Strange battery life results, comparing DNA250 and DNA75

Well, well, well, isn’t this odd ?? Wait, what ??


Have been using DNA75C mods for quite a while, while vaping about 60-70 watts. I think the efficiency of the 75C is about 85% supposedly ?? OK, am starting to vape also on some 250’s about the same wattage 60-70 watts, and I’m noticing something odd. I’m having to replace the batteries in the 98% efficient 250 much sooner than I have to in the “less” 85% efficient 75 mod(s). Same wattage on both, and yes, same tanks, and YES, same batteries as well, VTC6’s.

Hmmmm, replacing the batteries much sooner in the lesser efficient mod ?? BOTH are Paranormals, so I have about as equal setup as you can have. Not sure what’s going on here. Maybe I’m in dire need of a firmware update for the 250’s ??

At first I kind of blew it off, didn’t really pay attention, just replaced the batteries and kept on vaping. As time wore on, I started to pay closer attention, and it then became obvious, that something was going on. Mod(s) working great, no issues, no problems, except for the fact that the 75 just seemed to tax the batteries less, allowing for longer vaping.

Anyone else experience similar results ?? Going to check the software, check for updates, but so far, am clueless.


if you place a battery .CSV file in the mod done with e-scribe…your battery life will be better…you can also have e-scribe to it but takes awhile…if you go to evolv forum u will find a CSV there if u search…also on a side note…i find that the VTC5a batts last longer than the VTC6…according to mooch he said its different batt chemistry…something liike that…

but try a batt.csv in the mod an see if that helps…there is some on here…but dont know if the VTC6 was included

hope it works out…


A CSV in one of your mods is giving you a false reading. Battery CSV’s are only for displaying accurate battery life percentages. The efficiency of your DNA 250C or any DNA device for that matter is not really affected, but can appear that way with some generic CSV’s.

See if this will work for you…
VTC6 Battery Curve CSV If it opens as a TXT file rename it with the .CSV extender.


I appreciate that @AlanS. I’ve read almost everything mooch had to say about the whole VCT5a vs. VCT6 debate, and it still looks like the wattage you vape at, makes the difference. I think the cutoff is like 60-65 watts, meaning, if you vape higher than that, the 5a’s will last longer, but, if you vape at 60-66 or lower, then the 6’s will. Gotta love it right ?

I’ll check on that battery .csv file, but I can’t help but wonder why that’s needed, and/or what it’s doing. Thanks.


Thanks @TorturedZen, any idea why it’s needed, or what that actually does ? Filling in the blanks over here…


It tells the mod how much capacity the battery has and how it sags. That’s how the mod knows how much power is left.


There’s probably a bit of difference between how I understand it and how I explain it but…the CSV is required for the DNA’s OS, if you can call it that. Because not all batteries are created equal in terms of amps, mAh, output and that kind of stuff the DNA chip uses a CSV file unique to the battery brand and type. It tells the chip your battery has a specific discharge profile based on the battery’s spec.

In layman’s terms the battery CSV tells your device how it should measure actual output during firing and translates that into percentages for your battery meter.

Escribe has a Battery Analyzer built in if you want to test your own batteries, It requires some kind of resistor rigged to an atty to operate so I’ve never done that method.

Edit: Ran a quick search for “DNA, CSV” in the forums here. There are quite a few users, @Sprkslfly being one, who look like they know a lot about it.
Maybe he’ll chime in.


Copy that @TorturedZen. I’m not going to go off on a rant here, or bitch about how much these Paranormals cost, and the WTF, about having to hack/mod/side load files to get them to WORK work. I appreciate your feedback. I’m going to do more testing, as I’ve seen more than a few mentions of people running into similar battery issues, with high end batteries, wherein one is almost depleted, but the other is half full still ?? That’s a puzzlement…

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What i did on my 250 was play in escribe and put battery voltage permanently on the display.
Then i just vape it to 3.5, i found the battery display was empty quite a bit before then.


That’s certainly what it sounds like here. If you’re running the same power, same atty, same coil (type/ID/wraps/etc), and same batteries… Then there’s really only three things I can think of that might cause such an anomaly.

One might be the age of the batteries. Internal resistance (or capacitive reactance) could be different enough between the two sets to notice a difference. (Assuming married sets here)

Another could be that you might have some fake VTC’s and didn’t realize it.

Lastly, the firmware on the 250 is in need of a fix. Could be due to Lost Vape customizing things, and maybe they “missed” something. Or it could be just a bad update. It all depends on what it’s running (and how).

That’s all I can think of for now.

@TorturedZen thanks bud! It’ll be interesting to see what shakes out.


Another good call! Forgot about that possibility as well…


Just got in, vaped the 250 all day and was again, dead low when I got home. Tossed the 2 new VTC6’s, in the Opus and ONE was full and the other dead??? Only pulling from one batt ???


When you say full, like completely!? 4.2 or mostly like 4.0 the reason I ask is I wonder if you’ve got a bad cell in that set?


I get a full day use out of a set of batteries in my Lost Vape Paranormal 250C. Battery type is, uh… Cylindrical. :joy::joy::joy::joy: Just kidding. HG2’s.
Now, granted, I don’t use it constantly since I can’t vape at work, but I have a 45 minute commute each way and my 30 minute lunch. I vape at 170 watts in TC.


Hehe, I wish is that simple brother. My Opus charger would have caught that. I am starting to pay CLOSER attention to exactly what is going on now. Toss the used batts in the Opus, and one immediately shows FULL, the other, starts ramping up for charging. I have about 10 sets of about 1 month old VTC6’s, all good, checked all mah loads directly from the Opus, and from dead to full, exactly where they should be. @SthrnMixer commented as to whether or not I utilized married pairs, and I do. Just small marks to keep the partners straight. This problem has happened, despite pairing different partner batts.

I can see what’s going on now, as only pulling from one cell. Initial batt strength shows @ 98% which is odd, and was at 3% when arriving home.

Apparently THIS mod, I hadn’t checked in eScribe yet, and there WAS a firmware update, so loading that now (DUH), and let’s see what’s what.


Firmware updated, tisk tisk, I should have checked that before I posted @SthrnMixer, @Cutlass92, @Molly_Mcghee, @TorturedZen, @AlanS, @GuernseyNick.


Let’s see if this fixes it. I searched high and low for any sort of breakdown of even a LIST of the different firmwares, WHAT they fixed, outstanding issues, but could not find anything.


Holy crap! :flushed: You must be rockin’ some big honkin’ coils! My normal power range is 60-75w with dual fused.


Nah, I can just handle a lot of power. :smiley:


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