Stupid question 🤪

Forgive my ignorance but why do some use base nic and some use salt nic? I used salt nic when I first started vaping 2~ years ago but switched soon afterwards and I don’t even know why. I vape 2mg of nic, not sure it matters. I’ve bought enough base nic for 10-15 yrs worth. Should I buy salt nic as I see some of you buying both and I don’t understand why :see_no_evil:? Please enlighten me and share your reasoning for both.


I personally use Freebase which is the standard regular Nicotine …I buy Salts because my highest pct of Quit Rate for other people comes from them using things like the Caliburn at a higher Nic pct so i start People with 35 mg of salt and they typically use a pod device with 1.2 ohm or higher then I gradually reduce them with out them knowing over a couple months . Sometimes they notice they are vaping more so I’ll bump them up . If the person chooses to use the pod device i try to bring them to 10mg of nic and hold them there for awhile…So that why I buy both because i mix for a bunch of people and everyone is different…

I have people who already vaped Freebase and i keep them on it …

Most Salts are much smoother than FB

Btw never a stupid question …


I’ve only used freebase, salts are mainly used at higher percentages for pods due to smoother hit but can be used at lower percentages just as freebase. I did buy some salts, think it was 24mg to deep freeze only because lower nicotine content will degrade at a Much slower pace in storage. :ok_hand:


@Kamara, it can be a matter of preference, but there ARE differences.

Freebase is what I use, although I do mix Salts for some customers. Salts are less harsh, and allow a higher NIC level with much less throat hit than Freebase. Salts also oxidize much less (comparatively), and here’s the BIG THING. Salts pass the blood/brain barrier MUCH faster than Freebase, which is very close to smoking nic uptake.

Because of that, people JUST switching to vaping from smoking, may find it easier with Salts, because of the higher NIC levels, and faster NIC uptake than Freebase. For whatever reason I get coughing fits with Salts. Doesn’t matter the brand, or strength, as I’ve tried them all, so no Salts for me.


I use salt because I don’t like any throat hit. I started with freebase then tried salt two years later and have been using it since. Just out of curiosity I ordered a 100ml of 100 mg FB a month ago. I tried it and it’s a noticeable difference even at 4mg. I can vape it, but I’d rather not.


Throat irritation for me too. Started out a 18mg free base and before long was taking issue with the throat irritation. Cut my nic in half, 9mg and after awhile that was too harsh. Got all the way down to 2mg and when that got harsh switched to salt 2mg. Been at 2mg salt for a long time now.


I prefer freebase but I enjoy throat hit and consider it an essential part of my vaping.
I have tried salts and whilst I don’t dislike it I definitely find it lacking and just not for me.


I only mix using Salts. 3mg for DL and 12mg for Pods and MTL. I don’t mind the lack of throat hit. The big plus for me is the stuff tends to be bulletproof for my daily mixing. I have 2 x 30ml bottles sitting in my lair at any one time in ambient heat and light and never suffered any degradation (sometimes the bottles may have sat up to two weeks). The other thing is I use my salts in the mix using the GC no problem ( I would not or could not do that with FB). I have 250ml of FB in the freezer which is going nowhere soon. If the Vapocalypse ever hits New Zealand Salt is the only thing I will stock up on.


I still use both, and frequently both in the one mix.

I would prefer Salt on it’s own over freebase any day but for the fact I mix at 50% with VG for a 50mg/mL strength and I’ve stopped doing that and started using freebase WITH salt because mixing it @50% not only works out to be much more expensive over the long term, but obviously with the bans and bullshit coming up I’m not even entertaining the idea of mixing all my juices at 50**%** because it’ll just get used-up too quickly.

The difference in usage, salt nicotine tastes incomparably better than freebase and I know there’s lots of people using it at lower amounts (~10-15%) because of it’s smoothness, but trust me if you mix it at “Juul” strength (50-60mg/mL) you won’t wanna switch back to freebase either.

It’s the lung hit.

Not throat hit - there’s none of that: it’s lung hit and salt nicotine perfectly replicates that feeling you get inhaling a mouthful of real tobacco smoke - you can even hit a 50mg mix first thing in the morning without any of the coughing freebase usually gives that first vape of the day.

Yeah, not only can you hit it first thing without any coughing at all, you can hold it in your lungs without your lungs objecting at all because it’s exactly like cigarette smoke in that respect as well as the bloodstream delivery being instant like a smoke.

Try it with a 10mL mix: assuming you’ve got 100mg/mL nicsalt base, mix it 50:50 (VG:base) then fill a MTL tank and have at it - you should do this if only to experience the full lung-feel you get from it plus the nic absorbing instantly - it’s much better than freebase for the physical feeling you get

Course, unflavoured wouldn’t taste as good, so add a few drops of your favourite flavour (which I’ll assume you’ve already got pre-mixed as one shots or the like, given how long you’ve been at it), but that’ll reduce the strength and therefore reduce the lung-feel, but I’ve found I can go down to 36mg/mL salt and still get a that lung feeling so maybe…

  • 5mL Glycerine
  • 4mL 100mg/mL Salt base
  • 1mL Recipe/Flavours

So pretty much if you try salts anywhere from 36mg/mL right up to twice that strength, in a MTL tank to replicate the cigarette draw even further, you will instantly understand exactly why people use salt nicotine.

Everyone else - those using it at lower rates to either boost their freebase or replace is, well, they’re using it for the bloodstream speed and smoothness, but really it’s much better at high strengths.


That’s a pity, mildly, though it’s not as though being unable to vape salts is the equivalent to being unable to smoke 420 or the like and though the smoothness is a factor for people who want smooth, many people - I’m surprised when I see this - don’t mention the lung thing: salts at higher levels actually feel like smoke in your lungs.

Not just kinda either, I mean they feel exactly like actual smoke (as I said in a replay to @Kamara a bit ago): that niiice little boof you feel when you inhale a lung full of cigarette smoke and hold it, you get that exactly the same with salts, but only at higher mg/mL.

Also just like with a cigarette, if you hold it in your lungs you feel that feeling increasing slowly - it’s just exactly the same as smoke.

I love it, especially for thing in the AM: Where freebase will always make me cough once or twice on that first hit of the morning, salt nic allows you to take a full, 50mg hit and just hold it there before exhaling, which as you said is almost immediately followed by the nicotine hit itself since it’s in your bloodstream as quick as smoke.

If it wasn’t for the cost, plus the fact it needs to be mixed at 50% total juice volume compared to a max of 12% for freebase, I would only ever vape 50mg salts.

A lot of people using lower strength salts probably have no idea at all about the way it mirrors the lung-feel of real smoke, which is a pity because for me that was the primary thing I liked about it when I first tried salts.

I try to encourage people to (also as seen in recent reply to @Kamara in this thread) mix some at full strength and just try it of course, because they should experience that aspect of nic salts just so they know how good it is.


i have very little experience with salts. i bought a bottle to try. at 6mg, after a few hits, my chest tightened and i “could not” breath, literally. thankfully it passed quickly. saying this, i do need to try it again


Lookee I just said to @Josephine_van_Rijn in a post on this tobacco I just mixed since she’s a tobacco liquid freak, having a lung-hit just like real smoke is worth it if you can vape salts without an adverse reaction, and for tobacco flavours especially it wouldn’t be the same without that little BOOF on the lungs when you inhale.


i’ve “tried” to get a tobacco vape. not found it yet. i just use RY4 double TFA that i like. then i put a little Blueberry Smoothy (WF) in it, pretty good. i use this when drinking beers.


Bitta saltnic in that mix and you’ll get the half-pissed instant cigarette buzz to go with the flavour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if i don’t die first. and i do get the nic buzz, after a few clouds. and at only 2mg.
drinking beers is the only time i cloud.


It’s the same with me. Used salts and my chest just tightened up. Mixed with FB and was fine. Went back to the salts and it back to tight congested feel. Needless to say I got a 120 with 4 grams missing sitting on my mixing desk for almost a year now.


You only vape when you’re drinking, or only ‘chuck’ clouds when drinking?

Actually, I’ll assume the latter…

Yeah if you’re getting a bad reaction from lower levels though, how you going to get the actual lung-feel at 50mg or higher?


My lungs feel a little bit that way with salts when I’ve chain-vaped a while, or for the first 50mg/mL hit in ages, but it’s not like I’m having an asthma attack (whatever that feels like, I’ve not actually had one of those) or anything that bad.

Same as I’d feel short of breath if I chain smoked a full cigarette in just a few seconds.

But with salts, there’s no reason to chain-vape like with low mg/mL freebase: if you hold the vapor in your lungs like you would analog smoke you get much more milage from each lungful.


No reason to chain-vape with FB. I can vape 2 or 3 hits FB and get the nic buzz on my MTL. All in the equipment used.


No reason to EVER chain vape at ANY mg level!

But seriously, I don’t chain-vape unless I’ve got a new flavour I’m really loving the taste of, which isn’t about the nicotine then anyway but the taste and most people who say they do chain are on 1.5mg or 3mg, which I guess still doesn’t need to be chain vaped, except they’re trying to maintain the higher levels of nic with lower juice, which is why I always wonder why they don’t just up it to 6mg or 9, or 12mg, since the chain vaping is really just force of habit.

Though also, if the flavour’s REALLY nice and you’re REALLY into it, why not chain it :slight_smile: