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SteamCrave RDTA Plus Special Edition review by SessionDrummer


It’s the one you should have bought last year and the only one you will ever really need imo. It is designed for max VG liquids as the pg blends will leak. Actually brother, you should have bought 2…special edition and the 20ml bundle kit.


Why you do dis!?




With my ever growing SteamCrave hoard @Cutlass92 you knew it was only a matter of time that I finally put one down long enough to review it !!!


And review it you did! Excellent work mister


Thanks a lot @r113. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


@woftam got me started on the steam crave atomizer plus 20ml and haven’t bought another brand or type since…except more (6) steam crave aromizer plus 20ml kits. Excellent all over





I was trying to be strong i need to save up for holiday.
But dam it can’t resist any longer just ordered a set in blue.


Jan 2017 I believe, damn time flies.

oops it was 17 not 16 hahaha


Wow! You even wrote it down! :joy: still have the same 2 I bought


Nice @GuernseyNick, the blue looks better in person, and I don’t think you’ll regret it.


How does the series deck vape.
With 2 big coils i would have thought that the ramp up would suck ass.


A lipo helps. 3 or 4 battery mod will also work.


Great review, nicely illustrated


Thank you very much @CosmicTruth. :slight_smile:


Any tips for an aromamizer virgin.


It’s a big tank…use lots of lube :joy:


I have tips but it will be later in the day before I can tear it down and take pics.

@woftam @R113 and @SessionDrummer are your go to guys.


Do not forget to shut off juice flow while filling and make sure top is screwed down good before opening juice flow, yep can make a mess, had them for a long time but not thinking just reminded me with a mod and hand covered in juice. Enjoy, they are fantastic tanks