Temperature control on Alien

Quick question here…I was wondering if anyone is using Temp Control on the Alien Smok 220 with SS coils? Temp Control is working great for me on Aspire NX75 with my Goon RDA but having problem with the Alien using my new Azeroth RDTA. I think setting should be .00092 for SS but with multi wraps and what nots its really weak and bad. Just messing around right now. I usually keep my mods on Wattage mode but tried it out with new Azeroth RDTA on Alien and it is crap. Should I bump up to say .00100? I’m just tinkering around with temp control tonight to check it out. So far on the Aspire Nx75 with goon its great.
Any thoughts would be appreciated

Depends on what ss you are using

304 tcr should be .00105
316 (including 316L ) should be .00092
317 .00088

yup dinking around with Alien with 316 staggered fussed claptons and it not too great at .92. lol I bumped it to 1 but then after a hit it cuts out to real minimal wattage it seems.

Have you done firmware upgrade there were some improvements to tc in the latest fw i believe


It is dropping out of tc into wattage mode by the sounds of it

running 1.2.2

Ok that is the latest I think.

Are you 100% positive it is 316l -if it jumps out it pretty much means that the resistance is not changing correctly or reading correctly.

Try it between .00088 and .00092 it depends on the wire but there is some variance you just have to find the sweet spot

Also check that your screws are all tight and that the mod is reading the same ohms as your tester - disconnect atty and hit the fire button then reattach atty when coils are cold to get a fresh ohm reading

Yup they are 316, just switched to my Goon on Alien at .00092 and dropped temp to 360F and it friggin hot compared to Azeroth. I don’t think temp control works on Alien very well

dropped to 69 watts might have to go lower in TC in wattage

much better now dropping wattage in TC it just might be working now lol. Still testing. Thank you @woftam

If the mod is varying the temperature too much, decrease the TCR. The higher the TCR the greater the variation of temperature as resistance changes. Exotic coils will deviate from standard tcr settings.


Much better at 60 watts, still thinking I like wattage mode better for Alien compared to Aspire NX75 Mod Thank you also @Walt3 I will test this as well. Now I am nic’d out from all the hits lol and can’t see the friggin TV or are my glasses smudged…no its vapor lol. I should have been a scientist, this is too much fun this vaping and building.

Lol, that’s hilarious. I do that too with new coil builds. Gotta test em out! End up stoned on nic.

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LOL…@Walt3 I hear ya …I just had to open two doors to my house and vent and clean my glasses and pour a beer all at once haha. My new coils and my first build are great IMO, I just can’t stop vaping though. I noticed my RDTA is sucking at least and I mean at least 10 times more ejuice as my RDA. This thing (Azeroth) is like the space shuttle launching for frick sakes. Compared to my Goon, I could have vaped 2 months on the eliquid it sucked compared to dripping in just one day. lol

Wow! I’ve gotta look that one up now. I go with caution as I am trying to get my shinneyitus under control…

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@Walt3 if you don’t already have a Goon RDA, I would recommend buying an original. This thing rocks period…yes you must drip, but you can change flavours on a whim. Out of all my gear I have bought, nothing even remotely come close to this beastly RDA. It is rock solid IMO. I like the fact that it is manufactured in the USA even though I am Canadian. On temp control I need to only drip every 30 hits. It uses next to no liquid and Flavour Is Amazing. The tank thing I keep trying to like but nothing will kill this atty with right coils inside in flavour and vapour production. It uses nothing but produces huge IMO.

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I agree with you. I picked up a brass Goon a little bit ago. Love the thing. Hard to beat it’s performance. It is especially amazing being a top airflow. Great RDA! I’m doing woodwork tonight so I have a RTA on the mod. Just easier than dripping, but the flavor is not the same.

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Ok, that’s wonderful, My Goon just blew off my smoke alarms in my house for second weekend in a row LoL. I just woke up my wife again and she is not impressed haha… I’m so happy you have one. I guess I will have to put my tanks back on so I don’t wake wife now lol. The think kicks sooooo much vapor its incredible IMO.

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Lol, That’s great. I can just the vapor rolling out the doors. Haven’t managed that yet but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. The local fire department must love you , lol.

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TC on the alien is awful. I’ve had problems with mine since the day I got it and I’m running the newest firmware. Some people seem to have no issues with it and a lot of us do. I have to set the TCR to .00115 to get it to fire properly and then the temperature I have it set to is obviously out. I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t helped. Now on the rare occasions I do use the alien it’s in power mode only, and I use TC with all my other mods
I seen you mention the goon too, I’m pretty sure it’s not made in the US. Maybe @Norseman can confirm that because I can’t remember where I read it.