Still no way to block users?

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Rocky man, I’ve seen everything you’ve written. I have no comments at all. I stopped all that years ago, like I’ve said. We all know it’s a mess and getting bigger by the day.

As far as ATF, I also sent an unanswered message after the takeover without a reply. I do have a couple odd entries which I figured was due to the import years ago. I don’t know, I don’t care.

Upper/lower case I don’t care enough to even mention the entry, or any of them. It was a quick gander at the OP’s and like SD mentioned, it looked pretty clean to me. :+1:

SD I notice you misspelled Inawera Rhubarb :rofl:


What’s interesting is the different factions (for lack of a better term) one encounters on the recipe side. We have the new and quite unknowing clueless user who is oblivious to the concept of flavor naming conventions. Most (but not all) readily admit that they’re new and don’t mind getting help with navigating the database.

Next, we see the ‘regular’ users. They will occasionally click the wrong name but, when it is brought to their attention, they have no issue making a correction.

After that there are the ‘power’ users. They can post a slew of recipes week after week and nail the naming conventions every single time, in their sleep without batting an eyelash! They obviously make the most of their Flavor Stash. It’s unfortunate ELR doesn’t have more users like this.

Then we have the passively defiant user. One who is somewhere between a new user and a regular. This is the person who, even when presented with the guidelines and a degree of hand-holding, does nothing. They rarely respond, they simply do not care. In the simplest definition they just ignore the request and continue their lackadaisical (sp?) posting of recipes with crap names. In essence they are dumbing down.

And this brings us to the jist of my reply here. The aggressive defiant user. Although similar to the faction directly above this person will make it known they are going to do whatever they damn well please. They also have no problem attempting to turn the issue around by whatever means they think gives them an edge. Using psychology mixed with profanity to further their cause is fairly common, as some of you have already seen. And if you’ve seen examples of this then you’ve also seen when this point is reached I will fire back. Courtesy does not work with this type of user. Explaining why there is a need for a ‘naming convention’ also does not work. A simple request to correct a name was made, nothing more. But this type of user won’t think twice about going on the attack and then claim it’s for the “good of our community”.

I don’t know if this reply even matters and frankly I don’t much care. I do what I do with no agenda or malice. If I’m able to help someone I will.
I am not without faults and sometimes I even question my own judgement, but I have little tolerance for these entitled, whiny fucks who jump on a soapbox to rant every so often. Yeah I’m talking to you @TheMeterMixes!


The recipe was terrible… that’s why I didn’t even care about the single star. :laughing: :man_shrugging:


I’m pretty sure that only happened once and some other ass hat started it. IMO, if someone got a one star then it was because the recipe sucked and not because they can’t follow simple instructions.

I hope you go somewhere else (not you lost marbles)


Well, I’m pretty sure we don’t do the one-star rating because of naming conventions and some other jackass started that but that was one instance, and if there are more then…

I helped with that for a short time and HOLY CRAP thankless job!!! Shit, @TorturedZen more than a thankless job it’s impossible too. If all of us helped him instead of holding the hand of a baby back bitch then we could keep it contained.

This post has gotten me riled up. Obviously, we can all see the kind of man TZ is. I was gonna blast the guy that posted but TZ is a classy dude and I will try to be also and end it there. TZ did an excellent job describing the type of users on the recipe side and we can all guess which side OP is on.

@brasilVAP what’s this new flavor company Lorna’s?


I had my arse kicked a little (rightly) re my lackadaisical flavour naming in my early days here. It didn’t feel great, and I had a very little spat with TZ at the time. However, I have come to appreciate both the necessity for correct flavour naming and the thanklessness of the task TZ has undertaken. Notwithstanding the uncomfortable feeling of being chastised in a public forum, the man in question has laboured at a Herculean task and, in the face of ignorance and, often, verbal aggression, he has soldiered on at a task which is massively to the benefit of us all…to quote the prescient words of the redoubtable SD…oooorah TZ :wink:


Ooorah !!!




Is this a description of a Chinese sex tape?


Maybe some clarity as to whom the “Boo-fucking-hoo” is directed at?


Original poster of course sir buddy sir guy homie sir


just spitballing here but maybe use a template for these types…

Hello username,

I am TZ, my pronouns are He/Him, this website is like a big ol’ piggy bank and sometimes siblings put buttons into our piggy bank and it makes it harder for us to buy tasty bonbons because the person in the candy store doesn’t accept buttons as monies. He/They will say, “I can’t find any candy to give you if you give me buttons” and all I want is candies frowny face don’t you like tasty bonbons? We all do, so don’t put buttons into our piggy bank and then you can has bonbons and I can has bonbons and we will laugh and laugh and eat bonbons together smileyface



While I appreciate so many responses, the vast majority of them are wasted breath. I understand that some of you may not have had the same interaction with him, but that IN NO WAY means he isn’t doing it or that he has stopped.
And while I also appreciate the vast amount of opinions on the subject here, I literally only asked for a way to block the very obviously problematic few who have taken it upon themselves to make this site a nightmare for new users.
So while I am thankful for the responses, please save your breath if you are not providing an answer to the question the post is about. I won’t even bother responding otherwise. :slight_smile:

There’s that asshole’ish behavior we all know and love… SMFH

I think others may see your views as measured and thought out, if you didn’t instantly jump on an out of context ad hominem attack: It just perpetuates points we’ve been raising all day.


I appreciate your thoughts here, but I know for a fact he hasn’t stopped and is even bringing in others to do the harassing with him, as is perfectly exampled here in this very thread…

Who is being the ass now? You refused to make simple changes. If you follow the format it makes life easier for me and anyone trying to find your recipes. If you’re not willing to follow the format you can download another calculator. Why make things harder for everyone else?


Nope, I never refused anything. I simply asked for a way to block problematic users, like literally every other social media website uses. Thanks for your thoughts, though. :slight_smile:

Why avoid? This site is built on discourse and sharing in order to progress. I would love not to have a pile of random PMs in the morning but that is the nature of this site.


Simple. Some people can’t have civil discourse, and others shouldn’t be forced to “try” rather than remove themselves or the problem from the situation. I agree, the site is built for discourse, but some folks just can’t do that without creating an issue…

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