The fastest way to make juice

I’m New to making juice been doing it for about a year now, I use two glass funnels and syringes. I’m trying to figure out a faster way to make juice as the demand gets overwhelming. Any ideas? Then I can make some better ones and be faster. Thanks all

Switch to mixing by weight. :wink: You will be surprised how much quicker, cleaner, and easier it is compared to syringes.


You’ll save SO much time when you switch to mixing by weight! :smiley:


Invest $30 in a scale now and see an amazing immediate boost in productivity!

and money wasted on syringes and pipettes and no real messes to cleanup. A couple paper towels and you’re done.


Thanks a bunch. I’ll look into it

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Moving to a scale was the best thing for my mixing. Now to get a good heated magnetic stirrer, but those don’t seem to be too cheap. Really, really want one though!

Thx for the link

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When you get a scale, do you need to get calibration weights to go along with it, or will it self-calibrate?

If you haven’t bought that scale yet, you might consider this one instead:

I have that Etekcity scale, and It seems every time I am mixing a small sample, when I want the scale to be a bit accurate, it wants to start jumping around on me. Tare it, and it jumps .03 just as I am ready to dispense a flavor. Tare it, and it sits at zero, and no matter how careful I am with my movements, it jumps .04 the other way. 5 or 6 times of going through this process and it usually settles down. It’s just a fairly touchy scale and I have used a lot better. Even with no air movement at all and me holding my breath. For what we use them here for they aren’t really that bad though I guess. But I want a better one damnit.

I put that Etekcity scale on my Amazon wish list, but after reading your post I’ve replaced it with the one you recommended. Thanks. I hope to order it soon.

You need to buy calibration weights

@Dave38 I agree with @LordVapor on the AWS scale…and it comes with two 200g weights FYI [ @MarkM ]

Someone the other day, discussing scales, said this AWS LB-501 digital scale does NOT shut down if you have the AC cord [supplied with it] in use. I have not verified that [because I am lazy, or old and forgot] as I haven’t dug out the AC cord, and only use the 4 AA batteries [supplied with it].

I have several digital scales, some are pricey, and must be accurate for my use in reloading ammo, and this AWS LB-501 works as well as [almost] any of them…unless you drag out the digits to the right of the decimal.

OK…I dug out the AC power cord…it was easier than finding a place to plug it in [without me having to get off my butt]. It has been sitting for 13 minutes (totally untouched) and has NOT shut down !!!
Just put on one 200g weight, and it is within 3/100g accuracy…
Cross-checked it with one of my lab scales [$$$$$] and it reads within .0019g with the same weight.
Good enough ? [p.s. 20 minutes later, and the scale is still on.]

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Can confirm…I’ve left it on overnight and it doesn’t turn off…I’ve had it for months now and periodically check the calibration with weights…it’s always right on