Swapping cream for vanilla ye or ne?

Hello All, long time lurker/learner .
Ive been having a hard time with recipes that call for creme, its a shame no vendor or creator doesnt make a creme free/lactose intolerant range maybe popular who knows. sooooo I have holy vanilla french vanilla(not as keen but its ok) If a recipe calls for 2% sweet creme and also 4% french vanilla would it be a case of like for like or using 0.5/1% of holy vanilla instead of creme.
I realise it would change the recipe completely which is why im asking here so as not to offend the creator. Most recipes smell divine but for me the taste of creme(even as a backnote) is not good. FYI my fav custard recpie is grants my way by Ole Frederiksen . no cremes just vanilla
Im happy for any and all suggestions, even if the suggestion is to forget about it completely, its not a deal breaker for me.
Thanks for taking the time to read this ramble. Cheers!


I would not worry about offending someone by changing their recipe. If you see a recipe you like that has a cream in it then adapt it and change it however you want. Taste is subjective, I love creams and custards, but if you see any of my recipes you like and you wanna take the cream out then do it lol I think most people here would say that as long as your juice tastes good to you then that’s all that matters. If you replace creams with vanilla most of the time you can’t go 1 for 1, and yes it will change the way the recipe tastes but that could also be a good thing. The only warning I would give is don’t go too heavy on the vanilla or you could mute flavors, other than that have at it and make juice that tastes good to you, cause in the end that’s all that matters!


i dont get much mouthfeel with just plain vanillas and taking away the cream may make the recipe “light” no mouthfeel , so try a combo of marshmallow and vanilla then you will at least have something to replace the fullness a cream can give , just a thought


I like that, MTS might serve the same purpose although I have no experience with it personally.


ya it could , ive used it a few times , i find it will mellow out sharp notes but never got a thicker feel , but my recipes are always creamy as creamy as possible lol , but what i find works for me isnt always what works for others , great idea to try though especially if someone has mts btw ty

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Welcome to the fray, @Sighs :slight_smile:

Me, I started off lacto-veggie , but then became dairy intolerant , so I just had to go the whole hog…or do i mean forego the whole hog?

So now I feel pretty happy that no animal suffers for my dinner (have you ever visited a factory dairy farm? it would probably be kinder to kill the cow and eat it for dinner) but can’t call myself completely reformed TBH.

Yeah, I do use butter and cream concentratesin my vape, I confess. And I’ve no ill-effect from doing so! wouldn’t expect any ill effect. An interance is not the same thing as an allergy. And dairy intolerant people can generally tolerate traces of dairy., thankfully. I would surely not be so cavalier with gluten, for example; just one stray molecule can screw me over there.

Do you have rthat unusual thing, an actual dairy allergy? or are you just being excessively cautious?

In any case, I shall watch this thread with interest, cos if vegan alternatives to the dairy-derived flavours exist then…well, I suppose it would ease my conscience to take an interest. Can’t say I’m enthusiastic, cos I really like the natural , organic flavours, in general. Abd natural , organic, gluten -free- soya cream flavouring might be asking a tad to much of the industry : :laughing:

@Sighs I don’t think there’s any real dairy in our milk/cream flavs. Remembering they are “artificial flavorings”, but I haven’t done intensive research. I think food allergies are based on Lactose (sugar) and Whey (protein) and I don’t think they offer much in terms of flavoring. Ethical concerns are personal, but cutting out Dairy/Cream DIY flavorings on the same basis might be …er …not equivalent.

I consider French Vanilla a “cream” (a light one) but I think @fidalgo_vapes is on track with what most people consider… that buttery milk fat “cream”. While the chemicals we mix may be in Dairy foods in small amounts, I’d have to say most are “Simulators” of Dairy, making the comparison “Apples and Autos”.

On topic… Swapping cream for vanilla? I think there are too many fine lines and too many flavors to get a solid answer you seek. Sounds like something that could keep you busy for next couple years (testing). Make some Single Flavor Testers (Vanillas). Make the target recipe without the Cream and drip various Vanilla SFTs into your RDA (or whatever you’re using to test/vape) Lots to learn doing that! Learn anything awesome be sure to share …bad stuff too!


yep, I do believe the sugars and the proteins get processed out, so even the natural flavourings should be OK., realistically speaking.

Medicine Flower told me that their Butterscotch is made from real butter, unsurprisingly! And I am not, repeat not giving it up! so I’m definitely compromising my principles there. Real cows are getting milked for the sake of my vape. Well, one cow has been milked a bit, I suppose… and i guess that she feasted on good, organic grass first! :slight_smile:

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omg i didnt even catch the lactose intolerant part , i thought maybe it was just the DAAP taste or BA taste that bothered OP , @Sighs are worried about the creams because of the intolerant part or the taste sorry guys im just a bit confused now lol


I think that’s about right. But just as you I do not have done intense testing. One thing I can say, which supports your statement here, I’m extremely allergic too almonds, hazelnut, peanuts and citrus. I carry one of these pens in my purse, because you never know what might be in some items you buy at the store, that are not listed or have the “may contain nuts” label on it.

However I can vape all day almond, hazelnut, peanut, peanut butter or/and lime, lemon or any other citrus, without feeling any kind of allergic reaction to that.

So I’m not saying to the OP that he/she should just try, but if avoiding creams is just based on a normally lactose intolerance, I would say it might not affect your vaping. Then again I guess better careful than sorry, but you might miss out on a lot of good recipes, that are not full on cream, desserts or bakeries but have a supportive cream nuances, like cereals or couple fruit vapes, that would be difficult too substitute with other flavors and won’t come together without it.


When swapping out flavors, a cream for a cream, a fruit for a fruit, you have to look at the flavor pages, check out the median use for each of the flavors involved and calculate how much you have to use, based on those numbers.
The best advice is to start on the lower end of the scale and work your way up.

When you’re swapping out a creme for something else, even just a plain vanilla, it’s a totally different thing. The flavor profile of the juice will change much more.
You should still look at the median use of those flavors, to get an idea of the strength of the flavors you use, but it’s more like fine tuning a recipe, tinkering to get it just right for your taste buds.

Start making smaller batches, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml … whatever is workable with the percentages used. Make a few different ones with different % of the flavor replacement and see which one turns out best for you.

There are no real rules, but the intention is that you end up with an e-liquid that you’re going to like and who cares what other people think of it.

Just always start on the lower end of the scale.
Let’s say a recipe uses 1% CAP French Vanilla, and you want to replace it with INW Vanilla Shisha.
CAP has a median % in mixes of 2.5%.
INW has a median % in mixes of 1%.
So I’d use 1/2.5 of 1% INW, so 0.4% INW Vanilla Shisha. I’d probably make 3 mixes, one at 0.3%, one at 0.4% and one at 0.5%. Let that steep and see if there’s one that I like or whether I should increase or decrease the values.

But like others have said, lactose intolerance has nothing to do with vaping. It has to do with the ability of your stomach to break down the enzymes in lactose products. I am lactose intolerant myself, never had an issue with vaping whatever flavor.


So much info here Thx!! After taking time to “digest” :roll_eyes: the answers here im kinda surprised no company has a line out of dairy free/cream free. Im sure someone could come up with a punchy title for the range with no cream/milk etc in them., Ill give the suggestions here a whirl, hope it comes good if not biggie Cheers!!:+1::+1::+1:

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Just like there’s no lactose in the dairy flavor concentrates, there are no traces of nuts in the nutty flavors… so people with allergies can vape them without a visit to the ER. Most flavors are chemical compounds and not natural extracts.
If you want them to put “dairy free” on their bottles, you should probably contact those companies and ask for it.

Obviously I can’t speak for every single company. There are flavor companies with natural extracts (like Medicine Flower). If in doubt, look for a MSDS sheet or contact the company with your concerns.


I would have to agree totally with fishaddict, taste is so subjective and important, after all if it doesn’t taste nice then I doubt we would be vaping …period. Adapt anything you need to, to stay off the stinkiest brother. Now onto the holy vanilla side of things, what a flavour. I’m sure this one contains custard notes. I’d be surprised if it didn’t. It is absolutely delishous, and usually finds its way into most of my recipes. Having a lactose intolerance and not being able to vape creams is an interesting topic. I think this is one you are just going to have to trial and error mate.