Stupid newbie here, trying to get advices

Hello! I started vaping to quit regular cigs. My friend were so confident with their mixing skills I just went along with them. So I joined a subreddit trying to gather useful informations and turns out that everything that I learned from the above mentioned friends was total B.S… So OK, tried to get the most out the various (95% super kind and newbie-friendly) comments; subscribed to DIY or DIE, purchased a scale that made me look so sketchy in front of my parents’ eyes I’m gonna run away from home, tried to find something easy to mix with the flavours I got (still found nothing) and learnt I gotta understand each flavor in its “purity” before started mixing. So that’s what I learnt on day 1.
Useful advices to start my day 2 super duper motivated? Just to let you know, the flavours in my possession so far are:
From TPA:

  • Double Chocolate Clear
  • French Vanilla Deluxe
  • Banana Cream
  • Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
  • Cheesecake (I’ve been told it sucked a few days after I got the package)

From Flavour Art:

  • White Peach
  • Watermelon

From Revolute Les Duos

  • Pop-corn marshmallow

From DKS Plus:

  • Coffee

I know. Super unbalanced and most of them are outdated. Pro mixer friends are responsible for this as well. I surely don’t want to waste them though!


With friends like these…well you know saying lol…I guess you can start by testing the flavors you have …Im not Familiar with the last two companies …FA white peach is a good peach and so is their watermelon …You may even be able to pair them and get a descent mix…TPA Banana Cream and French Vanilla deluxe may pair well to get you an ok mix as well…Your other TPA flavors are meh imo…I think the best thing to do is read through this forum and start compiling a list of recipes or profiles you like and start getting those particular flavors . You cam even put a list together to get some opinions b4 you buy …Sorry i couldnt be too much help but your very limited right now with what you have so not much to achieve


I was so desperate I made a mix out of those (they suggested- as their calculator said -an extremely high percentage of flavour so I went along with that 10%) and I’m vaping those right now. At least they are delicious. It’s like vaping an iced tea peach with an extra note of flavour.


Anyway I’ve learnt my lesson: don’t trust people who call themselves skilled while only using a terribly approximate online italian calculator with wrong percentages.


If you’re italian, one of these guys is actually a regular here.


Thanks! May I know their usernames?


Only one… :wink:

@Iv3shf you are being paged :wink:

Welcome to the forums, @Amaryllis I know you will get sorted out in no time! :slight_smile:


Well, at least you found your way here. That is a plus. :upside_down_face: :grin: Partly joking LOL.
@authormichellehughes is good with helping newbies make something they can vape.

No offense but just because someone or lots of someones doesn’t like a thing don’t mean you won’t like either. A favorite saying around here is; “Taste is subjective”

Look at that, you have already created something you find delicious. That’s great, not everybody can do that. It took me several weeks to make my first vapeable juice so good for you my friend.

One more thing. Welcome!!! It’s good to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:


@Amaryllis Sending you a warm welcome and no your not stupid your just learning we are all still learning new things every day. One tip i will say is take on bored what people say here as you will learn a lot also make you flavours stash public on the site and it will tell you what you can make


Welcome @Amaryllis here there is a lot of accumulated knowledge and very friendly people. Read, read, read and ask what you don’t know.


I second that that’s so true


Absorb as much information as you can. You can be comfortable with the combined knowledge of the forum members here and they will steer you straight. Take what you learn back to your friends and re-educate them. The last thing new mixers need is being taught to do something the wrong way.


That is very true i speak from experience you will learn so much here we are one big family


Thank you all, you’re so kind!
Question: I want to try a single flavour I’ve purchased. Can I just make a 10 ml-nicotine free trial shot?


I would advise splitting the 10ml sample and add nic to one bottle for comparison. For some of us the nic affects the taste.


@Amaryllis welcome to ELR, and please don’t call yourself a stupid coz you moved to mixing… it’s a smart move, not stupid!

@delltrapp yep it’s me (only one… the old one… :rofl:) @anon84779643 thank you for paging me and I’m glad that my live tutorial one way or the other brought more acolytes to ELR! I really hope to make the Italian vaping community more active on DIY!

How many times here we said to single flavour test your flavours? Too many and never enough! You did it, so you’re off to a good start!
If you’ll follow my next YT live tutorials, they will be on recipe building, simple recipes, POD recipes, additives… the lot!
But stay tuned on ELR and be sure you’ll have lots of sound advise, we all help each other here!

To use your stash, if you haven’t already, watch the video again by following the link that @delltrapp gave you, there is a section that shows how to use your flavours, sort the recipes, how to use your brain to understand if recipes are old recipes,see if those suit you and so forth. If something is not clear just give us a shout.

Don’t worry if your stash is unbalanced now, very soon it’s going to grow and improve, Some suggested flavours will be disgusting??? Of course they will, in the search for Pistachio I even bought LA Pistachio… (O… M… G…)
I don’t think that there are flavours that are a complete waste (A part from LA Pistachio) it’s just to make the right recipe, with the right percentage, e.g. it was ages I didn’t use TPA Absinthe (not an easy one!) , but in the TPA Challenge I used it for a Strega Cocktail and it got some awesome praises (thanks @TorturedZen for the hint!!) at the end it I was able to make a good recipe by knowing my stash, even with a “difficult” flavour and some help from the community (TZ)

Basically stay in this community, choose the right flavours, not the cheapest or the “suggested from a friend” unless backed up with some good recipes or strong and known layers.

Welcome to the mixing family, don’t hesitate to ask, we’re here to help!


LOL that’s funny. Which one did you settle on? Mine is TPA Pistachio


Same here Dan, usual stuff, TPA’s, WF pistachio cream and an Italian maker: Dreamods Toasted pistacchio.


Welcome to ELR @Amaryllis. As far as single flavor testing that flavor, that is EXACTLY the right thing to do. What flavor are you testing ? Different flavors are stronger and weaker than others. Testing any flavor, at the reasonable level is the right way to do it.

I do a lot of single flavor tests, and you can search for YOUR flavor on the OTHER side of ELR, the mixing side.

If we use TPA Strawberry Ripe as an example:

We see that a good starting point to test this flavor is 8%.

You can do the same with YOUR flavor. Find the single flavor testing %, and mix up a small 10ml tester. I always use NIC in my testers, because that’s how it will be vaped, but you don’t have to.


@Amaryllis I forgot the rest, not sure how much you are familiar with the “Recipe” side of the site. To create a “recipe” for your tester go here…

In this example I will mix the TPA Strawberry Ripe up at 8%, using my standard 70 VG/ 30PG /3mg NIC, but you should change to whatever ratio, and/or NIC strength you want…