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The ELR Users Guide to Creating Your Flavor Stash

Thank you for saying so! I just wish a lot more users would realize they’re doing flavor entry all wrong. A lot are too frigging stubborn about making changes or just too lazy to follow the link I leave them and read the Guide!


With all the work you and others have put in I cannot see a reason not to use the information here. Especially as a Newbie to all of this. Great resources!


Awesome stuff TorturedZen!! I think users like me should be forced to read the FAQ and Guides before they get to create, Lol

Thanks for all the hard work with this great site!! I really appreciate the fact that this site is constantly being upgraded and Improved!!



The idea has been considered! Welcome aboard! The forum is chock full of information. You can type any question into the search bar and very likely find a Pandora’s box full of conversation on the subject. If you can’t find an answer, just ask! Happy mixing!


Thanx! That idea was actually put on the table but, as someone else pointed out in another thread, there are users that will just twiddle their thumbs to kill the time it takes to read it, then just do what they want anyway. In theory it might sound like a solution but in general people have issues when forced to do something.