I know it’s in the house cause it never left. Maybe if I take a leap of faith and order the deck the vape gods will deliver the tank to me. Thank you for the link.


Leave it to @SessionDrummer to make an RDTA seem sexy as crap.



Thank you @muth.


Thank you @torturedzen, and my bad on the high rezzer pics. Normally I drop the res down, so even if you enlarge them and shuffle through the images, they’re not that high, but these were all high res. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Thank you very much @silhouette. Sexy for the win !!!


Lol yes let’s blame me again for “wasting” money!

Thank you for the review, I’m very jealous about all your SC’s, I only got 4 of the v1’s, never got the chance to experience the supreme, plus, titan and whatever else they got.

I might change my mind, now that it has a single coil deck, but geebus I was hoping you won’t like it, and I could remove it from my list lol.


Thank you @estorm.


If you’ve got FOUR of the v.1’s you already aboard the Steam Team train.