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SteamCrave RDTA Plus Special Edition review by SessionDrummer


@woftam came up with the ideal feeler gauge for proper coil height. Cut a sliver of business card length wise and fold in half. Place that under your coil when adjusting coil legs. Perfect fit. Not touching deck or tank


To me the plus is better. Not sure why it is


Oh right well I am from Jersey Channel Islands hated it there and left 20 + years ago never been back and never intend too.
Lucky that you go a nice tank I have been searching now after this blog and want to get one.
I am not sure if I will be able to get one soon though if I do I will probably have to pay through the nose for it.
I can only buy in Portugal as they have classed all vaping equipment now for the last two years as tobacco products.
So if you try and import outside of Portugal they stop anything vaping and slap a minimum €2000 fine upto €6000 per item and then destroy the vaping goods.
So it is like you have to become a smuggler!lol
The only thing I can get through is replacement glass or wire as that can be for anything cannot even really get concentrates. So the prices now for vaping in Portugal is stupid prices and they are so rude every vape shop supplier is take your money and fk off if I provide a sh*t service which I will guaranteed do not complain.
I can get things though from Europe so I have been on a mission now and I can get exactly what I have been supplying from Portuguese suppliers but now on my own and for cheaper so they have all done me a favour.
The hardest thing I cannot get is hardware seems difficult but in Spain there is some good suppliers thankfully.


@SessionDrummer love this review thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you very much @elites.