The B.S. with FDA is already taking its toll

look at this email i got from one of the retailers:

the credit card company! what the fu**???
can you believe this shit?


Yup… that’s what will hurt online vendors the most. Payment processors .

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absolute sh*t!

total bullshit. Has the whole world got its head up its ass?

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Yes, yes it does.


Wait until the insurance companies start raising rates or just outright refuse to cover vape shops. Not trying to scare people but think about it, bound to happen in my opinion.

I was thinking about this as well. I’m sure it’s coming.

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First casualty of the EU TPD…

I’m in the USA, but I have signed your petition.

ETA: The comment I left with my signature, “Vaping is a technology that will save the lives of millions. Sensible regulation is welcomed. Draconian regulation that will kill this innovative industry is not just wrong, it’s MURDER.”


I saw this today!


Pretty sure this is an issue with Aspire only.
Been that way since 2014 or so.
A few companies object to FT’s pricing.


@Spatchka I agree with you. I tried to buy Aspire coils from them about 12 months ago, was told to use Bitcoin as they would not except Paypal.


You can also buy a fasttech giftcard and pay with that :grinning:


It’s all just bull s*%t. More and more restrictions will be implemented as the next 6 mts roll past.

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Just more government and big business coridinating together to tell us peons what we can buy
I saw one credit card that was not allowing guns to be purchased or ammo in one north eastern state
Put gun store out of business
You don’t have to outlaw something just make it unattainable
And we think we have freedom those days have been long gone
Our rulers no better what is good for us


That crap happened to me at FT just a couple days ago - only the Aspire products, as soon as you remove those from your cart, then all the other payment options reappear like ‘magic’. This sucks SOOOO badly! So, it sounds like we all need to purchase FT gift cards for ourselves so we can buy things with those. Damn the FDA!


Again, this is an issue with Aspire not wanting FT
to put a lower price point on their products.
Started in 2014; FDA has nothing to do with it.
Aspire contacted PayPal, and this is the result.
A simple business decision.
Not defending the FDA, just setting the record straight.
More than enough CURRENT reasons to be upset with the FDA.


Cut the payment processors out: bitcoin, yo.

I got this from FastTech last night…

_We feel pitiful to notify you that USPS Expedited shipping service (FUSPS) can NOT ship parcels to United States temporarily due to more and more strictly security checking procedures recently. _

We are writing to ask for your decision:

1)Cancel the external batteries or power bank, and send the rest items by Singapore Registered Airmail (estimated delivery time 6-20 business days) or USPS e-packet through China post( estimated delivery time 8-12 business days).

3)Cancel the whole order and refund back to your original payment gateway.

Please offer a reply here with your decision. If there is no response within 24 hours, we will cancel the shipment and issue a full refund for your order directly.

We sincerely apologize for all the inconveniences caused by this issue. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

I’ve not ordered batteries from them in a few months but I’ve never had this happen before.

ugh…sorry to hear that. I put up a link for batteries on sale here (101vape is in the US)…some other good deals as well.

Continuing the discussion from Memorial Day 2016 Deals:

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

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