Sugar Daddy Reguar Sweetener

Sugar Daddy Regular Sweetener.
.08%-1% used. Tested on multiple devices from a Pico V1 RTA to Hadeon to Drifter and a few in between.

The trick to sweetener is letting it blend in to your liquid. Starting out light and letting it attach itself to the molecules of your liquid over time vs putting it in so strong you taste it right away, but it mutes your flavors over time.

Finger test: Don’t do this…IT"S REALLY FREAKING SWEET. but had no aftertaste. I didn’t find it funky. JUST SWEET!

.08% this is one drop per 30 mls and after a week it was mild but noticeable on the back end of the vape.

.2% this was one drop (.02ml) in a 10 ml and it sweetened it up nicely. This is where I preferred it. It did not change the flavor of my vape at all other than simply make it sweet. It was super great here for fruits and berries. Let it age… You’ll see.

.5% After a week, the sweetener was HIGHLY noticeable and tasty. It worked really well here in bakeries and deeper notes that needed some real sweetness.

1% is pretty high, believe it or not for any sweetener. I use 1 drop per 10 mls of Capella Super Sweet and it’s too much with time. So I’m really not sure what you are expecting here. This stuff is pretty sweet at this point and I feel it’s unnecessary to even use it this high ESPECIALLY if you are going to let it age.

All sweeteners will overtake your recipe if you use them too high. I haven’t found one yet.

But if you use the sweetener correctly, it can create some delicious results without being cloyingly sweet or overtaking the delicate balance of your recipe.

4.7/5 stars.


Something doesn’t sound right to me on this. If 0.02% is 1drop/30ml then 1drop/10ml has to be 0.06% (not .2%) right?


Nothing like running it through the calculator… Knowing and entering the actual flavor weight could change these results.

1 Drop per 30 mls with the ELR Calc Default weight…


@Boogenshizzle Thanks for putting this up. Beyond strength results, is there any difference in the taste after applied ?? Coil gunking or lack thereof ?


VERY LITTLE coil gunk and no aftertaste to me at the percents listed.

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Copy that. Thank you.

Thank you for catching that. Fixing.

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Thank you for the review. I’ve switched back to TPA’s version of sucralose because it’s easier to work with than the SS Caps I have. What are the chemical properties of Sugar Daddy and is this something available in the US or across the pond?



Think I saw where Gremlin also has it


Thank you for the input @Boogenshizzle I was considering them a while ago, especially the flavored ones, but after getting a dumb answer, nearly arrogant and cocky response in one of the other topics, showing nothing but social media testaments, I wasn’t interested anymore.

Glad it works for you tho and I’m happy you shared your experience and opinion.


Yes. Plus that diyordie podcast thing where the girl says it totally mutes flavors. But she did say she tried it at either 1 or 2% ?! That surely didnt help sugardaddys public perception especially when so many people are influenced by them.
So im glad to see unbiased notes here using it at a normal %. I’ll keep note of that if i ever do need a new sweetener. Thanks @Boogenshizzle