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The ELR Users Guide to Creating Your Flavor Stash


yeah awesome post mate, very informative…


hey grubby yu dont know me, but i know yu for your beautiful Strawberry Cream GM…i have to take a second and bow… such a beautifully balanced fruit n cream hitched with those two other favorites of mine Capella’s Graham Cracker and Capella’s Coconut…Great job mate i reckon ive been through 300ml easy now maybe more…thankyou so much…keep em coming, much respect
:smile: :strawberry: :ice_cream: :coconut:


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Thank you for your kind words I’m glad you enjoy it :smile:


Pin this!! Pure awesomeness! Good work!


Thanks for the help!

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Thanks, it was helpful, I will use it in the next time @TorturedZen


Me too. I’m quite new to diy e-juice but haven’t bought any premium juice & haven’t vaped any either for over 2mths…since about a week after I got my 1st batch of flavours from Capella directly & started using ATF which lead me to elr & now I’m diy all the way, feel no need to buy premade premium eliquids when I have so many options by being a member of elr!


I did this, it works great :sunglasses:


You made a mock database for testing your idea?


Ok so how then would I correctly add the natural sweetener by Raw Earth ’ Stevia and Monk fruit extract(Raw Earth) which is in few of my recipes as a substitute for Super Sweet(Cap) that doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste & no gunk on your coils. I’ve posted in the Natural sweetner thread how I made the Raw Earth granules dissolve 95% VG 5% granules mixed in a glass jar, heated in a water bath to 40°C shaken & repeat for close on 4 hours. Whilst mixing I was being encouraged by other elr members that it would dissolve & become a clear uniform liquid. Without that reassurance I think I would’ve given up on the mix. But was informed that it wouldn’t dissolve in PG & wouldn’t be effective in a water base. There was a mistake when I 1st entered the name into my flavour stash where it cut off like this- Stevia and Monk fruit extracts(R after seeing the problem I got the whole correct name into my stash as I’d read in the elr guide. From now on I’m going to be adding a note with my recipes with this sweetener in that will explain the 95%VG-5% Stevia and Monk fruit extract(Raw Earth). To let people know how the natural sweetener is used in a VG base if they want to replicate it or just understand what it really is & they can contact me personally if they need more info on it. That should hopefully go a fair way to fixing the problem I created. Thanks to the elr community on how best to get this sorted especially Sprkslfly


No, I made my own calculator :sunglasses:


Best to check with @Sprkslfly on the naming. He’s running the show…I’m just an observer.


Since it’s a personal (read as: not manufactured) creation, I’d prefer that it was simply labeled something to the effect of “Stevia and Monk fruit extract (stone)” or “Stevia and Monk fruit (base)”.

By omitting the Raw Earth part, neither you, nor the forum ends up with a ton of questions along the lines of “why can’t I find this?” (to buy it).
It could also be doubly confusing to a new user, because they are very likely to see/run across “legitimate” (no offense) manufactured flavors that are being sold and marketed as a combination flavor.


Etc. :wink:

You can then put the notes/details of how you go about making it, and where to buy the necessities in the notes!


@TorturedZen saw your comments on my recipes, made the changes, not sure if you get notified when replying to recipe comments, thx for the heads up, also I couldnt find a way to send private messages?


To send a private message, click a user’s name and then select “message” located on the right of the little profile window.

However I do think you need a specific user level to be able to do that. But writing here in this topic is fine too, he definitely will see it this way :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @D_Nicely


Yes I got them. Thanx. Oh and welcome to ELR’s forums.


Ah, this is just fantastic!! I just followed the instructions, saved, and presto, I have a personalized Flavor Stash! Even gotten so far ahead of myself I’ve entered the ones on the way from my supplier. Hehe. Looking forward to working with them, and you, to help create something I’m going to love and hopefully worth while enough to eventually share with this community.


I do this too! Helps me get the jump on checking notes, recommended %s, and even start creating test recipes to be mixed after they arrive.

Glad you got that stash knocked out! Welcome, and happy mixing!