Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?

Is that a couple slabs of HDPE? I want to get one 22" by 30" to use as a cutting board. I could go for one about the same size for mixing if somebody threw it my way.

that’s one of the things I like about the one I did all the shelves have a face board and it’s just tall enough to block out the light from the bottles.

Look at the logo on the cover itself behind sticker near top lol

Ahh, gotcha. Well that’s dumb. Lol! (Not you, the label on the mod. :wink: )

Thanks man :+1::grin:


you mean the white foam?, not sure what its made off to be honest, I stick the syringes in it when I’m mixing, then sterilize it after, it was packaging that came with some moving lights, does the job lol :+1:

I thought it was the plastic sheets they use for cutting boards and stuff.

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oh on, no it’s not that, its foam.:+1:

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Did that’s a great idea…dammit now that I keep getting more and more stuff I need to reconfigure my office

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@Nicotine_River logo is like a tear drop… pointy side is up…

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may we switch lives please?

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I would but…erm…I don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:joy: 'fcourse not, :smile: but seriously though, nice little place you’ve got for yourself. two thumbs up bruv

haha, thanks man, preciate it, keeps me out of trouble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but it’s like a hovel compared to some of them on here, check out sillyrabbit’s get up further up this thread, now that’s a base, in awe of that one :+1:

What a cracking Idea I do like that, nice one

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Love this idea, I’ve got a ton of boxes just create mess around on top of my wardrobe lol. Now I know what to do with them😊Love art type work

Here’s my whole process for the rack that my buddy gave me. It was headed for the garbage and I saved it’s life. Since the pic was taken I’ve already added about 10 bottles to it.

Finally got mine all set up and supplies in it. might need to rearrange the bottom shelf, and cut a hole in the back for my electrical cord. It kinda bugs me coming out over the edge in front.


dude that’s turned out awesome, love the finish on it :ok_hand:

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