As a mixer who often tries other peoples recipes, I’m frequently short of a flavour or two. As a lot of you may know, one companies “Whipped Cream” may be very different from another’s. I was thinking that a post of flavour substitutions would be a good idea. This would be helpful for beginners and the more advanced mixers alike. I’ll start the ball rolling with OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake being a good sub for Lorran CCI. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Great little bit of help from @woftam on percentages.

And I still have this little tidbit from @Pro_Vapes from back in 2018

LA cream cheese icing can be replaced by flv frosting. Flv frosting at low percentages .2 to .5


Hey Steve68! This topic is a great one to start. once it gets momentum, even pin! Im coming up on 400 flavors pretty soon, and will love to hear others experience with substitutions they have tried. Shortens the learning curve and eliminates waste-especially factoring in the aging requirements for concentrates like medicine flower(until I purchase a Game Changer Homogenizer, that is :wink: ) Bookmarked and following


It’s a great idea but taste is subjective and an original recpie with subbed flavors isn’t going to be the same.

This is why, when I post a recipe, I actually note possible flavor substitutes. Mostly, the subs I recommend are secondary flavors used to boost another flavor that could be easily swapped.

For me flavor substituting is a personal choice. Sometimes I don’t like the cream used and will swap for another. Sometimes I don’t have what is used and swap with the flavor i have that I think will work best.

As for knowing what is best? This is just from experience, there isn’t an exact science and is just a preference. For me, my knowledge is from mixing simple recpies as testers and not single flavor testing. Some will bock at that. But for me, mixing a fruit flavor that is new to me with some fresh cream fa and marshmallow fa tells me a lot. I will learn about how a flavor steeps, how it fades or grows, and how it will balance with other flavors. I may also go super low on the creams and just mix with another fruit flavor that I know really well. Like pairing kiwi fa and kiwi double tpa.

That being said, it may be a very large task to determine flavor substitutes for enough flavors to make this worth wilds since the variety of our flavor stashes are ever changing.


Hi. I think it just comes down to knowing your flavors, researching flavor reviews and studying/mixing a lot of recipes. In my opinion, I don’t believe that a list of substitutions would be all that helpful because it won’t work in every case. For example, if I substitute A with B and it works in my recipe, the same substitution may not work in the next recipe, due to other flavor components. That’s knowledge that can only be acquired through experience.
I‘ll add one though because it’s quite universal:
FW Yellow Cake is wonderful, but it has about 30% fructose to it. I avoid it because burning sugars releases carcinogens.
Substitutions: JF Yellow Cake - yellow cake with a dark crust
OOO Yellow Cake - plain yellow cake


Think I’ll put this here, looking for suggestions,
I wanna sub Cranberry CAP with Cranberry FLV (or more preferably combine the 2) in a recipe. I’m very familiar with the CAP and normally use it at 3% in this recipe. Any suggestions on FLV % :sunglasses:

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Never tried FLV Cranberry, but just looking over a few recipes and flavor notes the mean looks to be around 2.5% or so. Some are 5%, some use it as a single flavor at .5% (seems kinda weak). If it were me, I would probably drop the CAP down to 2% and add the FLV in at around 1.5-2% at first and see what you get. Cranberry would make for an interesting blend with a Cheesecake formulation. It has me thinking, because I am so tired of Strawberry Custard/cheesecake juice lol.


I haven’t used this as a main note, more to boost or accent others. Really liked it with cherry. So, I used it at 0.5-1%. :+1: