TEXAS shout out

Hey you Texans! I noticed there are several on this site. Just wanted to say Hi and find out
just how many regulars here live in Texas.

I’m Alisa. My husband is Sean. I quit smoking after 40 years of slavery to it finally, by vaping.
Sean never smoked or vaped, but is a wonderful, supportive husband.

We have two dogs… Girlie and Camo.
We live here in Granbury, Texas. Home of the most wonderful 4th of July fireworks!

I have a fair collection of flavorings now, as I’ve been mixing for myself, friends, and family for
about 5 years. My youngest son (24), just quit smoking by vaping too. So I mix a lot for him
as well.

My flavor profile is mainly creams, coffees, nuts, and carmels. My son loves fruity and mints.
We are both at 3-4mg Nic right now.
I use mainly a Troll or Darkhorse rda, but I do use a Delta II rba now and then too on my IPVIIs or
Istick30w I also like to use my Provari w/Nautilus and 12mg nic if I’m anxious now and then.

What about you ??


Ringling here, or Ray if you prefer. I too live in Texas. Montgomery Texas to be exact, the birthplace of the Texas Flag. Not all that far from where Washington Crossed The Brazos…lol. Actually Washington-On-The-Brazos in Washington County, the birthplace of Texas. Abe Lincoln freed the Armadillos there as well.

My wife and I are cat collectors or should I say, A SUCKER FOR STRAYS. We met in Austin in the late 1980s and at the time we each had one cat. By the time we left Austin to come to Montgomery that number grew to 5.

To give you an idea just how much of a sucker for strays we really are let me tell a hopefully short story. We had 2 outdoor cats that were extremely close, almost mother daughter like, and the older one just disappeared one day and never to be seen again. My wife and I decided to go to the pound to adopt a companion for the younger one. Notice I said A companion (cat). At the pound we find a cat that looked almost indentical to the missing cat and decided we wanted it, BUT, it is in a cage with it’s other sister and brother. Remember I said we are SUCKERS. We took all three home cause we just could not separate them. Stories like this and others gave us as many as 24 cats at one time. Currently we are down to 14. How much do we love animals? My wife is a Pet Sitter…

November 8, 2013 is the day I laid down the cigarettes after 47 years of smoking. Within 3 months of laying down the stinkies and starting to vape I decided to open a Vape Shop. In about 2 months I’ll have had my Vape Shop open for 1 1/2 years. Time flies when you are having fun and truthfully, it really has been fun, I really enjoy it.

Sorry guys, gals, I’m not as long winded as others when it’s talking about myself, not that that is a bad thing, it’s just not me. Sooo, I’ll say goodbye from MONTGOMERY, TEXAS…


from Boston but doesn’t this place seem like we’re all in the same rm just hanging out ???


Yes, it does quitter1. I am not trying to offend anyone or be exclusive by any means.
I was just curious about my fellow Texans. And if there are any very close, maybe
we could meet and exchange juice samples or something. :smile:


A Texan here, living in Irving, the Ex-home of the Dallas Cowboys. I say Ex with pride, Jerry Jones did Irving a favor by moving them, good riddence. ( Some cowboy fans may not like this, but if you knew JJ like Irving knows JJ, you might think otherwise)

Anyway, I did not say a born and bred Texan, I was born at Valley Forge, PA. We were not really living in PA, it just happened that my dad was stationed at Valley Forge when I was born.

All that said, I AM a Texan, half the family has been here since the 1830s, and the rest have been here tens of thousands of years … at least in the neighborhood.

Like I said, started life as an Army brat, and proud of it. Spent my first 15 years wearing a buzz cut and moving from one post to another. 4 younger brothers and sisters, all born somewhere else. From El Paso (Ft Bliss) and Ft Hood, and over in Germany. But we always came home.

7 days after my 17th BD, I swore into the US Army. So the next 15 years were spent hopping around the globe.

But I have always returned.

My wife of almost 35 years and I, live in her hometown (Irving), where her family settled while her dad was doing his 2nd tour in Vietnam. Yeah, she was an army brat too, but this has been her home since she was 2.

We have raised 4 daughters, have 7 grandkids, and one that died due to SIDS.

I was a smoker for almost almost 45 years, first real smoke was out of one of dads K-Rations, a pack of Pall Mall, and the for last 25 years, I have been a 3 PAD, until Jan/ Feb of this year.

Now that I have discovered vaping, the next logical step for me, is DIY mixing, and that is why I am here.

And yeah, I am one of those long-winded Texans, but I blame part of that on the fact that I was held upside down, so that I could kiss the Blarney Stone when I was a kid, a visit to the homeland of my ancestors, I am Irish and proud of that too.

Well that should be enough for now …

Oh, and just one more thing, do not blame me for George Bush, I did not ever vote for him, not as president or governor or …


ohhhh… duh get it… anyone from Boston??

Hello quitter1,

Boston, home of the RedSox, I love Bean Town, and if for no other reason than you guys give the NYers hell, :smiley:

Maybe you are a Texan at heart.

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Spent 10 years in Texarkana and most of my mother’s side of the family still live thereabouts. :wink:


Texarkana ? Dads last couple of years were at the Red River Army Amunition Depot. We lived out in the Eylau community off of highway 59 going towards the lake. I went to Liberty Eylau schools.

My first paid job was at a Tasty Freeze on Lakeshore Dr., …

Is Texas Burger still there ? People, one of the great all time greasy burgers, great stuff …

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No clue. I got out ten years ago and have only been back once since. I lived off state line and worked at a Kwik Kopy across the line. Many a…um…fond memory at Wright Patman. Lol. It’s blown up in size for sure. My mother lives in Wake Village and that’s about all I saw when I visited.

Small world, my girl friend, right before I met my wife, lived in Wake Village, just off of Kings Highway.

Now I am REALLY wondering how many Texans we have running around here.


I’m in Texas too. A little town 50 some odd miles SW of Houston called West Columbia, which it’s only claim to fame is that it was the first capital Of Texas. I’m not a born n bred Texan either,I am an Army brat, grew up on on Army bases stateside and Germany. When I met my husband I knew he was from here and this is where we ended up. I’m a mom of 3 grandmother to 7 grands and 4 step grands, and 2 furry children, Gracie, a toy poodle and Chuy a chihuahua. We have only had animals that were dumped out or unwanted or adopted from the shelter. We also have 2 noisy cockatiels! I quit smoking just 4 months ago and am just now learning DIY. I think I might’ve posted this in the wrong place. I haven’t figured this forum out yet. So from WC, west of the Brazos, howdy!


I was born in El Paso Texas but currently live in Columbia South Carolina. I was an Army brat and moved around a lot when I was younger. It wasn’t all bad though because I have been to South Korea, Guam and traveled a good bit. I was pretty much raised in both North and South Carolina though. I have a lot of family in North Carolina and I am frequently there.

Because I was so young wen I left Texas, 2 yrs old, I don’t have any memories sadly.

I will be 43 years old next month and I’ve been married before 1 time. Divorced but have a wonderful girlfriend, Debra that I have been dating for about a year and a half now. We have 2 dogs. Romeo (Shi Tzu) and Ginger (Chihuahua).

I have been vaping for about a year and mixing for about 7 months now. I own an Elixirs business but have been hesitant to go forward with manufacturing due to FDA regulations and am contemplating only dealing with vendor juices that can overcome and adhere to the new FDA regulations and keeping a close eye on the targeting of vape businesses in general by our government.

I am an avid guitarist and have done extensive work in both live performances and studio recordings including collaborations with other artists. I have been playing guitar for 30 years now.

As a mixer, I tend to stick with fruits and desserts. I have not made any tobacco or coffee blends. I do plan to experiment with them in the future but for now, (as I am still learning and developing, I try to keep things pretty simple if possible.


Denton TX dude right here. Good to see y’all in here.


Born and raised in Dallas, TX, reppin the 2-1-4. I quit smoking about a month ago–a pack of Newport 100’s a day. My homeboy works for a vape shop and suggested an Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery with an Atlantis tank. I bought it, and after some getting use to, I quickly upgraded to an IPV mini2 and a Bullet RBA (though I LOVE my sub ohm tank). I just ordered a Snow Wolf 200W mod and the Atlantis Triton. I started out vaping 3mg but its not very satisfying and I go through too much juice. I’m on 6mg now. Honestly, I did NOT want to be a vaping enthusiast like so many of the friends that I condemned. But, here I am surfing the web for the newest gear, ordering 5 gallon buckets of VG and all that.


Welcome to the dark side! :wink:


Jus shouting back

I live in Arm Pit ,Texas My Google Location is Recliner in living Room. i have been on site since Feb ,But decided that i would try and be a part of don’t know how that will work out :smile: Really im in Wichita Fall I have been told Wichita means waste deep don’t know if that’s true,but stuff around here is just about waist deep Unless you step into a Ghost Hole then ya might have ta hold your breath jus a minute. :smile: If any thing goes wrong i can and will blame it on Y’ALL.
I do like ta vape and do Joose My Name is Mikel


OK then…

I do hope all my Texas friends are well and fine today, after that horrible storm last night.
Calling on @Trillem_Dafoe ! Please check in if you can and let us know all is well.

Praying for the families who lost people in the tornadoes.


You know my address lol. In odessa tx here. Sillyrabbit. Or ron. Sittting here today looking at this snow and ice storm we got and still snowing. Im from Seattle wa. Moved here in 94. Hope your doing ok up there sweetie.

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