Stixx Mixx Tasting Notes

Tested on Buddha, derringer, hobo drifter, m-atty, and quite a few others.
316l SS 7-16 wrap 2mm-3mmid.
6%-9% used

6% I mix it here with other coffees like chock full of nuts.
7% Bold, yet smooth, I enjoy it with mild creams and sweetener.
8% Stronger still, good with caramels and stronger flavors.
9% Standalone or heavy cream style.

Description: The perfect cup of coffee. Not too bean, not too sharp, definitely not weak. The roast is a medium breakfast blend. These are naturally extracted coffees. If I had to pick one coffee to use, this would be it.

Mixes with:

Creams: ANY cream. Think creams, what they will do for you and go to town. Fresh, meringue, catalan, sweet cream, cream, vienna, custard, vanilla custard, milk (dairy).

Vanilla: Any vanillas, ( think vanilla creamers)

Fruits: I really just don’t see that working but hey, you never know. Marzipan?

Bakeries: I could see it working with a coffee cake. Maybe even a pie or some sort of bakery crust.

Tobaccos: This may work with the right tobacco. You would probably want a warm medium shag to blend nicely.


sounds good have you tried using flavors in the mornings coffee :slight_smile: soo good just do one drop