The Flavor Wizard (Wizard Labs) Tasting Notes

TFW Strawberry Dream

Tested on: Derringer, Moradin 25 RTA

Description: Strawberry pieces floating in a rich sweet cream sauce.

Development notes: I would give this minimum 2 weeks to age at the recommended percent. The strawberry in it is alcohol based and will need to either breathe or age. Creams develop fuller around 1.5 weeks but, would give at least a couple weeks.

12-18% used. 16% Recommended. At 14% I found it more vapable off the bat due to the lower content of the alcohol note.

Mixes with:

Creams: Go light like fresh cream. I wouldn’t go much heavier as it is pretty nice and rich by itself, but not heavy.

Fruits: Other strawberries (ripe or ones with body), blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, kiwi, light bananas. Pretty much anything strawberries go with.

Vanillas: Quite a few vanillas will work here from madagascar to holy vanilla and everything in between. I’d recommend experimenting with most that you have as a vanilla/fresh cream combo here could do wonders.