TCR weak battery warning even when full

So my Evic Vtwo Mini is giving weak battery warning while in TCR mode. Set to .0096 for SS316L (google said so?)
Anytime i go above around 50 watts and about 460-500F (warmer vape i like) i get weak battery warning despite being fully charged. Incase curious, i have 28/32 SS clapton dual coil 2.5ID 4 wraps… Runs fine in regular temp control on SS316 setting and fine in normal VW mode… Am i doing something wrong here?

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I believe TCR setting should be set to 0.000915 for SS316L. I don’t use SS that much but I know it is a very low TCR setting (at least that is what google told me! so I guess google is telling us two different things, maybe we should confront him!) Maybe try this setting as it is significantly lower than the .0096 you set it at, unless you meant .00096, then I guess it’s not that much lower, but it still may make a difference.


Yeah sorry i did mean .00092. Just a typo on here. Bad memory late last night lol
Problem is it only goes to .0000 not .00000 on the vtwo mini, after some more looking around, the difference isnt much and people seem to say itll work fine… But it isnt. When i set it to .0009 or .0010(closest i can get to the .00092) it immediately says protection. Still. So i guess tcr with SS just doesnt work on vtwo… Ill just use regular temp control ss setting i guess.

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This is a quote from DJLsb Vapes on a write up he did on TCR settings…maybe you could try it this way…

Stainless Steel Wire, on the other hand, can and should be used just as kanthal on regular power mode devices, but with the advantage that it can also be used on temperature control mode on devices that have that function. You can still use it on Titanium temperature control mode on most devices out now but you need to start on the minimum temperature like 200ºF (100ºC) because the Stainless Steel Wire Temperature Coefficient is low compared to Titanium the temperatures will be that off. Me and also other reviewers and vapers agree that the flavor coming from the vapor produced on a coil with this wire, tastes more clean and crispy.

Ive read that already yesterday in my own looking around online, but i dont need to use it in titanium mode i have ss316 setting on this vtwo mini, but thats normal temp control mode, not tcr mode. It works in ss316 mode, its what i am vaping right now infact, i was just trying to try out tcr mode with no luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh okay I see…well good luck!

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I set my TCR on my evic VTC mini (no VTwo yet) a lot higher than that; around 120. I don’t chain vape, that setting is liable to lead to dry hits if you do, but it gives me the vape I like. Nice and warm without using too much power. The vtc minis tend to read resistance pretty conservatively (usually about 0.02 higher) and the SS setting is just way too cold to me. Keep in mind these single batt mods and aren’t super powerful or great for running at top power all the time. Also, going too low in resistance with the SS has often given me issues. If it helps, I’m running my aromamizer with dual SS coils at 0.19 (more like 0.17) at 0120 TCR, 430º, and 50w.


I am using my supreme with the ss claptons i made at .35 ohm. I believe the tcr at 120 is the default, and it worked, i just kept reading that tcr for it is much lower… Not sure how accurate 120 would be as to what that translates to in actual temps compared to what its set at,
With my apple pie recipe im testing out right now 420F at 55w on the ss316 tc mode is a decent vape for me tho.


I think the weak battery issue is just that. These batteries i am using were in the ipv3 i traded the nebox for, the kid didnt have same batteries in it, so they are probably damaged. One is a 25r the other is a sony vtc4. He thought they were the same but when i got the mod i pulled them out to double check, so i put my hg2 married pair in the ipv3 and have been just using these and a couple old efests in my vtwo mini but i think the damage has already been done. Ill have to order some new batteries soon, once i have some extra money to


Keep in mind that the purpose of adjustable TCR is not to have absolute correct setting, but to allow you to customize the vape experience to your preference. Otherwise everything would just be a preset. This allows you to compensate for inaccuracies in the mod’s chip as well as new wire types. Enjoy whatever number works for you.


for stainless try setting M1 to 80, M2=140, and M3 200. Then you can have a cool vape on M1, and work your way up to a warm vape when you change to M3.

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Okay ill try that and see how it goes :slight_smile: thanks!

@mikelej14 .35ohms is pretty much way into sub-ohming. A set of married batteries might be more critical for functional SS TC. Here’s the battery instructions from Joyetech for MY Cuboid (I know you have an eVicTwo) The idea being eliminate current fluctuations from the thing which is not considered a variable in your TC equation (to your chip) …power supply

“When using the Cuboid TC make sure to use married batteries. Meaning that both cells are the exact same. NEVER use different brand, mah, or age batteries.
When getting the Cuboid TC you should purchase a set of 2 new batteries to be used only with the Cuboid TC. You do not want to break up the set and use one or more of the batteries from the set in another device.”

I am using married batteries on my ipv3, but my tc device is only single battery mod.
Evic VTwo Mini.

Those settings are from the Joyetech site, and they work teamimages/software_upgrade/evic-vtc-mini/eVic-VTC_04

works for any coil, i’m running nickel coil in crown tank, have mine set to M1=600 M2=650 and M3=700 (and a cool 35W), when i wake in the morning and am waiting for the coffee pot I set it on M1, then i change to M2 after my first cup, and M3 on my way to work and for the rest of the day. You will have to play with your wattage to get where you want.


Now as far as your battery goes, that is a different problem. If you run high wattage it will drain your battery. Also If your using USB your battery may not get fully charged.

I use a intellicharger i4 always. The batteries are just old i think. I got them used in the ipv3 in a trade few days ago. I immediately saw they werent a proper matching set (a 25r and a vtc4 the kid thought were both 25r’s) and removed them and replaced with my married hg2 set and have been using them in the vtwo mini as singles now but i think they may be damaged as even fully charged i get weak bat. Warning on them even tho battery indicator shows full.
The hg2s have no problems and run the ipv3 just fine. But these old used batteries are struggling in my vtwo mini, it seems, so i think they are just toast.

Just put a good battery in the unit and see if it has the same symptoms, so you can peg if its the unit or the batteries

You’re probably right. But at the same time that’s a lot to ask of a single 18650 with those dual claptons.

It barely hits 12amps. The batteries are rated for 20-30amps continuous. My good batteries can handle it just fine. So im gonna call it bad batteries. A 25r should do it fine and it isnt…