Stixx mix!

Okay so I received my first n.e.t order from Stixx mix and my thoughts are the American Canadian is almost a dead ringer for prelude from black note. I know taste is subjective tasting but imo.
I also got aged Burley which punches you in the throat it’s amazing if your looking for a way to kick butts, stop smoking whatever! I was looking for something that would really feel like a cigarette and this does! I mixed them both at 10% because they were suggested that way as single flavors and I also purchased the butter rum Cavendish and I haven’t mixed that yet but will absolutely update.
These flavors, honestly I haven’t even let them steep long and they already blow all of the synthetic flavors I’ve tried out of the water. Synthetic flavors have their place don’t get me wrong this is my opinion. They both taste light and clean but also give give you the throat hit that you’re looking for (more so the aged burley) the reason I’m so excited is previously I had to either have a real strong gross flavor that tasted more like cedar wood then anything or peppery like jalapeno to have a good punch in the throat. So gross flavor throat hit, good flavor no throat hit. That’s been my experience previously before this net order so I’m really excited obviously. I wanted to post this in hopes they’ll help someone in a similar situation! Anything to get off the cigs!


Just another comment to support.
Been searching for the right coffee notes for… well a long time. @Kileyb is right, alot of feedback about coffee being synthetic/horrible, (we DO live in Melbourne so we are all pretentious coffee drinkers here!)
Was recommended Stixx mix and wow- real flavour, happy pretentious coffee vapers- (Including myself ofc!)
There are pros and cons with every brand. I found I needed roughly twice the amount for mixes. Price wise, it is a premium flavour sadly. It can come out a little more bland in pods (needed 8% increase) comparing to tanks and rdas. So far, Kona has been a crowd favorite!
(I dont have reviews on me atm, sorry! But Kona is rich without being too deep and dark. Easily can go just as well with your dairy- milk froth etc, or experiement with fruit. We have had great results.)

We still buy the majority of flavours from Stixx mix and always will, just for the high quality and purest taste.
However living in another country and paying Int. Ship. may increase the price some. If you’re from America, it shouldn’t be so expensive- lucky bugger. Yet for me, I am indebted for the recommendation to Stixx mix. And will always return for coffee.



A NET Convert! Congratulations!!! :hugs:

…been in that similar situation since '15 :wink:

Now!?! Are you sold on NET enough to be able to learn how to create your own extracts and save some cash? :thinking: It’s like falling off a log… anyone can do it!


@Kileyb… With a little help from others here on ELR, just like Stixx received back in the day… you too can make your own NET.

See that crockpot in the background? You got one of those? You got some mason jars laying around? How about some coffee filters? If you do…you’re on your way! :wink:

From his humble beginnings here on ELR, Stixx has done well for himself. :wink:


KileyB nice to hear this. I’ve seen the Stixx mix and while I don’t vape tobacco flavors I have a lot of people ask me about them. Most that I talk to are just coming off cigarettes and looking for a similar replacement.


Absolutely! There is no going back!