Strawberry Essence (Natual) TPA

Hi guys.

I just got some Strawberry Essence (Natural) by TPA (the flavors/perfumers apprentice).

Can’t find any recipes with this flavor used, so I can’t get any idea of the median percentage used in recipes. Help ?

I’m assuming about 5-10%, as most strawberry recipes call for. I’m not sure, though, with this flavor, what percentage to use in a recipe.

Any feedback is most appreciated !



Usually for tfa I would test it at 5% first. This is the first time I heard of this flavour.


Be careful …TPA makes different things for different uses …I havent used or heard of the flavor you mentioned so id make sure it is on of their PG based offereings safe for Vaping…I did look real quock and it says Natural Isolates . Natural isolates doesnt mean anything to me , but it does makes me curious …


So I should make sure this flavor can be, in fact, vaped.
The flavor can be seen here … can anyone tell me if this is safe to vape ?
I’ll look at the safety data sheet but not sure I’ll be able to tell if it’s safe to vape…

One thing I see is a flash point of 34 C … hm… does this mean it will combust at 34 C ?
Gosh… Thanks for the input… I’m looking at the safety data PDF but can’t tell if it’s safe to vape or not… halp !


Looks alcool based, and not the usual kind of flavours used for vaping.
Would be very cautious. If it was me I’d just avoid unless I can find authoritative source telling me it is fit for purpose.


Not sure… But anytime I hear the word “isolate” these days (WRT vaping), I think CBD-related.

Personally, I’d suggest picking up the phone and calling TFA’s customer service dept. Get the official stance on the “intended purpose/application” straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak)! :wink:

Why take the chance when you have direct access to the company, especially when they are renowned for quality service (in matters such as these).

The reason you’re not finding much info on it is hinted at within the link you provided. It seems that it’s a very recent addition to their product line. :wink:


As everyone here has said the best thing to do is call…Natural Isolates seem to be used for perfume or cbd…Call TPA


Just talked to Travis at TPA and this particular flavor is a " Raw " flavor so more of an Extract No carrier …His suggestion was to suspend it in PG or VG and see if there is any separation…


I would take 9grams of PG and 1 gram of flavoring and make a dilution , now SFT starting at 5pct


Interesting advice y’all have, ok…

Well I called TPA, they said it’s an ethyl alcohol based essence, not PG, and its not a food flavor, its a perfume.
So he said it’s not used for vaping.
However, I may take the advice, get some PG, and dilute it, according to @fidalgo_vapes.

Anyone else want to chime in on this advice:

and let me know what you think about it ?

Also, what does SFT mean ?

MUCH appreciated… I don’t normally use PG so I’ll have to buy some I guess, heh.


Here’s one interesting thing I forgot to mention:

It comes in a METAL bottle.
Not glass, not plastic. Seems like stainless.


Single flavor test = SFT

You don’t have to suspend it in PG , it is an Extract " Raw " flavor…

If the person you talked to said its not used for vaping i would take that advice


I don’t understand, I thought you said:

but now you say

Didn’t u say to add 1 gram of this to 9 grams of PG ? That’s ‘suspension’ to me. Am I wrong ?

Please explain what you mean … thx


Yes I said to do that , but if you dint have PG just use VG , dont go out and grab PG just for this one flavor…With it being a Extarct you can just use it as is like MF flaves .


Ok, yeah, I use VG primarily in my recipes, the only exception being the PG that flavors are normally suspended in.
So you think this is safe to vape ? Ethyl alcohol ?

Thanks for the quick replies and the information, MUCH appreciated ! :+1:
Also curious as to why you think they chose to use a metal container.
Thx again !


Yes we vape flavors that are made the same way …Based on what TPA told me I wouldnt be worried , flavors with alcohol should steep a bit longer imo …

I have no clue why they used a metal container…

I guess you cld Probbaly take a spoon of water and add a drop of your flavoring to it , if it blends in well with no separation of film on top of water I’d be ok with it …


Oh OK ty ! :grinning:

From what Thomas at TPA said, it’s not a flavoring but an fragrance and is in ethyl alcohol so it snot typically used for my application. However, if you’ve vape ethyl alcohol flavors such as this, sounds good to me.
Strange tho , bcuz it doesnt smell like much.
OK so I’m going ahead with my original plan and using this at 5%, to see what it’s like !
Will let you know how ir comes out ! :grin:

If anyone else wants to comment, please do !
Just an FYI for everyone, this flavor is a bit more expensive than most of their flavors, and comes in a metal bottle, and can’t be shipped USPS.
All the best ! Thank you @fidalgo_vapes .


Just making sure since you didn’t mention it, @fidalgo_vapes was saying to make a 1 part flavor to 9 parts dilutant (PG or VG) then try it at 5%.

5% Raw extract in a final mix could be very, very strong!

If you want to skip making a dilution, try it at like 0.08-0.13% in a mix, then up to 0.21% or so… and work up to 0.5, then work up to 1% if needed, tasting along the way.


Exactly…Ty . I dint kniw why I couldnt say it so clear lol


Ok thanks guys !