Suggest me a recipe or two to try?

Or three, four, maybe five…

As there’s no local shop to purchase from and online ordering can take too long, I’ve decided to take the DIY route.

So what I’m looking for is a few recipes that won’t disappoint, shouldn’t have too many ingredients and should have a few common flavours that can be added across the recipes.

Flavours I don’t want are the following, papaya, mint, lemon or lime, tobacco or anything overtly sweet.

Creamy, berries and nuts seem to grab my attention.

Fire away with your suggestions and please post the link.

My last attempt at vaping didn’t go well, I had used a commercial grape flavour, started well until the minty overtones took over.

I have another mix ready, but would like to order my DIY ingredients before I start the bottle, at least I can make a couple of batches and let them steep whilst I try out this commercial mix.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks @JiM210, looks good and the flavours are in stock!


Welcome and glad you joined.
I remember starting out and wanting a few quick recipes in the bag (no steep time) to try to establish all day vapes so I could experiment with full steeped recipes. SnV’s may fit your need too.
Could read:


Thanks for the tips people, I’ve ordered 10 flavours, that was a lot of research should be happy with the selection, the flavours should suit 5 well known recipes from the archives.

I’ve ordered from TPA the following

Cheesecake (Graham crust) 30 ml
Strawberry ripe 30 ml
Sweet cream 30 ml
Vanilla Custard 10 ml
Bavarian cream 30 ml
French vanilla 10 ml
Vanilla swirl 10 ml

From flavour west

Butter pecan

Food art


VG 1 litre
PG 500 ml
Booster 120 ml 100mg/ml

Does the quantity sound about right, should be a few months worth?


That looks like a good quantity and selection to start with and build on :+1:


Those are GREAT choices. Also, when you need to boost your flavor list and reup on VG/PG, I know Nicotine River has a terrific starter kit that includes 15 flavors of your choice, plus mixing gear/labwear/safety equipment, a bunch of bottles, and PG/VG and nic for the $60 range. You may find its cheaper to buy them individually, but perhaps no, so I wanted to make you aware of it.

Make sure you add your flavors to your flavor stash, and use the ‘what can i make’ button to see recipes that are possible with your new goodies. Also, once that calculates you can click the ‘rating’ button to arrange them by best rating down. Ratings of course aren’t everything, check the comments as well.

Off hand, based on what you’ve purchased, i’d suggest the Strawberry Fog recipe here:

There’s also a great youtube vid walking you through mixing this exact recipe, if you like.

Just fyi, i have a tendency to BURN thru VG when I’m hunting for recipes… If you find you run out of VG before everything else, you can pick it up cheap and with Free ship on amazon prime. If you need a link message me, but if memory serves, you can get about a liter VG palm based, non gmo, pharmaceutical grade for about $12.

Good luck You’re well on your way!

Oh, you could also try this one for Mother’s Unicorn Milk. Just FYI, this is designed for MTL (mouth to lung) style devices, often with much higher resistance coils than sub ohm setups. If you’re on a POD type system, you could try it as is. If you’re on a Sub ohm setup, I’d change the total flavor percentage to 17-20%, depending on how flavor deadened you are, how long you’ve been off cigs. Also, you’ll need to let this one steep 2 weeks or so.


Thanks, strawberry fog is on my starter list as is mother’s unicorn milk.

I’m not in the US though, so I have to purchase from local websites, couriers can take 3-5 Days minimum to my place, so need to make sure I order in advance.

Looks like my hand rolling tobacco will finish tomorrow afternoon, so tomorrow is the day I’ll be attempting to quit smoking, I have 60 ml of I think is red velvet cupcake flavour to get me going, should be enough, otherwise I can get a ready mix at one super market or beg from a friend…


OOooh, Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing recipe is on my ‘figure it out asap’ list! If you found a good Red Velvet, that’s pretty priceless. Chocolates overall are hard to master. I keep trying, though! lol

And good luck!! Ask here if you get stuck with ANYTHING. Also, there’s some GREAT Facebook groups for DIY E-Liquids/Vaping. If you need any recommendations, feel free to reach out.


More than welcome to dig thru my stack… uses all @Flavorah :slight_smile:


Is it kosher to recommend a vender that I like to buy from that has no presence on this forum as far as I can tell? I’m not out to make enemies :thinking:


Sure… but I bet your vendor is here already and if not… someone can tell you how to add to the site. :slight_smile:

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I looked at the list of vendors under
Groups->venders and they weren’t there. I have contacted them to suggest they make their presence known here.

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Im very curious … What vendor hasnt been here ??? Fill us in please share… Maybe Chefs over in the UK ???


They wrote me back and said they are affiliated.

I like to by a vg/pg/nic pre-mix base as part of their vape-a-day bundle. You get a liter of PG/VG/Nic mixing base, your choice of 10 x 10ml bottles of flavor extracts, and includes 5 x 15ml dropper bottles, and 3 x 30ml dropper bottles.

I get the 1000ml bundle and choose flavors I either haven’t tried or know I don’t need alot of. Then I get the 10 x 30ml flavor bundle and choose flavors I know I use alot of. The two bundles together qualify for free shipping.


Third World Custard
Butter Almond Custard

The only two custards I vape.

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That mix (mothers unicorn) is crud! Try this for yummy, simple strawberry vape. It’s a sure winner.