Substitute Pyure for sucralose

When using Pyure as a substitute for sucralose… or is it a suitable substitute, what percentages are you using?

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Just my opinion, but Pyure is the best sweetener on the the market. I’ve subbed it in all my recipes that use standard sweeteners. It’s actually a multipurpose sweetener. It not only sweetens, it also rounds out the rough edges in mixes. @Maureeenie told me about this and I found it to be true.

It’s very, very sweet tho. I use it from .2-.5 in mixes. 1 drop from 10-20 mls will achieve your desired sweetness.

For sweeteners with mouthfeel and body, I use Marshmallow and Meringue @.75-2%

It’s also a must with some MF flavors… IMO.


Where do you get it? Checking a couple of my suppliers came up empty.

I found mine at Walmart. Also from Amazon.


Use it very sparingly :slight_smile: I got it directly from the company.



Check this out… CLICK ME

Try .025 - 0.5

Try a 1:4 ratio with marshmallow to really knock your socks off!
0.25% Pyure
1% marshmallow

  • or -
    0.5% Pyure
    2% marshmallow

I couldn’t have said it better myself… :+1:


ok i have a recipe and i use 1% sucralose , this recipe has honeydew , cantaloupe and red touch straw , what percent would you use the pyure at , and will it make these fruits pop

Try 0.25%, that’s ~1 drop per 10ml
if you want a little more “Kung-Pow” in your chicken…
Try 0.5%, that’s ~2 drops per 10ml

…and yes, Pyure will make your fruit pop.

Welcome to the party of Pyure flavor, grats on picking some up. Stop back in and let us know whatcha think :yum:


Kung pow lmao perfect


thank you and i will let you know

i went .25 pyure and .5 fa mm to replace the sucralose

I will be reducing the Pyure in my recipes from 0.25% to 0.13% since I was getting what has been described as “sugar lips”. I will see if this makes a difference.

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Same thing has happened to me @Bearkat Pyure can overwhelm things pretty quickly. I am not saying it’s bad or shouldn’t be used, but I would recommend that people use it in very low percentages and work up from there, you can always add another drop easier than trying to take that drop out.

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Yeah, I love what Pyure does to my fruit flavors! I’m going to see if backing it down will still give me that pop of the fruit without the sugary lips. I also have Cactus in those mixes at 0.25% and that adds a lot of wetness to the vape. I’m beginning to wonder if it might be a combo of the two that is causing this.

I’ve found that the smallest amounts of Pyure that I can produce is enough to make a bottle too sweet when I make small bottles. It’s very tough to measure out 0.13% in a 10ml trial recipe. Therefore I’ve debated about making a 10% or 25% mix with PG and using that. I just haven’t had any call for it in my recent recipes, but I’ll probably mix a small bottle today.

I did make up some Blue Voodoo Clone yesterday, and that called directly for TPA Sweetener in a rather high percentage. I mixed as the recipe called for, but thinking about how little I like sucralose, now I’m thinking about removing the Sweetener and making 4 bottles with varying percentages of Pyure. I wouldn’t mind know what my Pyure-to-Sweetener replace ratio should be. It would be good to have a bottle of Pyure mixed at some percentage with PG that would be a direct 1-to-1 replacement for Sweetener or Super Sweet.

True, especially when using the bottle that it came in. I put it in a 30ml bottle with the needle point dropper. It makes it much easier to get small drop amounts for more precise measurements. also, I very rarely mix up 10ml samples. My trials are usually 30ml.

I started off making 10ml tests so I wouldn’t waste ingredients by making a recipe that I didn’t like. Then I found two problems with that: If a recipe was good, then 10ml wasn’t enough, AND I’d have to wait for a larger bottle to steep. Now my trials are 30ml.

Alas, I occasionally do tests & comparisons, and mixing three or four 30ml bottles ensures a good amount of waste since only 1 of those bottles will be the best one. So I still mix up 10ml mixes sometimes.


so you dont just use this for fruit blends , i could use it for everything ???

Pyure is my main sweetener for most fruit mixes… especially with the MF extracts. I sometimes use it in dessert mixes for extra sweetness. It seems that a lot of dessert concentrates have a moderate amount of sweetness built it in already. But for most dessert mixes I go with Marshmallow and/or Meringue for a little extra sweetness and mouthfeel.

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thats what ive been doing ad well , i tried erythritol and liked it at first but then got a menthol effect at higher percentages

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