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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


So since the beginning my socks and undies have been upset that their space was overrun by steeping juices. I decide to build something and pictured a simple wood box w/ hinged lid. As I headed to the shed, I spied

I know these are candidates for Picture Game - What is it? but gave me a wonderful idea. The problem w/ my idea of a hinged box would be space it takes up while this drawer would allow me to set on a bookshelf and be able to stack other things on top. As dividers i used vinyl drywall corner bead cut to fit any where u want them to and suppose you could attach a label of some sort. Both the drawer and corner bead i was lucky to have (actually have 3 more drawers via selective hoarding) but am sure at a thrift store or yard sale you could grab one w/ linty change. I prefer to lay the 30s on the side to see the labels but the drawer is tall enuff to stuff more upright.

I thought it was a pretty cool/cheap idea so thought id share. Now my undies have their private home again…
Now looking it may be nice for small flavor stash w/ 9 tape slots that are holding 5 30s standing up across=45 and 2 drawers thats 90 30ml flavor bottles :thinking:


Think I need bigger shelves


I opted on re-packaging my flavors in standardized containers to allow me to more readily locate and access them, and to minimize the amount of space they take up. I’ve shared some of this on other topics but wanted to expand on it with the hope that it might be useful to other mixers.

I use 30ml amber ‘Boston Round’ glass bottles to store the flavors that I mix from, and acquired a small organizing unit fairly cheap to hold them. IIRC, the bottles were only about a quarter each when bought by the case. The flavors I use are stored in them with a unique number associated to the flavor and applied to each each bottle using an oil-based paint marker. I then use a spreadsheet to track them, including my purchase date, size of bottle, price, manufacturer and vendor/reseller. When I want to create a recipe, I can then filter the spreadsheet on any of the attributes I track in it.

Here are some pictures of what I work out of:

When the 30ml bottles run low, I typically top them off from the larger bottles if I have them, or add them to my shopping list if I do not.

I’ve found there is no leakage even though I store the bottles sideways, but it may be necessary to use phenolic caps (coned) to maintain a proper seal. That may not be required, but it’s what I use and I’ve experienced no issues.

There is nothing special about the spreadsheet:

I admit that I did create a little personal database with forms for recipes, etc. I seldom used it though, because the spreadsheet was so much more convenient for me - go figure. :slightly_smiling_face:

How many flavors in your flavor stash?

do you like using the stirring rod oppsed to the magnetic stir bars ??


Hello! That is actually a temperature probe attached to the heated mag-plate. I use standard magnetic stir bars and typically spin most of my mixes 24 hrs at 50 degrees C with rubber stoppers. Sorry OP, I won’t delve into another topic, just wanted to provide a bit more info. :slight_smile:


Ha, I forgot I posted this. That unruly, ugly mess was soon converted to an enclosed cabinet. I am much happier with it now.


Unfortunately for all of us, the exact moment that we think we have found a solution……. we haven’t… it hasn’t got enough space… Tweaked Murphy’s Law???


@anon44944642 you are suffering from the Over-sized Costco Shopping Cart Syndrome (OCSCS) which as you know if that whatever size your shopping cart …it must be filled [LoLz]

If @Nicotine_River was smart they would give away large empty cabinets with purchases over $100!

Jokes aside… that’s impressive. I’d take a picture of my new Wine Fridge where I keep everything sealed up in the cold dark (55 degrees F) but I would have to clear a sq ft of space in my office to fit the camera …I’ll just be over here drinking room temperature wine.


I admit, I most certainly was when I started. Problem with online carts is, they don’t say how much capacity they have, and I’ve never been able to fill one to the limit before I ran out of money, no matter how many times I’ve tried! But, I’m now at that refinement period when you start to zero in on the best flavors and stop getting things because they’re cheap and on sale. My stash will not expand from here, but inventory may change (will change).

As for a fridge, that is happening too. Wife wants one for bulk food storage so that’s going to become a home for my nic, which is currently in the only freezer we have, upstairs and such a long walk to get when I need it. :rofl:


Here is my rabbit hole


It has grown more since then too. I have another wall with shelves. And a huge desk for my PC and mixing.


just picked up a cheap pc for mixing… in process of copying all my recipes on elr to hotrods calculator… sucks only having them on elr when I cant pay my cell phone bill for a few days while I finish up a job … also like the inventory feature … whish elr had a true inventory feature … was goin to make this the other day until I realized I was outa soda…

Baja Blast (F. Up)

Nicotine Strength 0.00 mg
PG Level 50.00%
VG Level 50.00%
Flavor Level 13.00%
Amount to Make 30.000 ml
Ingredients Ing % Drops Weight Volume
PG 37.00% 222.0 11.522 g 11.100 ml
VG 50.00% 300.0 18.900 g 15.000 ml
Blueberry (One Drop Flavors) 9.00% 54.0 2.803 g 2.700 ml
Champagne Soda (SC) (WF) 2.00% 12.0 0.623 g 0.600 ml
Citrus Punch (Mt. Dew) (TPA) 2.00% 12.0 0.623 g 0.600 ml


oMG I think I’m in love lmao , nice mixing area , I just moved into a house that has an office which I’m usimg as a mixing room. After the holidays ill start putting it all together


You my friend are supposed to be the LB God so where are the LB flaves in this mix… Seriously though I actually thought all You used was LB


no never judge a book by it cover…

and never ASSUME anything, I don’t have to tell you what happens when you assume anything…

but yea I do like Liquid barn flavors and will recommend them to those starting out.

Blackberry Piña Colada

Nicotine Strength 0.00 mg
PG Level 50.00%
VG Level 50.00%
Flavor Level 20.00%
Amount to Make 500.000 ml
Ingredients Ing % Drops Weight Volume
PG 30.00% 3000.0 155.700 g 150.000 ml
VG 50.00% 5000.0 315.000 g 250.000 ml
Blackberry - Capella 8.00% 800.0 41.520 g 40.000 ml
Pina Colada - Liquid Barn 12.00% 1200.0 62.280 g 60.000 ml
Added as a result of an import http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2128191/Blackberry%20Pi%C3%B1a%20Colada

there ya go a recipe with a liquid barn flavor that I cant keep in stock. soon as I get it I’m out… think I need to start ordering these two flavors in 500ml size


Ummmm, that’s no rabbit hole.
That’s an enchanted forest. :flushed:


Did you notice that she has a vise on the left corner of her desk? A vise bro!

That is a pretty dang impressive set up @TamVapes


Mods… we can lock this thread down now.
We have a winner.

There needs to be a ‘Holy Crap’ badge


How come I have the feeling if I walked in there and moved something you would notice it right away. Impressive indeed.


Exactly @tartarusspawn that’s the reason I did the exact same thing.