Temperature Control

Anybody have a mod with this feature ? Looking into perhaps picking one up in the future . Want to know if the tech is actually worth the coin

TC is still in its infancy - Phil Busardo just put up a review of the latest Evolv:


There are 1 hour and 30 minutes of video on it :scream:

When they get the bugs ironed out, it will be great I think :smile:

I’m kind of waiting to read the reviews on the vapor flask clone on fasttech with the temp control chip . I doubt it’s that great but one guy said it worked fine .

I’m hoping that Yihi’s new chip SX350J will be more stable and have less bugs that Evolvs :smile:

I’ve heard about that chip …I think everyone is waiting on it and hoping it’s better .

Wait YiHi is making one?

They sure are :slight_smile:

Guys, Gals, it appears there is one box mod with temperature control that actually works, and fairly well too. You must update the software online but once you do it works.

80W SMOK Xpro M80 Plus VW MOD - 4400mAh

Oh yeah, you must use nickel wire when building your coil…

Nickel. That’s just the way it is, if we want temperature control…

I must see more reviews on this box! I’d like the Flask-form-factor though :smiley:

I’ve always been a little leery of Smoktech products myself so I do not blame you. I can say I have seen this unit in action yesterday. I didn’t actually toke on it cause I can’t physically handle that much vapor but my buddy at the Vape Shop I frequent was loving it now that he got it working correctly. Optimal Temp was supposed to be 420 degrees but of course he was pushing 480. It would not burn the cotton and you could vape the unit drier than you ordinarily could. I did see some real advantages to that setup. I’m guessing you might actually use less juice as well…

There’s a few on fasttech including this mod , a hana clone , and the flask. It’s all so new like daath said …I’ll wait and save my cash

Okay, I’m resurrecting this thread cuz I need some help. You’d think with all the posts I’ve read, I’d know what the heck I’m doing. You’d be wrong…I’m lost.

Coil is 28g Ni200, 3mm ID, 11 wraps evenly spaced — 0.15 ohms. Put it on the magma, wicked it, juiced it…now what?? LoL. I have no idea what kind of settings I should put this thing on.

I don’t know the board for your mod. If you can find temp… start at around 300 and 30w, then work your way up until it feels right. When you get it where you want it, lock in your settings.


Didn’t know about these…

Ego One CLR-Ti Coil

The CLR-Ti Atomizer Head is a newly
designed atomizer head made for the eGo ONE VT, pre built with Titanium
heating wire designed for Temperature Control devices. Compared to the
traditional eGo One CL atomizer heads, the “R” stands for Reusable,
Rewickable and Rebuildable. The CLR features a unique body design,
allowing users to conveniently replace the cotton and customize the coil
resistance to their preference. Organic cotton is used for wicking
material of the CLR, which provides robust flavor output. Also featuring
Liquid Valve Control (LVC), the user can adjust their desired juice
flow into the coil head depending on the viscocity of their juice.

There are some complains for M80 TC function. So I’m waiting the review of new XCUBE II, which is described with “authentic temperature control”.

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I have had mine for a few days and LOVE IT so far, I wrote a small review if you care to have a look see - at the time I hadn’t used the TC feature yet but I did last night and so far so good BUT I have read some complaints that people are having issues with TC when it comes to their rebuilds (while others have not) saying they aren’t getting any vapor production? but it may just be simple user error?
I’m using my TC on my crown stock Ni200 coil and no issues. I’m still new to the whole TC thing to be honest so I’m going to give it a week before I add a proper review to my previous one

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I tend to agree. You have to have all your bases checked for TC to work properly. I think at this point most of the new chips work properly when they are setup right.


Which can be a bit tricky for first time users or at least in my experience…I had NO idea about coefficient/settings

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Thanks for your words. I see some video reviews on YouTube at the same time. It is worth having!

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The only downside I have is the damn app…I know that sounds ridiculous and truth be told I thought it was just a gimmicky thing they were doing BUT it’s actually extremely useful…when it works. Buggy as shit and crashes a lot! They haven’t released any firmware updates yet but if they do and I still cant use the app I’m not going to be happy!
Also some of those youtube reviews make no sense…like the ones that say its “clunky” or the battery cover is loose. Mine is fricken SOLID I can violently shake this thing all day long and it doesn’t make even the slightest sound! It’s nice having a battery cover that doesn’t require screws or anything…brilliant design on that aspect!
If you do get it, make sure you purchase one with the TC unlocked otherwise you have to go through the app and pay like $3…which is backwards if you ask me…
Any other questions or concerns hmu!

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