Strawberry Love

I wanted to post a thread on the love I have for Strawberry ( SB) there’s so many ppl who share the same love and thought …why not put up a thread where other’s can share their go to favorite SB vape. I think out of all the flavors I have SB would be my most frequently purchased flavor then creams.

Please feel free to post your SB recipes here. I will start w/ some favorites of mine. I am excited to see what y’all have come up w/. Even if you feel it’s just another SB n cream post it bc someone may have only those flavors !

This would be an old favorite it is a little like Nutz but still missing something.

Cracked up

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 2
Butter Cream (FW) 4
Hazelnut v2 (CAP) 3
Marzipan (FA) 1.3
Strawberry (NWF) 4
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 0.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 4
Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW) 0.5

Flavor total: 19.3%

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FLV gets a RED WHITE AND BLUE Recipe ( for those that don’t really know what I’m talking about I had a popular Red, White And Blue Recipe back in the day and it was a whooping 31% flavor but man oh man was it good. )

FLV Red white and blue too

Ingredient %
Blueberry (Flavorah) 0.5
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 3.5
Cream (Flavorah) 3
Sour MBV 1
Strawberry (Flavorah) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3
Sweet Cream (TPA) 2
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 19%

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fairy dust

Ingredient %
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 8
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 4
Whipped Cream (CAP) 2.75

Flavor total: 14.75%

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For the Meringue lovers this one gets super sweet and taste like powdered sugar to me.

Strawberry powdered sugar

Ingredient %
Creamy Vanilla (Molinberry) 2
Meringue (FA) 1.5
Pear (FA) 0.76
Red Licorice (TPA) 0.4
Strawberry (Delosi) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2
Sweet Guava (CAP) 1.76
Watermelon (Clear) (LA) 1.5

Flavor total: 11.91%

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In Italian this means berry good :wink:

Bacca Buona

Ingredient %
Bilberry (FA) 0.5
Blue Raspberry (TPA) 0.4
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 6
Cotton Candy (TPA) 0.4
Cream Fresh (FA) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 6

Flavor total: 15.3%

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The old favorite done w/ all FA

FA Tiger's blood

Ingredient %
Coconut (FA) 2
Marshmallow (FA) 1.5
Pineapple (FA) 1
Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 5.5
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 4.5

Flavor total: 14.5%

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Cactus gets some SB love from the shisha !!!

Mr. Prickles

Ingredient %
Cactus (INAWERA) 1
Coconut (CAP) 2
Kiwi Double (TPA) 0.76
Orange Creamsicle (CAP) 2.3
Raspberry (INAWERA) 1.26
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3

Flavor total: 10.32%

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This is an easy ADV for me love the PB SB combo

Strawbana nutterbutter

Ingredient %
Banana Cream (TPA) 3
Caramel (FA) 1.8
Marshmallow (FA) 2
Peanut Butter (TPA) 5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3

Flavor total: 14.8%

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Oh I think I’m starting to have quite the affair w/ lime too :blush:

Sweet Sublime

Ingredient %
Kiwi Double (TPA) 1.25
Lemon (Delosi) 1
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA) 0.8
Max dew northwest flavors 2
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 4
Tropical Punch (Flavorah) 2.5

Flavor total: 11.55%

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If you want increase the ripe 1% it is SB forward along w/ lime but to boost the SB further you choice.

This one always pleases , simple and sweet ( most simple recipes are the best )

Pink and red swirl

Ingredient %
Pink Champagne (FW) 5
Strawberries and Cream (TPA) 4
Strawberry (NWF) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2.5
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 1

Flavor total: 14.5%

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You can now finally use that INW SB that’s been sitting around for forever in this one ( just follow the note section to dilute it !!! )

smashing strawberries

Ingredient %
Greek Yogurt (LB) 3.26
Strawberry (NWF) 4
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3
Vienna Cream (LB) 1.5
Wild Strawberry (INAWERA) 0.5

Flavor total: 12.26%

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A SB milkshake w/ 2 SBs

Double strawberry milkshake

Ingredient %
Cream (Milky Undertone) (OOO) 4.2
Milk Condensed (FA) 0.4
Strawberry (NWF) 5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3

Flavor total: 15.6%

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My go to ADV cereal vape oh it’s good.


Ingredient %
Berry Crunch (TPA) 4
Birthday Cake (NWF) 4
Milk and Honey (Flavorah) 0.4
Strawberry (Organic) (TPA) 1.26
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2.9
Sweetner Ecig Express 0.01

Flavor total: 12.57%

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This one is private but it is so so good you could pretty much SnV it after a couple warm baths and OTA (open to air ) time of around 2-3 hours. It is delicious … I can not vape it any more as it has too much pg in it. I have yet to nail down a vg max version but am trying.

Fruit punch*

Ingredient %
Bano (Banana) (FA) 2
Cream Fresh (FA) 2
Custard (FA) 1
Marshmallow (FA) 3
Meringue (FA) 1.5
Oba Oba (FA) 2
Red Summer (Watermelon) (FA) 4.5
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 5

Flavor total: 21%

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My go to Lemonade w/ SB of course and yes the natural SB by LA makes a difference …it is glycerin based and it is fabulous.

Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

Ingredient %
Champagne (TPA) 2
Lemon (Delosi) 1
Lemonade NWF 6
Natural Strawberry (LAN) 3.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 15.5%

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If you like fruity tropical and sb here ya go !

Red Rasta

Ingredient %
Blood Orange (FW) 0.2
Coconut (CAP) 1.3
Jamaican Rum (FA) 0.5
Papaya (TPA) 0.4
Pineapple Peach (FW) 0.4
Red Licorice (TPA) 0.3
Strawberry (FW) 2
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 0.3
Wild Melon (Flavorah) 1.8

Flavor total: 7.2%

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My puff the magic dragon tribute

Honah Lee

Ingredient %
Cantaloupe (Flavorah) 1.75
Cherry (INAWERA) 1
Grape (FW) 3
Lemon Meringue Pie v2 (CAP) 3
Sour (MBV) 1
Strawberry (FW) 0.5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3
Unicorn Vomit (FW) 1
White Grape (FA) 0.5

Flavor total: 14.75%

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These are a fair amount of my favorite 5 star ( to me ) SB forward recipes there’s plenty more but I didn’t want to get too hoggy w/ the post LOL ( I may have already sorry ! )

Share your favorite strawberry recipes here w me please !


Here are my favorite Strawberry Concoctions.

Berries 'n' Cream

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 4.5
Strawberry (TPA) 3
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 1.5
Vienna Cream (FA) 2.5

Flavor total: 14.5%

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Strawberry Banana and Vanilla Custard

Ingredient %
Banana (Flavorah) 0.75
Bano (Banana) (FA) 3
Meringue (FA) 1
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2.5
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2.5
Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) 2

Flavor total: 11.75%

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Banana Strawberry Ice Cream with Cookies

Ingredient %
Banana (Flavorah) 3
Cookie (FA) 2.25
Strawberry (Flavorah) 1
Strawberry (Ripe) (OOO) 2
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 5
Whipped Cream (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 16.25%

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OOO those all look soo good !!! I like that your a fan of the vanilla shisha as well ! I need to remember it more often and I know your cray cray of SB shisha like me ! I will have to give these a go thankfully your percentages are right on target w/ my style and I have all these flavors.

which is your favorite if you Had to choose ?

That custard one took me by surprise. It still does every time I vape it. It was my first recipe with FLV custard and the Shisha.

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whew for a second I thought it was Cap’s custard ( which don’t get me wrong is good but in Small doses )
I like the way FLV does their creams they start out a little weak but always steep well.

would you say the banana is lead note in this one?

Not really, the Strawberry and Banana take about equal share of the top note.

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Even better not that I have anything against Banana. On my strawbana nutterbutter it is a battle of PB, SB, BAN fighting for first place.

I am definitely trying that one. Have you thought about tossing in a little Inawera Biscuit?

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If you try it and think it needs it post your results here please ! I don’t think I could personally handle anymore breadiness in that juice it has a stern TH all on it’s own. I tend to steep it a bit for that reason and to let the banana settle so it isn’t overtly obvious.

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Nice. Ok, we have completely turned this thread into a PM lol. I am going to mix some of these that I have the flavors for in the morning. They all look delish!


No worries we’re appreciating each other’s work and hey it is all in the love of strawberry …hee hee how corny. Look forward to your thoughts. Don’t forget to rate good or bad I am up for suggestions.

Also, I want to try those out of yours as well. Maybe come Mon. or Tues I’ll get to !! I will bookmark them for sure !

Oh, I thought I changed up that OOO Strawberry in that last one. Use TFA Ripe instead. It’s better I think.

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VBIC TFA at 5% whew I bet you gotta steep it for a few weeks huh …don’t get me wrong I’ve used it a TON above 4% . Do you vape it SnV ?

No, it is a steeper. But with the stirrer it comes off pretty close to finished. I found some rubber stoppers for my flasks. So I have been letting mixes stir for a few hours at 120 degrees or so. I haven’t found many recipes I can’t SnV but steeping for a couple weeks blends the flavors nicely. That VBIC was one I hadn’t used much yet so I used a percentage I averaged from other recipes.

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I will probably be able to tolerate around 3.5% max these days, but for the sake of trying it I will certainly heat and spin it for a few hours back and forth to speed up the steeping. I do love the flavor but for the most part it can be black peppery at too high %s early on.

So many flavors that I don’t have in these recipes!

Here’s one made out of noob flavors that most folks should have:

Papa Smurf Hint of Vanilla Adaptation^3 :

9% Blueberry Wild (TPA)
1% Marshmallow (FW)
6% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
2% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)
1% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 19%
Remember to rate it at:

Feel free to sub your sweetener of choice for the marshmallow. It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but I’ve run out of Strawberry Ripe (the horror, the horror)


Oh bummer that should be on the beginner’s thread Do not run out of ripe sb :smile:

that looks nice and fruity just like I like my juices , just will have to bring down the % just a bit to be able to tolerate it.

I was a little sneaky making this thread hee hee I get great sb juices all in the same place to try out !!!

Thank you for sharing I will be making and rating these as I get to them !

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I found my original recipe for RWB , I will share it here but otherwise it isn’t posted atm
you can SnV this one it gets a little less peppery in the first few days but straight off the bat it is a bit spicy d/t all that VBIC. Now this is a very early me mixing like I think I’d been mixing for like a month when I did post it. I’ve learned a few things since then :wink:

SnV red white and blue the original

Ingredient %
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 11
Ethyl Maltol 10% 1
Sour (MBV) 1
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 11
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 6
Whipped Cream (TPA) 6

Flavor total: 36%

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Wow! :open_mouth:


I know it, like I said I had been mixing for like a month or so when I first made it public shameful isn’t it. LOL
It’s not public anymore but it was pretty popular had over like 1,400 views…no wonder I am sensitive to pg now. :wink: