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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Tam Vapes ? Same Tam in fresh 03 chat ???


Dude I was trying to be nice not insulting you or anything, thought it was funny but alright I apologize for even trying to answer something you asked.


@TamVapes there’s some free available space on the room corners… :joy::joy::joy:

Tam, I saw the picture of your 4 new shelves… :+1:


Holy crap what a great idea!!!


Gonna make some more stuff – more shelves for sure. … might design a cotton dispenser, maybe print a podium, we’ll see. I’ve moved and everything’s just shoved in a couple drawers right now, I only even have one juice mixed! XD But, here’s what I got so far:


Them’s the attys and unicorn stands.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1629213 Unicorn stand (also has an atty option)
https://www.thingiverse.com/make:591387 Atty Coasters


Very nice!


My vape corner. My mother gave this cabinet to me and I added the label holders. :grin:! 1548016536505123952994048151854|374x500


Ok, apparently I don’t know how to add a picture. Sorry


You can use Imgur for hosting, its free, the bbcode link


Or you can just upload it to the site.


@Tracy8 you can click the upload image …

Then browse for the image …


Thanks for elaborating on that!


What kinds of organizational implements (shelves, cases, etc) would any of you recommend to start me out? I would like a place to store about 50 (and growing) 15-30mls, my VG, Nic, Scale, etc…

I’m an Amazon addict, but I am trying to keep on a budget, so if you have any ideas for me, or things you used or use that work well, I would really appreciate the help!

I see how much work goes into this and that I’m not just mixing up liquids. So I know that I just don’t know enough to know what I need!

If you were me, would you go with a clear acrylic set of small shelves and drawers meant for makeup, or a train case/box?

I feel so dumb. But I have invested a lot of money so far to have everything tipping over and getting gunky in a cardboard box! Haha!

Thanks All. :heart:


Search amazon for nail polish shelves or ebay - they are great for organization


for now

wall shelves material bought at home depot

nail polish bottle rack for 15ml bottles got from dollar general for $1 each

magnetic bar got from harbor freight for free with coupon.


That’s amazing. I won’t be anywhere near that organized- I don’t have the space! I am definitely going to be checking out dollar general!

So I have a question- how many flavors that you DIY do you vape daily?

I’m laughing at myself because I’m a month in and have about 45 bottles of concentrate, but all I vape is my one cereal ADV! :joy:

That could be because I am still trying to make that one flavor work though. Haha.

Hopefully once I get the hang of it and have a setup even a tenth as glorious as yours, I’ll try some new flavors!


Did that, kind of want something that I can shut and put up? I live in a small apartment! Haha. Recommend a toolbox or tackle box? Maybe if I hit up the dollar store I’ll find the little shelves and can somehow work them into a plastic cosmetic case or something.

Making room for my scale, beakers, etc., Now reading about agitators and heaters?! Does heat really do anything other than thin out VG and let stuff blend well initially? One guy said I should give my recipe a hot bath to mellow it out. I see that folks also make heater/fans… I’m so amazed by the ingenuity.

Point is, do I need to make room for a slow cooker?! :joy: I can’t even cook! Kidding, but that would be later if at all, no? Just thinking what I need size Wise.

Thanks so much for the help so far!


You can use the trays flat on draw runners and put them in a small cabinet (depending on how handy you or a helper is).

I used to use the nail polish racks as drawers in a fridge I now make my own drawers from aluminum.

Fridges 1-3 are in this thread

As for everything else it is going to depend on how far down the hole you fall and the space you have to work with. Heat will help a mix homogenize but too much heat can kill your mix - for now I would rely on shaking well and a a bit of time.


Depends on my mood and what tank I take to work. but I vape 30-60 ml a day

when compared to others i think I probably have one of the smallest rabbit holes. but that’s the beauty of this hobby it doesn’t mater whos is bigger. all that maters is that you have fun and enjoy yourself.

short answer:
no you don’t need to make room . you can rely on shaking and steeping over time

long answer
depends on who you ask. kind of reminds me of politics. you got your

Republicans (Pro heat)
Democrats ( Anti-Heat)
Liberals (can go either way)

me I’m republican. I started out using my k-cup coffee maker to heat water. then after mixing id set my mix in the heated water to heat it up . then give it one final mix or shake and then put it on the shelf and let sit until ready.

take your time, explore the forums read up and make your own choice later on.


Wow… Swoon… I’ve been on Amazon for two weeks trying to find a storage solution for my concentrates. I’ve still had no luck. I’m a really great shopper, too! What’s the name of your little cabinet, if you recall? Any advice for search terms? So far all I can get is nail polish storage in train cases that cost $120. And I’ve just invested quite handsomely in flavorings! :joy: