SteamCrave RDTA Plus Special Edition review by SessionDrummer

It was only a matter of time before I finally got around to REVIEWING one of my beloved Steam Craves, and since @eStorm had mentioned this one publicly, there was no backing out. Regardless of how many SC’s I’ve already got stashed in my go bag, this Special Limited Edition Kit was TOO good, and too grand to NOT put something up. #IPaidForItMyself so read on, and see if you’re game for one of these massive kits.


  • 30mm Diameter
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • Two Large Fill Ports
  • 10ml E-Juice Capacity (5ml with short tank, 15ml with bubble glass)
  • Postless Build Deck
  • Four Mounting Terminals 3mm by 2.5mm Each
  • Side Mounted Hex Keys
  • Dual Wicking Ports
  • Chimney Threaded to Top Cap and Base (10ml tank chimney plus 5ml short tank chimney)
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • 8.5mm by 4mm Each Airslot
  • Air Intake Screen Improves Flavor and Decreases Coil Spitting
  • 10.5mm Wide Bore Delrin 810 Drip Tip
  • Silver 510 Pin
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

Main Kit Included:

  • Aromamizer Plus whole unit (with postless deck)
  • Spare 10ml glass
  • Vape band
  • Spare O ring and grub screws
  • Allen Key
  • 510 drip tip adaptor

Limited Edition Extras:

  • Series deck
  • Single coil deck
  • 15ml bubble glass
  • Bundle sale 5ml conversion kit ( including 1 pc short chimney part & 2pcs 5ml glass)

Nothing fancy, nothing special about the packaging, but, it’s all in there.

Behold the 30mm behemoth.

30mm Plus, Vape Band (woo hoo), Spare 10ml glass, 510 adapter, multi-tool, o-rings, grub screws, and user’s guide.

Broken down, the quality and workmanship become apparent.

The juice flow is very well thought out, and if this doesn’t flow enough juice for you, you’ll probably need an IV bag.

The juiceflow is easily adjustable via the bottom ring (locked – off for filling, unlocked – wide open).

Moving onto the airflow, WOW, dual honeycombed ports for smoothness.

Wonder where the airflow is hitting the coils ?? RIGHT where it should.

Filling is stupid easy, even with larger Cosmo bottles thanks to the large dual ports.

As typical for SteamCrave everywhere there should be an o-ring there is (or two), including on the top cap.

The included standard postless deck is very easy to build on and spacious. With the huge juice flow ports, easy wicking proved to be a reality.

For the testing I just threw in some simple dual core 5 wrap 3mm ID claptons @ .17 ohms, but you could go bigger.

I never measure, but just trim to fit with the coil legs. Guesstimated to line up with the honeycomb airflow slots.

When wicking I didn’t have to thin, rake, or angle the tails due to the very adequate space.

Typically you want the tails covering the holes, but I went a bit heavier to see if I could get any dry hits, and I did not. Covering the holes is the best way to go, barely coming through.

Small drip before the money shot could be had !!!

Lightly sauced, and ready for assembly.

Blue on blue ?? Didn’t look too shabby.

Now let’s just see what’s in the Special Limited Edition box !!!

Oh YES, there’s MORE. (2) 5ml glass tanks with a short chimney section, a 15ml bubble tank, single coil deck, series deck, more spare grub screws, and more o-rings !!!

The single coil deck was smartly done, with no need to insert anything to block off airflow.

The series deck opens up a huge range of options.


Where to begin with this “don’t worry, it’s IN there” Limited Edition Kit ?? As a disclaimer I have been an avid SC user since the first version hit the shelves, and have almost every version stashed in my go bag at this point. I’ve been able to personally witness the improvments (if any) and/or pitfalls from versions to the next. I’d already been using a Plus in my daily rotation, but this special kit forced me over the edge to review it finally.

The quality of all of the parts were top notch, and as expected, being a newer version of SC’s tried and true designs. All of the threads, o-rings, and adjustment rings worked perfectly, with no issues, and/or leaking. The unit can be hard to adjust the juice flow when unpacking it, but after it’s juiced up, things loosen up a bit making it easier. The honeycomb airflow actually does work to smooth it a bit, and there was plenty of flow when wide open. Juice flow worked as expected, and even when slightly overpacking the wick tails, had NO dry hitting. Having only “officially” only used the stock postless deck, it proved to be perfeclty easy to build on like many others with trimming the coil legs before inserting as usual. Huge dual fill ports allowed for even my cosmo bottles to fill with ease.

Because I use an older version Supreme as my daily driver, it was interesting to compare/contrast that with this, being a much newer design. The outstanding flavor was about consistent with my older model, but the airflow was much improved with this version, AND smoother, so the honeycomb filters seem to actually work.

  • Parts well machined, fit like a glove, with smooth threads, and great o-rings
  • Outstanding looks
  • Beyond customizable with the various tank sizes, and build decks.
  • Easy to build and wick with large juice flow, and smooth airflow
  • Easy top fill even for big bottles
  • Outstanding flavor


  • Adjustment rings can be hard to move unitl lubricated (filled)
  • Can be somewhat hard to adjust juiceflow ring without moving airflow ring
  • Bigger (30mm) and somewhat heavier than many similar tanks
  • Only comes in two colors at the time of this writing
  • MUST close off juice flow (and air flow) when filling to prevent flooding


If you already have a few SteamCraves in your arsenal, or even if you don’t, you may want to consider this kit. Outstanding flavor, clouds, easy filling, and about EVERY possible option you could want, I don’t see how you can go wrong with this grand of a kit. At the time of writing, it was off of sale at SteamCrave, but still listed @ $60.00 which is a steal for what you get. 15ml, 10ml, 5ml tanks with spares, standard/series/single coil decks, loads of o-rings/grub screws, gets hard to figure out if they forgot anything. 10/10.

Thanks for reading !!!


Nice review =)
The juice flow is very well thought out, and if this doesn’t flow enough juice for you, you’ll probably need an IV bag


Woot Woot @RexRabbit, and thanks for taking the time to read that mess !!!


Great review man, but it seems you copy/pasted it twice :slight_smile:

And there is one thing I hate about this review: the fact that I just ordered myself one even tho I said i’m not buying any new gear until April :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh thank God I thought I was seeing double.


Thanks for the déjàReviews!:exclamation::+1:t4:


@adary You gotta just HATE when copy/paste goes sideways !!!



LOL thank you very much @Stankhammer.


@RexRabbit it gets BLURRY after awhile…


Ugh, I’m getting a headache…that looks like a shitload of work not mention all the pics you took. Labor of love obviously. We all do appreciate the level of skill and devotion it takes to create something like this for us.


Great review mate, always in my rotation and in my top 2 tanks the other being the voltrove mini.


Awesome info @SessionDrummer Pretty nice having 2 decks included. It’s a beast for sure holding 15mL.


Well damn…wonder how it would look on the SL? Unfortunately a great write up, thanks I guess.:thinking:


Not sure SL has enough juice to power this one. My 30mm tanks (modfather and voltrove) need at least 130w to start shining (on 0.15ohm builds). I would assume this one is not much different.


I’m gonna have to buy me some SC and I hold you entirely responsible @SessionDrummer :rofl:


I would only use the single coil deck. Seldom build for over 35w. Should think the 40T could handle it fine. Would the 30mm footprint make any actual difference?


@RexRabbit I can’t allude to any skill, but I take credit for taking the pictures !!!




Thanks a lot @woftam and @freddie3.


Thanks @Letitia.