Tasty Forest Fruit Flavour or single flavours to combine

Hi gang,
Looking for any ‘new’ flavours that might be better than say Forest Fruit Mix FA. If not, any recommendations for flavour combinations would be awesome. Been away from the community for a while but still mixing. Oh, and any pineapples to look out for too. Best I have is VTA Sugarloaf Pineapple.
Thanks and hi to all you good people :slight_smile:


Try ssa forest fruits


Forest fruit (extra) Fa is a very nice blend, it’s a bit different than the original, here are my notes. I’d definitely vape this solo!

Forest Fruit extra Fa 2%

Nice mix of dark berries, I’m actually getting a really nice blackberry/raspberry sweet strawberry mix. Smooth, no off notes. I really like this…

Strawberry mountain forest Fa would go great with this (example).


if you are looking for something like that I would recommend you take this one (deleted by staff ) got this recommendation from mate in school one of the best!

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I would consider this post a bot. Posts a commercial juice, Post on the same day they joined.


well consider me a bot but pretty much a human here cleven lol, just joined this to share what I like rest is up to you mate, just a solid recommendation

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This is a DIY community jaffer09, I don’t think Papa (or anyone else) is looking for a commercial juice. Please take a look around. Dropping a link on first post doesn’t go over big btw…


Welcome @jaffer09 :pray:
It’s always polite to post in the link below. Ya know, where you are, your kit, etc.

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