Still no way to block users?

It’s not even remotely a secret anymore that TZ has made this platform a nightmare for most mixers who don’t kiss his ass. Now he has started either recruiting other morons to his cause, or is making multiple accounts to harass folks.
It’s nearly 2022, do we seriously still not have a way to just block assholes like him and move on? Why do we have to deal with his persistent bullshit, instead of just simply putting a Block feature on the site???

Tortured Zen from my understanding has stopped rating recipes based on wrong naming of flavors…No you csnt block people on the recipe side . You can PM Lars or a Moderator if there are issues.

I have personallu talked to TZ about this issue . I get where he was coming from and I also understand the Mixers frustration . TZ had a task to try and clean up the flavor naming errors and as he did there was a lot of pushback . While people pushed back they also bitched about the flavor names being all messed up . This has been an ongoing problem since at least 2015 with people entering whatever they want . To be fair when someone reached out and I talked to TZ he understood so stopped the rating of recipes.

I have looked at a lot of these " issues" and more often than not TZ was belittled and called names so yes he pushed back and yes if I was talked to like he was I would have been a " dick " as well …There were also times TZ barked first but I’m sure you can imagine the frustration of trying to correct something while others just dont give a shit about what he’s trying to achieve.

TZ has been a member here since 2015 and has been nothing but respectful and respected.

Actually its not that public this has been addressed on YT shows so this opinion is not as known as you may think…

If I am wrong regarding TZ and he is still rating recipes with a 1 star ( which he told me he would stop ) then the issue needs to be addressed from @daath the moderators here have reached out to @TorturedZen

Ill end this with my opinion. I do think that the notifications TZ leaves in the comments section are more than appropriate , however Rating a recipe based on the naming of a flavor is not fair and should stop…


“kiss his ass” is a bit of a stretch IMO. I’ve never known him to be that type of person. Hope you get a resolution to what you’re experiencing. Peace.


I never had an issue with him. All good in my world.


You have failed to separate an introductory clause along with other failings in grammatical order.

Do I need to consider the content? It seems to be ranting to me.


@TorturedZen helped me straighten out my stash when I first joined ELR. He went out of his way to help me and asked for nothing in return, I have nothing but the utmost respect for for TZ.


I just showered and was going to address a point @Rocky02852 already added:

@TorturedZen and me have had a few run-ins but, he has the thankless task of keeping the stashes we use in order. I would like to add dilutions and solutions as an in-recipe notation but I get the need to be clear on listing.

Did you get in a grump over an attempt to help? I’d like to see the recipe which set you off.


@TheMeterMixes welcome to ELR first thing.

Second thing, I have to take issue with the characterization of @TorturedZen here.

NOW, with that said, because you JUST registered here on the Forum side, feel free to drop some details on what is/was going on. Maybe there’s some things we can work out.

As far as TZ, I can tell you from experience, he doesn’t care about ass kissing, believe me. I don’t know how long you’ve been mixing, or on the ELR recipe side, but many of us have been here, almost approaching 10 years. You have NO idea how screwed up the flavor database here on ELR is, and has been, or the issues that can cause.

TZ took on the IMPOSSIBLE task, attempting to clean up incorrect flavor entries, and let mixers know. He doesn’t LIKE doing that, doesn’t LIVE for it, but volunteered to help Lars (the owner of ELR) clean it up.

@fidalgo_vapes perfectly stated this.

This again, is ongoing.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for TZ, and the thankless job he has taken on.

Agreed. @TheMeterMixes you don’t know me, BUT, simply clicking my avatar, or searching for what I do here, will make that painfully obvious in short order, BUT, you don’t know me.

Tell you what, just so you don’t think I’m some guy here, siding with TZ, and slamming anyone else, let ME, help you. How about that ?

You didn’t post any details as to exactly what was going on, what interactions you’ve had with TZ, or what it was even about, BUT, for the fact it was on the RECIPE side, so I am assuming it’s about incorrect flavor naming.

Look, you have NO IDEA how bad I was screwing up flavors when I first came here. NO ONE could have borked them up, more than I did. Happens to EVERYONE when they first come here. If this site only had a FEW mixers, borked up flavors, injected into the database just wouldn’t matter. Take a look, the next time you’re mixing, and see how MANY recipes are on ELR, the total flavors, and IMAGINE how big the problem is.

I’ll put MY money, where my mouth is @TheMeterMixes. PM/DM me here if needed, and let ME see what’s what, and if it’s wrong flavor names, I will get you sorted. Having other issues, let ME know, and let’s see what we can get done.

@TorturedZen Ooorah, on mission brother.

Welcome to ELR.


Snap 2021-10-14 at 19.06.33

@TheMeterMixes I’ve got a HUGE mixing queue to get done, so I didn’t have time to scrape all of your recipes, but most of them look pretty clean, LOVE your use of VSO, and I didn’t see any spam, negative comments, except towards TZ.

As I JUST commented on the above ^^^ recipe, MANY mixers here don’t realize, that the database is NOT LOCKED. Most new(er) mixers here have NO CLUE, that every time they type in ANY flavor, and click save, it ADDS it to the database.

This is NOT @TorturedZen 's design, and this “open” database issue has been brought up over the years, and hasn’t been addressed yet.

Be advised MOST new(er) mixers here ASSUME that whatever they type in, gets saved to their personal flavor list, but this is NOT true. EVERY flavor that is entered right OR wrong, is added to the database.

TZ CAN delete/fix/change incorrect flavors, but people can keep adding them RIGHT back in. It’s a THANKLESS job, I mean think about it. Having to try and correct people, over, and over, with no end in sight, sucky job ehhh ??

Slamming TZ won’t fix anything. Respecting what he’s trying to do, so that we ALL benefit works better.


You don’t need to do that SD. Just look at his flavor stats. 2 stick out like a sore thumb, possibly a 3rd with my quick glance. :wink:


Well overall, looks pretty clean …

Well, the first one, hehe,

(LB) Vanilla Ice Cream

Hell, I’ve made FAR more mistakes in my flavors, and I’ve seen much, MUCH worse.

@big_vape I was scraping the recipes looking for any negative comments, etc.


Another starts with a lowercase letter, and the maybe is an (ooo) IIRC


Yeah I saw the lower case FW, but, hehe, the naming is correct. Overall, @TheMeterMixes is probably one of the LEAST messer-uppers.

I randomly check some newer recipes/mixers, and OMG, like every flavor is completely wrecked.

TZ doesn’t get any credit for the hard (and sustained) efforts, and he gets ALL the blowback, which really adds to the thanklessness of the task.

Locking the flavors would obviously solve a lot, and I’m sure Daath has his reasons for keeping this open, and a lot of times, I believe the mixers (mostly newer), don’t even realize EVERY flavor they input, gets added TO the database. I’ve asked a few when they hit me up with questions, and I ask them, and they almost always say, “No, it’s cool, those are just MY flavors”. They don’t even know.

How to spread the word, hmmm …


Alright @big_vape check my shit LOL. I’m afraid to look…

The data base doesn’t differentiate between lower case and upper case, which is a huge problem IMO, if someone enters a flavor with lower case it’s stuck that way. I have many flavors that I refuse to add to my stash because of the incorrect spelling…
Banana Cream Pie (SC) cannot be entered correctly because someone already entered the incorrect (sc)
and the report dupe feature does not work if there’s no correct flavor…


BTW, ATF has incorrect flavors also… “Milk & Honey” for one (correct name is Milk and Honey) problem there is I have not got ANY answers from admin…


Interesting @Rocky02852 I added it as Banana Cream Pie (SC), and saved it, …

Buuuuuuut … when clicking the flavor …


Well THAT’S what we call a …


Hehe, same with OOO, or OoO, or ooo…
Oh yeah, I have both those banana flavors, thanks


SD I stopped checking/looking years ago :+1: