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SteamCrave RDTA Plus Special Edition review by SessionDrummer


@r113 came up with the idea of shutting off the juice flow when it’s time to refill and vaping on it for about 4 or 5 pulls. This will reduce chamber flooding because the cotton will be near dry. I also let it cool down before refilling.


When i got home i broke out the single coil deck and did my first build.
Its going good so far, no dry hits or leaking and flavour is pretty good.
For such a beast of a tank i was expecting a bigger chamber. But smaller is goos for flavour


I did try that at first but then learned to wick tighter in the juice channel and not refill when the tank is warm. Anymore, I just let it cool down then refill



Congrats on that, and first things first, take a LOT of pictures. As mentioned above, the MOST important thing, is to SHUT OFF the juice flow and airflow before filling, or you’re going to need a mop. The adjustment rings WILL be tight at first, until they’re lubed up. Watch the height on your coils for any/all postless decks, you don’t want any shorts on the chimney. You can check easily before really dropping the hammer on them.

Lastly, PREPARE yourself, for some kick ass flavor.


Thanks for the advice everyone.
I just rewicked and nudged coil down a bit and dam. This single coil deck is a flavour monster when coil is in correct place. I would say its right up there with gear rta ( or a tiny bit better) and a touch better than my best build in kylin v2.

I am certainly a very happy bunny


Thanks for the review! I have been wanting an Aromamizer for the longest time, I think this will be the one! Great review!


Thank you @mater.


I have the Aromamizer Supreme V2 as my everyday RTA and I run only the single coil deck.
I have seen in the last few days this limited edition Aromamizer and all that I can see is limited is the colour Blue and the other red or pink. The bubble glass and they offer the single deck. so I think if I want to just wait and get the bubble glass but will not as looks like I will need a goldfish, pump and feed.

The Aromamizer is an amazing RTA tank the best I have vaped on for flavour as I am a flavour chaser. I also have the velocity deck but to me the single coil deck is better I have not tried the postless deck.

I am also looking at getting the Glaz next I have tried the titan but too big massive but great flavour.

Thanks for the review amazing products a company.



The V2 is smaller than the Plus, the accessories supplied by the limited edition plus are not compatible with the V2 are far as I know. Or maybe I am just confused with your post.


Thanks very much @MassVape. I too felt the Titan was a bit TOO big for myself as well. Maybe part of that, is that I still run a couple SC v.1’s and still get great flavor. The glaz I don’t own either, and although the design looks interesting, I’ve heard more than once about the glass getting a bit hot, which has kept me from jumping in.


Has anyone got both the titan and plus.
I am curious if the flavour is as good


Already have 3 Plus versions and a V2, damn if you didn’t suck me in to ordering a blue special edition, lol. They need to send you a commission check.


@woftam has both I believe.

The flavor on the Plus is excellent with a pretty long chimney. The Titan is shorter but wider, I would think the flavor might be a tick better but we will see if he ways in.


I do not have a Titan plus I was a vape shop and there was a coil guru in there a well known coil builder in the Algarve. He pulled open his vaping bag and I am not joking one side about 20 mods all perfectly placed.

Then he closes one side turns over and opens the other there must have been 30 mods. Then he reaches into this compartment and produces this beast of a mod…the Titan I thought he was going to hit me with it!! At the time I did not know or had even heard of the Titan. So he loads it up and says to me here take a blast on that, So I got out the steps and walked up vaped on it, very nice indeed I could not stop chain vaping it! I could see the guru’s face okay okay he said took me 1.5 hrs to make the coil for that!! He opened it up and showed me the coil I also notice I think you also need a whole pack of cotton to go inside!!lol

For me end conclusion Aromamizer Supreme V2 best Rta for flavour on the market still!

I am looking for a top airflow tank why I do not know just want to mix it up a little. I have a lot of tanks and the one that I constantly vape all day is the Supreme V2 great tank. Took me a while to get the wicking done right and I hated the tank at first. It can give the best dry hits and some, But now build a coil and wick first time every time and the flavour banging I have recently been closing off the airflow and using sometimes mtl. I also notice I get better flavour that way and works great I am not into mtl but quite enjoy it on the Supreme.




@MassVape That’s the moment that all vapers chase !!!


Yes, the Plus is 30mm and the Supreme is 25mm. Some subtle differences but the size is the big difference.


Lol I have also been trying online in Portugal to find one in Blue I would like one also!!lol


Can I ask Nick are you from Guernsey Channel Islands?
I am originally from Jersey Channel Islands.
Nice mod you’ve got yourself there when you get it going the flavour
and mod will be amazing if you have not done already.
Great purchase and your lucky to get one congrats


Not from the that Guernsey originally but ended up stuck here yes.
And yes the plus is proving most tasty