Strawberry and cream help

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get a nice strawberry and cream going. I’ve got a really nice strawberry mix happening however I’d really appreciate some advice on the cream.

With the flavours below what would you recommend for the cream part.

Bavarian Cream TPA
Butter cream FW
NY cheesecake CAP
Sweet cream FW
V custard v1 & v2 CAP
Whipped cream TPA

Marshmallow TPA
Brown sugar TPA
Ethyl maltol
?Greek yogurt TPA
Malic, citric too.

I’ve looked at a few recipes but am interested to hear what you guys would do?


I just uploaded this maybe something in this recipe would help :slight_smile:


Depends on how much you’d like to taste the SB , for me I’ve played around w/ many of the creams searching for what blends work best for me. For instance if I use whipped cream I like to keep it under 3% really I tend to use it around 1% as far as sweet cream less is more it steeps so strong…I’d stay 2% and under for it. If you use Bavarian cream as the main cream you’ll prob want to start out at 3% and then see if you really like the combo you may want it lower most bavarian creams are a whipped cream vanilla and a splash of caramel.

Butter cream FW is a different animal than Caps I like them both for different things. FW’s butter cream feel free to use 1-3 % as the base cream it’s a well rounded cream. Caps on the other hand would dictate where your batch went from there since it has a distinct butter rum note deep down in there.

I can’t speak of VcV1 or V2 don’t use them enough to really expand I just use them as blenders around the 1-2% mark same thing goes for the NY cz cake a blender.


Marshmallow typically is my go to around 1-1.25% brown sugar I keep under 1% if I tend to use it but never do for a SB n Cream recipe. Sour and citric depends on who’s you use you can use 1-2% you won’t get the pucker really I haven’t gotten a pucker sour yet you must have to use it at like 5-10% who knows.
Greek yogurt it’s tasty but I typically add it when I’m building the creams…to me less is more it steeps strong and I just want a hint.

EM - try to only use this if you get a harsh unwanted note it strips flavor and will mute the entire batch. I know of ppl who fill their tank up and put a drop in their tank that a way there tank full is sweetened yet it doesn’t have enough time to mute it.

Sucralose- that’s a preference all on your own. I have used it plenty in my day usually 1-2 drops per 10mls
Erthritol- seems weak you have to use like 1-2% to taste anything and then it was just ok.

Pyrue ( liquid stevia ) this was the most concentrated very sweet. Although I still can taste it and that drives me crazy so I tend to not use it but it is a very effective sweetener.

Now you know you weren’t getting away w/o me posting some of my favorite ADV SB n Creams !!!



Too much Amy, much too much. Lovely. Thanks.


@Amy2 i must agree that Stellar Strawberry is just Stellar :wink:


Looks like a Strawberry & cream day tomorrow, you beauty.


well make some 10 ml batches and let them steep take notes and see where you really like you SB to cream ratio. I really like only a splash of cream…many of these I have tweaked and tweaked and tweaked over a period of months. All of them are v2 v3 lol it took me time to really figure out where i liked the ratio best.

@Fenrir1 yes Stellar Sb is a great recipe I don’t use the pyrue in it and I have to lower the sweet cream too but that’s just me and when I lower the sweet cream I adjust the sb shisha so basically I have my own version of that juice :wink:


I also do my own version of it with several SB’s to bring out the SB a bit better and no pyure for me either

@Amy2 I don’t have Stevia. In regards to subbing it. What do you think out of EM, sucralose & erythritol. I’m a sweet tooth so am not wishing to drop, definitely sub. Which one is closest do you think?

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Well have you used erythritol before ? I used mine at 2% but it is vg based. I can’t speak of what you have but that is the one I’d prob choose over those options. If you don’t care and want something sweet then sucralose will def get the job done !

As for the Condensed milk SC RF a sub for this one would be FA’s at the same % FA’s does contain DA

Sweet Sb jungle flavors sub for this one would Cap’s SSB at the same %

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Help me my lovely! I have no LB VBIC…can I sub for FW/TFA/CAP do you think…other than that I have all of the concs needed for the milkshake, which sounds divine! :blush:

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Wow @Amy2 …your knowledge of flavors never ceases to amaze me!!! I know I’m not the OP of this thread, so a major thanks to @Volition for it, but I have bookmarked this page and I plan on making all of these recipes if I have the flavors for them! So I just wanted to say thank you because you have put a lot of very useful, detailed information in your post that I can really use! I love SB juices! They are my favorite!


Also, question on the Triple SB shake…I don’t have RF condensed milk, but I have FA condensed milk, and I also don’t have the red touch or the shisha SB…I have RF SC SB and SB ripe and Sweet SB…could I sub?

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@SunnyT @Lolly
FA condensed milk can be used for the SC RF ( keep it at 1 drop per 10mls if possible FAs is so strong and stinks to high hell n back )

If you don’t have SB Shisha ( get some lol ) but in the mean time you can use Cap’s Sweet SB you most def can use SB SC RF on any of these SBs just try to figure out where you like it. I tend to like it around 1.40% also SB TFA ( not ripe ) it’s a sweeter SB try & use it around 4-6% this will boost your SC SB if you have the SSB Caps then you may want to plug this in if it isn’t sweet enough.

VBIC TFA/ FW /Cap stay @ 2% I still like LBs better but you’ll want to ensure a good steep to avoid the dreaded black pepper note. ( Caps doesn’t have that note yet it’s the least like LB)

@SunnyT here is an older recipe that was a earlier version and most of these recipe were born from this recipe
Read my comments on this one.


Thanks @Amy2!!!


You are a star - thank you! The LB has been on my shopping list for aaaages but it’s always out of stock :weary:

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ive been having good results by adding shisha vanilla or MF vanilla to my strawberry cream / custards

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just to add my 2cents LB and tpa are very close in taste i think the closest out of all of them


Personally I like a mix of FA Fresh Cream, CP Sweet Cream and TFA Bavarian Cream as the base.
I put in subtle notes of CAP NYCheesecake, FA Marshmallow and CAP Butter Cream.
I was using a 2/1 ratio of TFA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry, but have been adding some INW Shish Strawberry lately which has worked a treat.

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I saw your notes on your pavlova nice work ! I’ll have to try it as a base.

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