TFA/TPA Flavor Breakdown (Must Read for DIYers) -- dvhavoc

Was searching for some specific chemical compound attribute notes, and stumbled across the following post on ECF by @dvhavoc.

ALL credit to him. Outstanding information.

Works Cited 
 Burdock, George A., and Giovanni Fenaroli. Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients.  
  Boca Raton: CRC/Taylor & Francis Group, 2010. Print. 
"Perfumer's Apprentice." Perfumer's Apprentice. Perfumer's Apprentice, n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2014. 

Example of the breakdown:

Download Here:


coughECFcough :wink:

Nice find. But only seriously useful for someone who uses a TON of TFA (long enough to start to identify individual compounds).
Not to mention, they’d have to SFT the flavors that contain a majority of the chemical that they’re trying to learn to ID, or at least that’s how it strikes me.

Love the topic and info though, because I’ve always been curious about the role the individual compounds play. But only a few of us seem curious about diving that deep it seems. At least IME. Getting too close to “if you’re going that far, you should probably be planning on earning a living at it” (and the chemistry/flavorist training too) territory was the vibe that I got.

Those who have succeeded in “deep diving” in flavors appear to keep very tightly, and very closed circles. And to a degree, I understand why.
I just wish it were a bit easier to find more info on. chuckles

@woftam has probably been the best source of anything close to this topic for ELR (with his additives list (and tips)! And I’ve been so grateful for his lead. Sadly, no one really followed that lead (carried it further) here.

Sorry for rambling.


Pretty bad, when you can’t get THREE letter right ehh @Sprkslfly ??


Fair enough. After I stumbled across it, couldn’t NOT at least put it up here. I don’t live by TPA, but use them a lot.


Nice find. I wonder how we could translate the ppm measurement into what we do. I bet @Raven-Knightly could figure that out in a heartbeat. :grinning:


By logic:
1/100 = 10.000 / 1.000.000
Therefore 1% = 10.000 ppm. But I don’t think this helps, because there is talk of the pure component, and in the flavors it is diluted …


TFA = diluted yes…

When you get into the realm of ultras tho, I might pay attention :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :tada:


LOL @anon84779643, you got it wrong, but you know you did.

NO flavors are 100% compounds, as you know. We don’t need to MISLEAD any newer mixers here LOL.

The more I read his document, the more I respect the amount of time he put into this. I personally don’t have the time to create anything like this, I WILL make the time, to utilize it. I hope to see more, from other flavor hours.


That math looks sound @Gus6.

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Nopes, not wrong, Sd… if that were the case, all flavors would be hella strong.
and that isnt the case either.

I did agree that TFA is diluted and that is what I quoted from @Gus6 :smiley:


I do agree… there is more to “flavors” than just compounds, molecules and gasses. :slight_smile:


LOL, how about the 70% PG !!!

LOL, I know what you meant.

I wish more people (who had the time) deep dove like this, so you could actually go deeper than just SFT, and get into what compounds do what, taste like what, etc.


I wish I had the time to do a break down on a few flavors and companies too…
Sadly I do not.
I picked up a few jobs, things are crazy here… but I wouldn’t have it any other way… :slight_smile:

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Hehe, @anon84779643 you know what he meant, and you’re misleading/misquoting. I’ll spell it out for any newer mixers here.

In most, if not all (yes all) flavors, there are very LITTLE actual flavor compounds, and FAR more “carrier”. As can be evidenced by looking at an MSDS.

The compounds are very diluted by the carrier. This is true for ALL flavors.


Who’s got the MSDS sheets for Flavorah ?


Hmmmm looks like FLV doesn’t SHOW the amount of carriers, BUT, simple math shows the truth. Smoky, I hate to tell you girl, cause I love ya, FLV is very diluted too !!!


I know how much flv is diluted, Sd… :wink:
No worries here.

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Well, as you know @anon84779643, I’m not worried about you, I’m worried about the masses of newer mixers that come to this thread, and re misleading information. Let’s check another.

Even IF, we rounded ALL the numbers to the MAX that’s 7% compounds, and 93% carrier ??


Sd… check your mail lol…

As for how much carrier… also look at rate of use too.
A lot plays into the creation of flavors and how they actually work in your vaping. :slight_smile: