Temperature Protection, why (not)?

I’ve been a long time user who enjoys TC but I’ve been reading a lot of posts from people that tried it, weren’t satisfied and keep vaping on variable wattage. I’m a bit stumped by it to be honest…

Personally, I think the name TC (temperature control) doesn’t do it justice and it should really be called temperature protection. I believe Evolve (the brand of DNA chips) does call it so. Anyways, it basically acts like a protection to avoid your coil getting too hot and scorching your wick…
If you like vaping your atty at 50W for example, simply set your TC settings to 50W and apply a temperature limit that you enjoy. Most TC mods allow a temperature setting from between 180°C to 315°C (350°F-600°F) which is the range between a cool and a very hot vape. It saves you from changing your coil unnecessarily, driving up the costs of vaping and I don’t think anybody likes to get that dry hit of a lifetime.
Using TC should give you the same experience as variable wattage does but if your wick gets too dry and doesn’t cool the coil enough, the mod will limit the power delivered to the coil so you don’t get those annoying unwanted effects of burning your wick.

Obviously you have to be vaping on a metal coil that is supported by TC (Ni, Ti and SS are the most common ones), but even then, there are people who swear by VW. So here’s my question… why?

The intention of this post is just to open a discussion to understand why some people dislike TC and what reasons they have for it. Is it because TC is too fiddly? Is their mod not performing well? Do they dislike the metals used for TC or are they hard to come by? … whatever the reason is, I’m interested in your opinion :slight_smile: If you don’t use TC but you have questions or you’re interested, feel free to throw it in the discussion as well.

I believe all people who do use TC know and appreciate all the advantages that a temperature protection offers but if you do, don’t hesitate to chip in.


Never heard it described so simply, that makes perfect sense to me now. :+1:

The main problem I have always had using TC is that I quite often get the warning saying “no liquid”.

Did you ever get the Jackaroo @anon28032772 and try that in TC?


I have come to appreciate TC and use it when ever I can. For me, I didn’t want to take the time to learn it. When I started reviewing I had to learn it and I’m glad I did. Another issue I had was I would forget which mod had my SS coil in. Another reason I did not learn TC is because a lot of the mods out there, especially the cheap ones, are not that great at TC.

What I absolutely love about TC is the fact that I don’t get those nasty “dry” hits which I call burned hits.

A nice smooth consistant draw.


In the beginning when Evolv introduced the DNA40 it was tricky. We had a lot of issues that was not only part of the new chips but also conductivity within a large number of the atomizers we had at the time. Those of us who recognized the better atty"s for TC made it work ok. But those who didn’t really struggled.
There was a lot of dissatisfaction with TC at the time and I think that lingers to this day. I cannot say anything bout other chips ability to do TC but as for Evolv and Dicodes I can’t even imagine someone not enjoying TC with them where they are at today.


From what I have heard from those that do not use TC it is both of those. Most people just want to fill the tank with juice, toss in some batteries and start vaping.

Personally I love TC but it didn’t start out that way. I was under the false notion that all TC was the same so I tried it on a mod that sucked in TC and said…well…TC sucks. It wasn’t until I was taught which mods would do proper TC that I was hooked.

Like you said @anon28032772 when TC is done right, it is just like power mode but with the addition of being a consistent vape and avoiding dry hits. It is all kinds of superior to power mode when setup properly.

The new Replay mode by Evolve on the new DNA C chips is TC done easy. I urge anyone who thinks TC sucks to try that, it might change your mind.


The only thing about the DNA is I don’t think the stock SS316 profile is that good. I use the SS316L profile from DJLSB on all my DNA mods, much better IMO. The customization via escribe is both a blessing and a curse…blessing for those that know what there doing and a curse for those that do not. I wish they would come out with a chip that was just setup to the T out of the box for people who don’t want to F with escribe. Not to replace either C chip, just to give another option for those that just want to open the box and go.

The Sxmini G Class is what I use for my benchmark when testing mods for review. I prefer the DNA250C chip over it now but since you can have 10 mods with a DNA250C chip and 10 different profiles they could all do different TC. If you have 10 different G class mods with the same firmware, they all do the same TC, that is why it is my benchmark, for consistency.


The big turnoffs for me were ease of use, inconsistent/different implementations, coil type limits, possible/probable hassle of config files.


Yep, I’m vaping it right now. Blotto on top, dual SS 2x26g/40g fused claptons at 0.14ohm, 70W and 230C limit :slight_smile: It’s a great mod, the only downside is that if I use it without using any other devices, I do have to change batteries at least once a day. Coming from triple 18650 mods that last nearly 2 days, it’s a bit of a pain in the behind.

If that’s when your tank/dripper is empty, that’s expected behavior. If not, maybe you have a problem that your wicks can’t keep up?
Which mod were you using?


You’re right in saying that TC differs slightly from mod to mod, brand to brand. I guess it has to do with the quality of sensors that are used to measure the resistance and the speed of the CPU to check the data as fast as possible.
The way I use it usually, is find out the wattage that I like to vape my atty on in VW mode, apply that in TC and then play with the temperature that I like my vape on. Usually that is somewhere between 230°C and 260°C. If there is a “punch” setting or a “hard” and “soft” setting, I usually crank it up all the way because my fat coils can always use all the power in the world to get heated up as fast as possible to avoid any delays when clicking my fire button…
So yeah, I fiddle a bit with the main settings to get my vape right instead of looking for the perfect TCR profile. It works for me.


The only config files I use are the ones to change my DNA theme… I see a lot of people mess with the TCR and stuff, I can’t be bothered. What I change is the wattage range and I find out which temp setting gives my desired vape temperature, and punch or preheat or whatever it’s called gets cranked up.

When my coils get dirty, I usually have to apply more power… but the same goes for VW. Or I could just change my coils more often and not be so lazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Really, for me, TC is the same as VW but with the added feature that my coils don’t get burnt. The other day, I did a piss poor wicking job on a new coil, forgot to change my mod to TC mode and within the first couple hits I burnt my wick. Either way, I had to change that wick again but it reminded me again why TC wins for me time and again.

Different metals… sure, but I don’t vape kanthal or nichrome because I don’t like the taste as much as SS or Ti. Coil types (regular coils, claptons, staggered etc), no issues if you have a fairly decent mod. In the old days, even my Reulaux 2/3 had issues with fancy SS coils but nowadays I think we’ve come a long way.


Hehe, that’s a deal breaker for me, as K is my main go to.

I’m sure TC has come a long way. Many of us got turned off by it in the past, due to multiple issues, and have purchased our mods, coil wires as such, and haven’t had the need to look back, especially given the aforementioned investment. I always say, vape what you like, and vape what you know. I’m a sucker for a clean tasting “gas and go” setup, where the toughest issue is keeping fresh batteries in it, and finding the power button LOL. Great thread btw.


For sure, I didn’t start this thread to convert people. If you like the way you vape, don’t stop. What you do won’t affect me the slightest :slight_smile:


Well hopefully now, you can get some answers from us to help UN-stump you. Ask and ye shall receive…


Hehe, don’t worry, you’re not converting me LOL. As I said above, this IS a great thread. I hope you get more responses to this one.


@Dan_the_Man THAT’S the reason I picked up a few TC’s back in the beginning.


I have done a couple of tests on CT … I do not have high-end mods, and it has not worked very well … Besides, I chain vaping, and it stops … I don’t know, for now I’m doing well in vatage. Good thread @anon28032772 , let’s see if I learn something.


I think @anon28032772 has a great thread here. I know from my perspective, I tried it, and kind of watched the whole TC fad come and go, BUT, maybe I’m in the minority. I mean WHO wants dry hits ?? !!! Not me. Perhaps I gave up on it too early, perhaps not.

Take the poll if you want to. TC = Temp Control, VW = Variable Wattage. How are YOU vaping ?

  • I use nothing but TC
  • I mix TC with VW
  • I tried TC but switched back to VW
  • I VW only
  • I’ve never tried TC
  • What’s Temp Control ?

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It used to be so that only high-end mods were able to do proper TC. I recently got the Aegis Legend and the Jackaroo and I’m rocking them on TC too without issues. I remember the Voopoo’s I tried were good with TC too.

Maybe if you share a bit more about which mod you’re using and what the differences in experience you have with your VW settings, maybe we can find out why. TC really is nothing more than VW with added power cut-off when things get too hot so in theory there shouldn’t be much difference.


VW only with Kanthal & Rayon. I’ll give some of my reasons why.

The best reason, and the only reason that should matter, no matter what style & coil you choose: I like it. It satisfies what I’m looking for, in vaping. That said…

I vape between 8 - 9.5 watts, depending on the tank I’m using. I tried sub ohm when I was still searching for my particular groove. The higher I went in power, and the lower I went in resistance, the less I enjoyed it. So I floated back down to the power level that did the best job for me.

The mods: Once I found my preferred power level. I settled in on a couple of mods & tanks that I liked. My mods are all single 18650, 2015-16 vintage. I think TC was still in the process of finding it’s legs back then. I found a couple of mods that did it for me, the evic mini, and the Pico 75W. Round one of the Deeming Regs was a hot topic, so I decided to put a ‘few’ on the shelf, to future proof my escape from smoking cigs.

The Tanks: I’ve always been a huge fan of the old Joyetech rebuildable CLR coils. I just dig 'em. They’re not very big. Longer coils just don’t fit, without the possibility of shorting out against the housing. For my preferred resistance (1.6 ohms), it takes 5 wraps of Kanthal, it takes 10 wraps of SS. Not enough room for it.

Some of my other tanks, KFL +V2 & Doggystyle have the room for a longer coil, but then we’re talking new mods with better TC abilities. Different mods, wire, for different tanks. Nah, I’m as lazy as it gets. Everything pretty much uses the same wire & coil here.

This is just me & my preferences. Never been a chaser of latest & greatest. Found a ‘system’ that’s worked perfectly in my simple goal. Stay off the smokes (a 45 year ex habit with me). So far, mission accomplished nicely. Coming up on 5 years since my last cig.

All that said, My very brief try at TC, with gear that didn’t do it very well, was a decision point in my timeline. With the better gear & integrated circuits for TC these days, the results are no doubt much much better than when I gave it a brief shot. If today’s gear was available back then, maybe I go a different direction, who knows.

Dry hits: I just don’t get it. I had ONE…ONCE. I can see it if you’re using RDA’s and can’t see if juice is getting low. But if you’re using tanks, RTA’s c’mon! You can see the juice level. Pay attention!..lol


Same here @d_fabes.