Tesla Invader 2/3 VV mod review by Mjag...No, it's not a sex toy!

Wasn’t planning on writing a review today but when I saw the new sale price at Vapor Beast for only $23.97 I had to get this done. There having a Veterans Day sale as well, use VET and receive an additional 15% off bringing the total to $20.37!!! If you read this later and the VET code no longer works use the code: YEAHBABY for 10% off bringing the price down to $21.57. Free shipping starts at only $35.


For International buyers Ave40 has it for $20.60 + shipping https://www.ave40.com/tesla-invader-2-3-box-mod.html

I bought the Tesla Invader 2/3 for a discounted price at a vape convention I attended directly from http://www.teslacigs.com.


Available in 4 colors

So how has it been to use for over 2 months?

This is a simple Variable Voltage mod which you adjust with the potentiometer. Simple 5 clicks to turn on and off and adjust your voltage from 3 to 8 volts using the potentiometer. The adjustments are in roman numerals from 1 to 5, not sure they it is like that for, would make more sense to have 3 to 8 but whatever. I just basically start low and adjust according to the coil, easy peasy.

I am a fan of these simple VV mods, have and use the iJoy Zenith but that is only 3 battery which is on the big side to take around. That is what drew me to the Invader 2/3, the option to use it in 2 battery mode which still puts out 240 watts max into a 0.10ohm load, 190 watts into 0.20 ohms which is more than enough for me.

Zenith vs Invader 2/3

In 2 battery mode it is almost the same size as the Smoant Battlestar, one of my favorite on the go mods

The size and shape in 2 battery mode was the reason I had to have one, great for on the go!

In head to head use vs the Zenith I could not tell any difference in performance using the same tank and coil. These are both very simple devices but they work great with high power tanks like the TFV12 and the like.

I encountered a problem while using the 3 battery back, about 3 times it would not fire when I hit the fire button, hit it again and it worked. I never had that problem with the 2 battery door, I am guessing it was a connection issue with the battery door but it was so infrequent it was never a problem.

The battery strap for the 3rd battery door has a battery strap that is just loose, not connected to anything. I of course lost it pretty quick but removing the 3rd battery was a little tough but not too bad. Still doesn’t make sense why it wasn’t permanently attached.

Both doors slid in rails from the bottom and snap into place, they feel secure when on. The mod will not fire without a battery door installed, this may have been the problem I had with 3rd battery door but like I mentioned it only happened 3 times in more than 2 months of use.

Battery life

Battery life has been pretty fantastic with the Invader 2/3. There is no onboard charging or even a battery life indicator but the batteries seem to last a hell of a long time in my use. Once the volts drop too low the mod has built in protections and will turn off the mod. I measured 3.33V for both my batteries in 2 battery mode and 3.36v for 1 and 3.37v for the other 2 batteries in 3 battery mode when I got the low volts warning.

WIthout a puff counter it is hard to say how long the run time is but I know with my Zenith it feels like I have to swap batteries a lot more often that the Invader.

Tear down

I always like to see how a mod is put together, the 510 being the most crucial connection and Tesla got it right.

Board pic

Battery connection

All in all it is simple and put together well, not much else to say except it should be a reliable mod for a long while.


Being a regulated device it does offer protections which is smart:

Over puff: If you hit the power button for more than 10 seconds the LED will flash 8 times and put the mod into standby. Very useful if you put the mod into your pocket and forget to turn it off.

Reverse polarity: If you install your batteries wrong the device will not power on.

Low Voltage: When the voltage drops below drops below 6.4V (2 battery) or 9.3V (3 battery) the LED will flash 15 times and the mod will power off.

Short Circuit: If the atomizer shorts the LED will flash 5 times and mod will go into standby mode.

Overheat: If the chip temp exceeds 140 degrees C the LED will flash 5 times and mod will go into standby mode.

Overcurrent: When the output current is too high the LED will flash 5 times and mod will go into standby mode.

Tank size with no overhang

25mm tanks sit just fine

30mm you are going to have 2.5mm over overhang on the front only

What I want…please please please

Tesla came out with one of the best looking mods of the year in the Nano 120W. Now imagine if they made a Steampunk version of the Invader 2/3…ohhhhh, want so bad…please Tesla, make it so!


2 or 3 battery operation for 240 or 360 watts into a 0.10 ohm load
No rattles
solid 510 connection
Simple and just works
Smart protections
Very compact in 2 battery mode
Excellent battery life
Fire button is nice and clicky, easy to find and fire with index finger or thumb
Excellent sale prices going on right now


Occasionally won’t fire in 3 battery mode, only happened 3 times in over 2 months of use
Battery strap in 3rd battery compartment not connected, easy to lose
No steampunk version, c’mon Tesla, make it so, I want to place my order now please!


Well as you can guess I like the Tesla Invader 2/3 and at the sale prices I listed it is a no brainer IMO. I would be hesitant to recommend it at the MSRP of $65 but right now I can order one from Vapor Beast for under $25 shipped and that includes the sales tax I would be charged being in California…what a deal.

It is a well built and and simple variable voltage mod at an excellent price. You also get the option of running in 2 or 3 battery mode. The only things that would make it better would be if the 510 was moved 2.5mm back to accommodate a 30mm tank and if they would listen to reason they would come out with a steampunk version!

Here are the sale links once again, don’t wait too long (note, these are not affiliate links and I am not making anything, just want to share what I feel is a great deal)

https://www.vaporbeast.com/tesla-invader-2-3-box-mod.html Use code VET for a limited time for 15% off or YEAHBABY for 10% off

For International buyers Ave40 has it for $20.60 + shipping https://www.ave40.com/tesla-invader-2-3-box-mod.html

As always if you want to see how the Tesla Invader 2/3 stacks up against other RTA’s jump on over to http://www.steampugs.co.uk/1 where you can also meet our ever growing crew of excellent reviewers.

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Another great review! You slightly addressed batt life and tore it apart which is always fun for all. I know electronics are usually in the way, what not, but when u buy a device that big id like to see it fit a 30mm atty.


I have a green and red one on the way. should be here this week sometime, I seen they were on sale, and almost bought them, but was hesitant, then the next day they ran the sale, so got 2 shipped for $40 and some change, I like the how simple my LE80’s were this looks even better that it will fit my 25mm’s without overhang, I plan on giving one to my brother, who beats the shit out of his mods, maybe this one will last longer than the others I got him. I am sick of fixing them for him, Thanks for the review, I looked at a few other reviews before buying and they all seem pretty positive, with most cons leaning to the 8V cutoff in 3 battery and the battery ribbon, but those things really don’t bother me much, maybe I will dab a bit of super glue on the ribbon. I’ll take a look at the colors when they get here and take first pick.


Thank you and I agree, 30mm fit is always a plus.

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For the price there a genuine bargain with this sale going on. Tempted to buy a second, if it held 30mm tanks without overhang it would have already been bought as I have a lot of 30mm tanks.


A nice in depth review on a reg device that should help the ones wanting a regulated device. Well done.

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Well done @mjag! Sounds like a steal for that price! My husband just said he wanted one (even after he found out it wasn’t a sex toy)!

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Thanks bud :+1:

Just wanted to clarify so opening the package wasn’t a huge disappointment :rofl:

Thanks VM :smiley:

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Great review brother :wink: on point as ever :ok_hand:

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Thanks brother, means a lot and so appreciative of all you do.

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My pleasure brother :wink:🖒

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Got my two today, out of playing with the green one for a few hours in 3 battery mode, I have had 2 misfires, not at all bad feels good as I am used to the triads, love the simplicity and they feel pretty sturdy. Hell i might keep both for my everyday beaters and order another for my brother,I am running a Limitless classic with a .17 dual about 3/4 power and it hits great. 30 ml down and still not showing any power drain.

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So the problem seems to be in 3 battery mode, any misfires in 2 battery mode?

Glad to see your still enjoying it, it has been a good mod for me

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I just got them, took a week to get here, after those two misfires it has not happened again, but very happy so far, I have not even tried the 2 battery yet, been hitting it hard for the last 5 hours with the initial 3 batteries I put in it. I am going to retire my Triad for my everyday carry for now and put this to the test for a while and will report back if any problems come up.

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Well It has been working like a champ so far, using it daily every day, all day, with the Black Friday 20% off it brought them down to $19 bucks, so now I will have a few more, I could not resist having one in each color.


That’s great to hear, glad your enjoying it :+1: