Tabacco American Flavors

I’ve purchased a few tabacco flavors but what I’m searching for is the smell and taste of an American cigarette. Crown makes a Tabacco Gold vape juice and it’s just the flavor that I’m searching for so I can blend it into all my preferred Tobacco recipes. I’m hoping someone out there or in here can send me in the right direction. The American cigarette has that unique scent and flavor it would be nice to try duplicate it and try blend it into my collection of Tobacco’s. Hopefully somebody can give me a few suggestions if they’re familiar with the “Crown Gold Tabacco” vape juice flavor.
Thanks in advance!


You wont find too many familiar with shop juice here, @Mally1
why not post your tobacco flavors up, or better yet look at the what can I make button on your stash… ??
Just a thought?.. :slight_smile:
Being that you havent even shared a recipe… might be a good time to dig thru and show what you are working with.


I’ll try give you a simple summary of my tabacco recipe’s and the flavors I’ve been working with. Since I’m new to DIY mixing and still trying to find a method that works for me I’ve started with just single tabacco and simple 1 or 2 flavor additions.

RY4 Super Concentrated 4%
Black Honey TFA 7%
555 Gold Inawera 3.5%!
Black Pipe Tabacco Inawera 3.5%

These are single recipes that I’ve been blending into each other in small batches with in most cases a 50-50 mix into 10ml bottles. My favorite one out of the bunch is the TFA Black Honey. That is probably not the way others go about creating a recipe but for me its just fine for now. Now the other flavors I’ve mixed for enhancing the Tobacco’s are.

Vanilla Custard CAP 7%
Cherry Koncentrat Inawera 2.5%
Vanilla Custard CAP 5%, NY Cheesecake 2% CAP.
These are stand alone flavors that I’ve made for blending together so I can eventually make a complete recipe from the beginning. I know its probably not the correct way so I’ve been studying all the recipe’s that resemble what I’m making so I can add the proper % of ingredients. Yes it’s super time consuming but eventually the amounts and percentages will narrow themselves into stable proportions.
I’m not in a hurry to finalize a recipe just yet because I’m still fine tuning all of my flavors and its amazing I’m happy with a few of them but still tweaking a couple others aswell. Reason for being so patient is because I need more flavoring and that brings me to the!

Crown Tabacco Gold flavor (lol) sale on liquids this weekend so I thought I’d ask the people who know the most. Marlboro recipe post has suggestions but I thought I’d ask for a more up to date and current advice on the American flavor of a cigarette. Yes I’m from Canada and American Tabacco has a different flavor and smell.


Thank you @Mally1… I wasn’t too sure where you were in mixing… and this helps a lot…

Let me ask you this… have you thought on mixing by weight? Its a lot of fun, and a way to mix with very little mess and clean up, plus! no more syringes… The best common scale is the aws501…

The flavors you are working with are in the standard categories… they are fine, however I only mix with one flavor company with zero regrets. Flavorah’s tobaccos are one of a kind, and most are USA based tobaccos…

I am sure you read the marlboro thread and again I will say try my winstin… :wink:


Looks like a true winner of a recipe I’ll be adding that to my list for sure!. I love using the scale and my syringes (lol) it really does make it a full out chemistry project using them. I use the syringes for emptying my vape tank and adding vape juice back into the tank. An example is what I did today filled one tank with Ripe Strawberry but kinda wanted Cheesecake aswell so extracted 4mls out of a 8ml tank and added 2mls of NY Cheesecake Cap, makes for a 2:1 ratio and a nice enjoyable vape. I take notes of all of this and file it into my Cheesecake recipes. I’m hoping that once I get all my ingredients I’ll have taster notes, previously made recipe %'s from here ( Recipe listings) and my ratios of preferences. I’ve probably overcomplicated the process but so far it’s all good.
By the way I thought I’d add I’ve looked at many of your recipes one day I’ll try create something special to share also. It’ll be a few years :grin: but I’ll try. Thank you once again I enjoy going through all your recipes for those subtle hints of flavor. For now I can only imagine how incredible they all must be.


remember to work your solos… from the very lowest, when it first starts to change your juice, and then work up. Take a ton of notes every time you solo… and soon you will have a few books and know how your flavors work. Remember, less is more… less is better. for every project, there is a suitable application :slight_smile:


To strengthen what @anon84779643 says, I’ll add that Red Burley, Virginia, Kentucky are three must have for whatever tobacco you’re aiming for.
They’re perfect on their own but for a Smoky twist (pun not intended… :rofl: ) you can add to your stash the other two must have: Oak Barrel FLV, and Red Oak by TPA (not a fan of TPA but that one with tobacco is a winner without worrying too much about concentration…)

Quick comment,
RY4 on the original formula (nobody knows, but apparently there wasn’t tobacco in it but linalool… ) it’s not a tobacco
Black Honey, not a tobacco
555 from my point of view, not a tobacco and I can only feel nuts in that one, even better then some hazelnuts sold as such, still… my point of view…
Black Pipe, probably the closest you have to a tobacco.

But if I look at your comments and see that you love BH you’re way off an american blend, typically with Kentucky, VA and a ouch of dark fire VA.

To give you an example, let’s look at Smoky’s recipe and look at what she did:

KC and VA is a classic blend 50/50 and she kept same percentages for the American blend, she then added the Burley/Cream layer kept low, just to add some creaminess and for the accent she used Lime for the acidity… Simple (the most difficult thing to do is to KISS) balanced and straight forward.

Round of applause here please, but she’s just showing off telling us that she can mix tobaccos too if she wants to… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::hugs:


haha!! I had to pull winstin off the shelf just now and gave you a big toot, @Iv3shf:smiley:
Happy Black Friday… let the spending begin… play nice but get your goodies!! I havent even started on mine… Im so behind… but I think I need to reup my flavors and bottles… Im good on nic for a few lifetimes… :stuck_out_tongue:

Winstin is to me, and a lot of other folks… a classic in the American style. The lime won’t scare you, its there to help break the tobaccos down and build them up to separate levels of tobacco. It really is a must to vape on, and I have successfully helped tobacco heads to litterally break their smoking habbits.

Good luck! :+1::hugs::grin:


Ouch my choices not being tobacco’s lol. I smoked for 30 years and love the sweet smell of tabacco before its lit. That’s the flavour I’m chasing something unique subtle hints of cherry and custard. The final piece of the puzzle is to try add the American twist into my mixtures. The Black Honey is the foundation all the other flavors are just to contemplate the final result. I’ll definitely be adding more ingredients to my recipe but it’s just for my personal preference. I like sweet tobacco’s including pipe or Black Stone Cigars flavors I’m just creating variations to those flavors.
Thanks for all the advice!
Mally :sunglasses:

Forgot to ask about the lime wedge? And would it be used in other recipes? How much does it change the final results?

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The easiest way to get cherry tobacco is probably from inawera. I forgot the full name of it right now, I’m sorry.
Edit : it’s black cherry for pipe from inawera.
You could always add custard to it.


Thanks for the information I’ve placed an order with 6 new tobacco’s the more the merrier is what I’ve collected. You’ve seen my selections now I’ve got Smokey Blues bunch for the recipe plus 3 others. My tabacco choice was Player’s Smooth or an Export A Smooth both are sweet and have a honey type of flavor. It might explain why I enjoy the Black Honey so much it needs to find itself into as many blends as I can infuse it into. Itll then be injected into the Custards , Cherry, Coconut and quite possibly even a Coffee Caramel mixture. Yea I know pretty much way over doing it but I’m finding it very rewarding and extremely enjoyable. Cheesecake, Vanilla Custards and I’ve got an assortment of fruits that will be fused together in the next long while. I’ll get to the Cherry eventually but its first trip will be into a Cheesecake recipe I’m adding it into an RY4 for testing and it’s surprisingly better than I thought it would be

BTW the Lime Wedge by Flavorah was expensive except for the 3ml size $1.40 and I bought 3 of them.


I am sorry I did not stick around last night, had company over and we took off…

Flavorah has flavor packs, 10ml bottle collections that are cheaper on the wallet so you can decide if you do want to go larger…Depending on where you are at in the world, resellers should have them. I have them up on my site with a coupon that ends today. Use [thankyou15] for 15% off.


Have you tried Stixx Mixx?
Since Ty makes NET’s. He could probably help. Check out his website.


I will have a look
Mally :sunglasses:

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Dont know if you’ll get this message but just thought I’d let you and others know that the scent/smell seemed to be in the Red Burley Flavorah. Fingers crossed and hoping it’s the right one I’m seeking for my hope’s are pretty high right now.
Would you recommend to tickle other tabacco recipe’s with the lime wedge? It seems like such a tiny amount almost probably wont notice its subtleties but you and others would know better. I used Sweet Cream CAP at triple from the original recipe. Yup I like those flavors a ton!



I will tell you now to go play around with citruses and tobaccos. You might just be surprised at the discoveries you can make. Just like with nuts, tobaccos love acidic fruits. It helps to break them down and build them back up into better laying flavors.

Hate to say this… but any other cream is not a good sub for flv creams. The purpose here is not only to calm down the lime while lime does it’s own thing, but to give a background of support and taste. Any other brands, well you are on your own there. This recipe was in dev for over a year, it’s also has roots in the industry. I released it tho for others to play with.

Show me what you have, or tell me how you like mine, once you can make it fully :grin::tada::beer:


All in due time I’ll collect more Flavorah ingredients but for now I’m working with mostly creamy, fruity and tobacco’s its overwhelming to say the least. I have recipes in my recipe book but I’ve got no clue how to share them and most are single ones and it wont let me share them. I’m not technically sure how to go about it either lol. I’ve mentioned my single RY4, 555, Black Honey, Pipe Tabacco, Burley Blend, Western and the Winstin ones from your recipe. My foundation is BH Cap I’m blending all of the others into it but haven’t even made all the single recipes yet. I’m only just over a month in and have Vanilla Custards, Cheesecake and 5 or more fruits on the go. Like I mentioned I’m blending all these are about a 50/50 mixture but in reality its changing day to day at times.
Vanilla Custard is mixed with the Tobacco’s and Cheesecake is mixed into the fruits I’ve made notes on ratios after mixing and tasting. Its not possible to do that here because my technique is unorthodox and my preferences change day to day. I’m having a blast though mixing up a Peachy Cheesecake one day and Blueberry the next day but nothing concrete just yet. I’ll be sure to add the Flavorah Cream to my list but here in Canada my specific location limits my availability to resources. When I have more time I’ll make a list of the % I use for my singles but most of the 5-15% I make at 5-8% the super concentrated flavors (besides Flavorah) are 3-5% I’ll dig through my notes and share them.


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you might want to read up here:

and here:

and anything else on my site in the tips and tricks area…

are you talking steeping, or are you adding to what you have already mixed on a daily basis?

anything can be possible here, part of that is the naming of the title of your recipe… if there is more than one part to it, create a new recipe with the changes. However, if you are changing the actual juice and not starting from fresh scratch, it will be hard to say what is changing what, so you might want to rethink that. If it is a new add in into a fresh bottle… simple adding a ver 1 or ver 2 will help with that.

Not sure where you are in Canada, but my buddy Tristan Robichaud runs and his site is: so anything you have issues in ordering, talk to him. He can help :slight_smile:

Wish ya lots of good luck! :slight_smile:


The Zombie read was awesome very informative and now some of those recipes with flavor % into the 20ies are explained.

My mixtures and amounts (50/50) are from both steeping and the fact that I’m impatient and can easily switch a juice, coil and flavor in less than a few minutes. I’m sure about my single fruit ready made juice but my Vanilla Custard and Cheesecake still probably in steep mode. I’ve made extra just today and itll sit for a month before it’s used. So yea a recipe it’s not anything I’d put out for others to try or use or improve.
Here in B.C. Canada, Flavorah will probably be priced out of the market once they levy the new 20% tax on all vaping products starting January 01 2020. I’ve spent a lot on flavors already so until I start to run low I’ll be using what I have. Its totally enough to keep me well supplied for next year but I can add flavors as I go.

Once again thanks for all your help and guidance I’ll seek your advice again once I’m ready to make full recipes from the beginning.


Not sure on that. Those that do enjoy flavorah will always find a way to buy it… As for the rest, if you get stuck, just post up… Never put limits on yourself, and always think outside the box :slight_smile: