Switching to a mod with removable batteries

I’ve been vaping since last September, started with a Joyetech ego one, then switched to an Eleaf istick 40w tc box mod. It just died last night. I’m getting by on my ego one till I can get something else ordered, but I think I want something that has changeable batteries. I also want to make sure I don’t blow my face off or something… I’ve read all kinds of stuff about batteries and everything and my head is just kinda spinning now. So I need your help.
Here’s what I’m looking for:
I do like temp control, but I suppose that’s not necessarily a make or break feature.
I have been exclusively using Aspire Atlantis 2 tanks with ni200 coils and I like them a lot. So I want something compatible with the tanks I already have. BUT I’m planning on getting a few new tanks too, so if you have any great recommendations for tanks that will please a flavor whore, I’ll take em.
Then I’ll need batteries. This is what scares me just a little bit. I’ve only used internally housed batteries so far, so I want to make sure I know what I’m doing here.
And finally, I’m cheap as hell. I need something that’s under $50 tops, preferably under $40 since I’ll need to buy the batteries too.
So throw everything you’ve got at me! I would love all the opinions, suggestions, and knowledge you smart people would like to share with me!!!


Splurge, for just a little over your budget you can get a Joyetech eVic-VTwo and get a Crown V1 for on top. Get 2 18650 batteries and a Nitecore Intellicharger.

eVic VTwo 42.00
Uwell Crown 23.00
LG IMR 18650 3000mAh 3.7V 6.95
Nitecore I2 2 Bay Li-ion Battery Charger 10.85

would cost $90 with 2 batteries


Evic VTC Mini----- use code July20 for 20 off

Samsung 25R $ 4.00 each use code 10off for another 10% off


Charger and batteries with shipping $25.19
Evic VTC Mini with shipping $35.24


Pretty much what @CosmicTruth said.

If you want a single batt mod and don’t have to have the latest and greatest, the eVic VTC mini is a great little box. I have three and I’d happily buy three more. Now that the VTwo mini is almost out, it should drop in price. But, if you can spring, the VTwo mini would probably be better.

I have 0 recommendations for a dual batt mod. I have a VT133. I love it, but I don’t know that I would have purchased it for myself had it not been a gift. That is the extent of my knowledge with dual mods.

If you’re stateside, illumn.com has good prices for batteries and chargers. 10off will get 10% off and they were having a sale on Samsung 25Rs and 30Qs. Their Nitecore chargers are a great price as well. I got the D2, but for the price if I had it to do over I’d probably get the i4.

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Whats the difference in the mini and vtwo except a clock that you dont need ?

I have 3 internal battery mods and when charging port went out that is it
My evic-VT still charges if you hold your mouth right
My mvp pro3 lasted 2 months now is at vape shop dead but the guy is going to solder a new Port USB in it one day
My Eleaf was 50 watt I think
I threw out after it wouldn’t charge
So now I am into 18650 batteries
Segeli 213 I love but got had on the tc feature doesn’t work right I use in power mode
My relaux
Rx 200 is nice 3 batteries
Have a ipvd3 single just single battery not enough lasting power

I personally will not have another mod with internal battery


I think they have external batteries now or removable

+1 for the vtc mini and get 2-3 lg hg2 batteries and a charger.


I will say joy tech temp control worked well on the evic-VT
And still does it right I over it except the charging port
Sounds like mini is a good one too

I’m not really a device person. I’ve only had acouple

I love my ipvd2 (which is now ipvd3) single 18650. I still use it for my crown v1 tank. Work very well. I’ve had since October of last year and hasn’t had a single issue.

I upgraded to a segelie 213. Welp that’s a pos. I sent it back and got an ipv5 dual 18650. I love the device so far. Eciggity has it I think for $43 or so. The reviews are very good for the device. I havnt had it for long, but I trust the yihi board…more than a non named board (over a dna device).

As for battery life. I go through two batteries a day. If you go with a single battery device get 3 if you can afford it…,4 for dual battery device.

All in all I’m not an expert. But so far I’m happy with my Ipv devices.


How has no one mentioned the iStick tc100w yet…?
It does…
VW or by-pass
TC : Nickel - Titanium and 316 Stainless Steel
…also has M1, M2 and M3 programmable [temp. coefficient of resistance] modes
^^if ya really wanna nerd it up^^
Temperature Control Range: 100 - 315C / 200 - 600F
Resistance: 0.1 - 3.5ohm for Variable Wattage
Resistance: 0.05 - 1.5ohm for Temperature Control
Takes dual 18650’s but can still run with only 1 battery (up to 75w)
Temperature Alert
Low Voltage Protection
Temperature Protection
Atomizer Protection
Short Circuit Protection
USB Port for Charging or Firmware Updates (updated firmware will get you to 120w)

@ VapeNW for $29.99
With 20% off July 4th code “20%off4thJuly” that’s only $24.00

Everything else I agree with;
…either Samsung 25R’s or LG hg2 (the LG’s will prolly be a couple $$ more)
Nitecore charger, 2 bay or 4 bay for a couple $$ more

…as for the tank? I dunno if your into building but if ya are; the Tsunami with kennedy air-flow is super easy to build on and the flavor is insane. VapeNW has them for ~$15 after the 20% code. I’m trying to ween myself off the premade coils since all the FDA BS is coming down the pike.


Yes the ipvd3 works well yihi chip is a great one on tc
I go through a lot of batteries in a day
Chain vape at 60 Watts

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I’ll second that. The ipv D2 is a great little mod! Damn thing is built like a tank and can take a beatin’. I have 4 of them and they’re all still working great (had them almost a year now).

The down side is they’re single 18650 and I don’t think they do well in TC mode. In TC, they do this pulsing thing when they hit temp which is very noticeable and irritating. Still love them in VW mode though :sunglasses:

If I had it over to do again, I’d stick with lipo batteries. I prefer to plug it in a USB rather than change batteries. All I’m looking for is to have enough battery life to get thru an entire day of vaping, then plug it in afterwards. Maybe the battery will die out, but by then I’ll be able to get the next generation mod. Something just bugs me about having to spend 15-20 more for a product that has no batteries. Also, do you carry around a charge pack with you just in case you need to charge your iPhone, or just a cable? Its the same thing.

I think this is why I like innokin products so much. Easy peasy, no hassle and safe for idiots like me!

For me. When out an about I just carry the device. Thats all I need. If randomly I’m heading out the door and I see the battery is low I just grab a small battery case put a fresh battery in it and I’m good. I never worry about charging. If I had a single device (like I did at the start I would be plugging in all the time).

If I’m gonna be out on the town I really make sure I have spares. That’s so I can chain vape…when I want.

Out on the town with an internal device you gotta carry two whole working devices. So when one runs outa pwr you got a second.

If going after a cheap but good dependable MOD I would go for the evic vtc mini. In my experience they do TC better than any other cheap mods.

I use nothing but Samsung 25r’s in mine.

As far as tanks go I like tighter airflow tanks than you use now so I will leave that one alone

For the charger all I can say is my nitecore i4 works fine and they are pretty cheap

Others .in this thread have already left links for everything I mentioned.

I have been pleased with Vape NW in the past for the 3 evic minis I have

For the batteries and charger I would also recommend illumn


I have had a Clouper GT TC since it first came out. It still works great and has auto TC for ni200 coils or you can adjust TC manually. It was one of the first of 3 TC mods I got in the beginning. It’s a great little mod and at 80 max watts it’s plenty to run your Aspire Atlantis tanks. Also, it uses 2 18650 batteries and hey, it’s under 40 dollars but it doesn’t come with batteries or a charger.

I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on another VTC Mini for a while, but it looks like the VTC mini is out of stock at eciggity, and the VTwo is actually cheaper at VapeNW (since @Mofogger kindly shared their 20% off code, thanks!) I’m gonna try the new model! Looks like it’s gonna be just under $32, not bad.


It has already been said but I just got my Evic Mini VTwo and i absolutely love it. Even has the novelty features (clock/date, puff tracker, fire time tracker). 75watt, tc, this thing is just freakin sweet. I recommend it for sure. Couple batteries to swap between and you’re golden. Intellicharger I4 is only $15 some places online (amazon, ebay etc) and you can find Samsung 25R and LG HG2 batteries for a good price also. I use HG2’s personally.

I’ll second all the evic mini recommendations. I’ve been using mine for 7 months without a hiccup. It’s solid & dependable. I like it so much, I got 3 more, as back ups,

I’ll throw this out there, although I don’t have any first hand experience with it. I have two on the way.

Everyone seems to love these as much as the evic mini. I know when you need a replacement, 2 to 3 weeks shipping time may require more patience than you have available. FastTech shipping is free, and they have a 10% off sale (use ‘FREEDOM’ discount code) today only. If the 10% works on the Pico, that’s under $23.00. For that price, you could get 2 and have one for back up, and still be under $50.00.

Just thought I’d throw another option out there. There may be similar prices available stateside, with all the holiday sales.

Edit: If nothing else, there’s a ton of product info, reviews, and discussions on the FastTech site you can use to make a decision, even if you end up buying it somewhere else.